Sony Outplays the Competition at E3 2013

With two next generation systems launching later this year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo was the place for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to prove why its console should be the player’s choice. All three companies showcased fantastic games, but it was the PlayStation 4 that came out of E3 the strongest by earning the consumer’s trust.

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herbs1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Good read sums things up fairly and squarely.

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RiPPn1560d ago

Really good final thoughts!

PositiveEmotions1560d ago

Best article so i read so far for today (1:30am) lol

LackTrue4K1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago ) too!!! haha
on a side note

"happy fathers day to all"

r40k2131560d ago

I have to say that was a very well written article. It seemed to be an unbiased and honest look at the three competitors. I wish more articles were this good.

PositiveEmotions1560d ago

I like the fact that the arcticle is honest and that it doesnt pick favorites but on how the facts are between each console works.

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