Microsoft to release Beta Version of IE 8

Microsoft has announced that IE 8 has passed a key web standards test - a test that ensures that the browser won't 'break' the Web.

IE 8 has passed the 'Acid2 Browser Test' from the Web Standards Project, which shows whether a browser renders a website in a certain way. If the browser renders the site correctly, it means the browser supports certain accepted web standards.

Microsoft posted a video about the browser passing the test on its Channel 9 website.

Microsoft's IE preceded some web standards such as the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and the Really Simple Syndication (RSS). As such, the older versions don't support some current standards. Developers would write applications to work with IE rather than to support web standards, as the browser, for many years, was the de-facto standard for surfing the Internet. Microsoft was also lax in updating IE to meet the demands of web standards, owing to the lack of competition in the browser market for years.

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games4fun3620d ago

and? oh wait thats your news msoft? continues using firefox

JsonHenry3620d ago

I have been using IE8 for a month now...

gw4k3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

I have never enjoyed IE. I do like Firefox and Flock. Flock especially under Linux. Flock is a browser that runs off of the Firefox structure. Pretty darn awesome!

Check it out.

Also, for MS to get me to come back to IE, they would have to make some serious changes. It would have to be a new browser completely!

Toolster3620d ago

Old news!! been using IE8 for about two weeks now, not bad to be fair

Blasphemy3620d ago

Yeah I am using the IE 8 beta now as well and have been for quite some time.

rosebowl233619d ago

So when IE8 is posted once on N4G it's told but when FireFox spam is posted all day long it's ok?

Mikelarry3619d ago

released the consumer verion cuz last time i checked the beta was for developers