Firefox 3's better performance and memory improvements

At the Mozilla "open house", Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla Corporation vice president of engineering said that beta 5 of Firefox 3 will come out next week. It will be the last beta before release candidate 1, which is due for May; Firefox 3 should ship in June or before, if possible.

Schroepfer said, Microsoft's stated support for open standards (like CSS 2.1) is "a huge win for the Web." But "I wouldn't call it 'vigorously embrace,'". Lots of old standards are still not used.

Firefox will support HTML 5, which has a spec for offline access. This will make Google Gears obsolete, he said.

Firefox 3 will have less of the "Firefox look" and appear like a native app on Windows, Mac and Linux. It will support skins so you can pick your favorite look. Nearly everything is in the same place, but the back button is about twice as big.

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Harry1903676d ago

right really well.even faster than safari.

JamesL0073676d ago

FireFox 3 looks great with the memory improvement is must, since FireFox 2 uses a good amount of memory.

Can't wait for FF3 in June, and by the way FireFox has skins already called personas you can install and change at will.

AllroundGamer3676d ago

i have both versions of FireFox installed and they take the same amount of memory, which is a lot comparing it to Opera.

riksweeney3676d ago

They should make the forward button twice as big instead.

The Firefox developers are essentially saying that backtracking and progress are bad and should be suppressed.

Or something like that anyway.

rosebowl233675d ago


Kakkoii3675d ago

Everything gets promoted.

But Firefox needs to be promoted cause IT IS THE BEST BROWSER.

Live with it.

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