Possible Worlds To Be Added To Kingdom Hearts 3

"Nomura was asked what type of worlds there would be in Kingdom hearts 3. Disney has a large list of worlds the company can add to the game for Sora, Donald and Goofy. Square has experimented with them a lot. From the little mermaid in atlantis to cyber world of Tron. Now keep in mind that KH3 is going to be the grand finally and Square will try to delivered everything that the fans are begging for. No matter what. Seriously. In fact square enix listen to the fans so well that they will keep Halloween town of Nightmare Before Christmas in part 3."

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KingKelloggTheWH1773d ago

I dont want any more worlds based of live action stuff.

NihonjinChick1772d ago

I don't know. The Pirates of The Caribbean world was pretty cool.

-Gespenst-1772d ago

The Tron world in DDD is amazing. I really wasn't too gone on the PotC level. Probably didn't help that I don't like those movies.

A Star Wars level could be good. You already know you'd get like a "light-keyblade" at the end. Also the whole 'dark-side' thing would fit perfectly with KH.

A Toy Story level seems pretty likely too. Also Wall-E, Up, and Ratatouille.

If Disney acquire Ghibli, (which would be a crime), we'd probably see some AMAZING levels out of that.

cangri17881766d ago

Star Wars is a good one BUT about the Toy Story sugestion thats unlikely because Pixar doesnt want their movies in KH if they were willing to we would've seen some of it in the first 2 games, dont know if they reached agreement in all these years though, we would hope.

knifefight1772d ago

There will be blood when you enter the world of "There Will Be Blood."

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hkgamer1772d ago

The more worlds the merrier imo. Take out the mermaid world aswell. Didn't really enjoy swimming that much, although the exploration part was pretty cool. No singing or rhythmic stages though, that mermaid bit was kinda embarrassing when I was playing it.

FrightfulActions1772d ago

Is it because you associate the Little Mermaid as being something heavily intended for girls and it made you feel emasculated?

hkgamer1772d ago

Not really, I've seen a lot of disney cartoons, not a big fan of them but people my age were into them.

Just the fact that the sing along or whatever it was just made me feel like I was playing a 5-10 year old's game. Seemed out of place imo.

FrightfulActions1772d ago

I get that, I do. But the real question is... why did any of that feel out of place to you? It took singalongs to make Kingdom Hearts feel like a 5-10 year olds game? As opposed to what, exactly? I mean did Donald Duck and Goofy being your teammates not make it feel like a game geared towards younger audiences?

I loved KH, still do. Though to me the singing and stuff all felt natural for the content; Disney movies have a lot of singing in them. The only thing that was out of place was how little singing there was in the game, imo.

One game that handled singalongs better though was The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie's Revenge. Anyone whos a fan of TNBC but never heard of that game should check it out on youtube - it handled the mixing of song and gameplay pretty well and it fit in great with the theme.

Blastoise1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Toy Story!

Glad Halloween town is staying

TheCrazyMerc1772d ago

What if they added Starwars! :O

NihonjinChick1772d ago

I don't know about the Marvel part. I don't think Marvel super heroes would fit in in the game.

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