The woes of One

"It is clear to see that Sony sought to please the consumers while Microsoft sought to please the developers (or at least some of them). In the end, the consumer will always win out," -- GameDwellers.

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BigFnHooters1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


Microsoft's failure didn't just out of the blue start with the Xbox One fiasco. There isn't anything Microsoft has done with the Xbox One that hasn't been going for years with the Xbox 360:

* The mind boggling belief that gamers want the Kinect garbage and that it will turn the Xbox into a Wii type worldwide success.

* Shipping gimped hardware compared to the competition like the Xbox 360 and its PS2/Xbox era DVD drive and weak graphics hardware compared to the more powerful PS3.

* Shutting down first party developers, pissing off first party developers, letting former exclusive third party developers go off and target other consoles

* Nickel and diming Xbox owners for everything they can get away with

* A focus on bribing third party developers for pointless 'timed exclusives' or 'zombie DLC' or other such crap instead of building up a first party studio line up that can compete with Sony and Nintendo.

* Incompetence in hardware design with the huge and ugly Xbox One case, the lame huge external power bricks for the 360 and the One, the RRoD fiasco, the disc scratching and destroying DVD drives in the 360

* The constant cries of wait for the next E3 that have been going on now for years

The Xbox 360 ended up in last place even though:

* It was 200 dollars cheaper than the PS3

* Was rushed out the door a year before this gen started and a year and a half in Europe to try to pad out the 360's installed base numbers

* Tens of millions of duplicate Xbox 360s sold due to the RRoD fiasco

* A half billion dollar 'relaunch' marketing campaign a couple years ago

All that and the 360 still ended up in last place this gen.

About the only thing fundamentally different about the Xbox One than the Xbox 360 is Microsoft won't have the luxury of the RRoD fiasco padding out their installed base numbers that helped mask their last place position for a few extra years this gen.

FarEastOrient1590d ago

It's not just the Xbox platform, the company is failing on their key products like Windows 8 PC, tablet, and phone. They will sell millions but pale in comparison to their competition like Apple, Samsung, and Google.

The bragging of the number of OEMs sold isn't the true picture, how many of those licenses were bought by customers is the true number.

UNGR1590d ago

Well you did make some good points, but I couldn't help but notice the large pile of conjecture based statements you made. Spoken like a true fanboy. Will people ever grow up?

dedicatedtogamers1590d ago

Like the above guy said, the problems with the XBox One have been brewing since the early years of the 360 (even before that, since it is well-known that the original Xbox was designed as a way to get PC gaming into your living room.

All of these problems have come to a head with Xbox One. The biggest concern is that not a single member/designer/visionary of the original Xbox or Xbox 360 leadership team is around. Everyone is gone. Peter Moore, J Allard, etc. The Xbox brand is being run by suits, and what do those suits want? Why, to compete with Apple and Google, of course! That is why the Xbox brand is being co-opted for this all-in-one nonsense. Microsoft does not see the value of pursuing the "hardcore gamer" when they have bigger enemies (Apple, Google, etc) on the horizon.

Mark my words: Xbox One has no more than 2 years of hardcore gaming support from Microsoft. 2 years. That's it. After that, you'd better be happy with 3rd party multiplats. They'll use the "hardcore gamer" early adopters to trojan the One into a few more homes and then it'll be all about TV (or they'll simply drop the system. The Xbox division loses Microsoft money and when the division does makes money, it's a drop in the bucket compared to Microsoft's other products).

KillrateOmega1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I don't know why so many Xbox gamers are still zealously supporting MS throughout the fiasco known as the Xbox One. Yes, many are doubting the One and are turning to the PS4 for their gaming needs, but you still come across those few who simply refuse to acknowledge what's in front of them:

A greedy company, with a track record to support the notion, that is pushing an anti-consumer product into our faces.

I can understand a loyalty to one's favorite gaming franchises, but is it worth going through all the crap that Xbox One presents us? Let's be frank, the Xbox One is making itself out to be the more restrictive and inferior console. I've yet to have anyone CONVINCE me as to why I should choose the Xbox One over the PS4 this coming generation.

After my PS4 got the YLOD, I got myself a 360. I did this, because quite a few of my real-life friends had one as well. I've come to regret my decision and I feel like I've missed out on a lot of sweet experiences. If I had known what the Xbox brand would become, I would've chosen differently.

tiffac0081590d ago

There is a simple answer. The restrictions does not affect them.

Mikelarry1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

@ killrateomega

After my PS4 got the YLOD, I got myself a 360.

boy how is the future, did ms leave the business after the crushing defeat that is the ps4 :)

but more seriously i do agree with what you have said, there being loyal and there's being a tool. i cannot understand as to why anyone in the right frame of mind will pay more and get less it just boggles the mind

Nocando1590d ago

"I don't know why so many Xbox gamers are still zealously supporting MS throughout the fiasco known as the Xbox One."

Where are they? I have only seen a dearth of comments that are either neutral or in support of Xbox One.

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from the beach1590d ago

This thing's gonna sell like crazy I can just FEEL IT IN MY XBONES, man!!