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Submitted by mrbojingles 973d ago | news

Microsoft: PS4 won't make us 'change anything we've done with Xbox One'

Microsoft said recently that despite Sony's PS4 having a strong showing at E3 that they don't plan to 'change anything' with the Xbox One because of it. (E3, Major Nelson, Microsoft, PS4, Xbox One)

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Godmars290  +   973d ago | Well said
If neither Sony nor the complaints wont change MS's mind, then its going to be up to sales past launch.

Likely going to be too late by then. If they're wrong anyway.
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zeal0us  +   973d ago
Even if the X1 sales performance turns out poorly, even then MS won't change the policies in place. More than likely they would say "Once the X1 is available in more countries the unit sales will increase." Or they will blame it on something else.

Microsoft won't blame the restrictions or requirement, just look at their response to the backlash and media.
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JokesOnYou   973d ago | Trolling | show
thehitman  +   973d ago | Well said
Unil all your friends get a ps4 @ jokes.
Sitdown  +   972d ago
This is the x1 ct=true
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gtarhro7  +   972d ago
Oh man Jokes, you so silly.
Silly Mammo  +   972d ago
@ jokes- I'm seriously getting dizzy with all your spin.
voodoopickle  +   972d ago
JokesOnYou, ive been sharing PS3 games with my friends for as long as its been around. that's not a new concept... at all
dedicatedtogamers  +   972d ago
Post-2006, Sony was very willing and very eager to change the policies for the PS3 in an attempt to match the 360 and to please its fans.

Microsoft is pure arrogance if they are unwilling to adjust.
NewMonday  +   972d ago

it sounds like your trying to convince yourself not others

you used to make good points but now your just turning into another Greenpowrz
CerebralAssassin  +   972d ago
Why do people get crucified for liking the xbone? No matter which console you get there will be pros and cons. The xbone can cause problems for some but I dont think it will affect as many people as the media and n4g community let on. Personally none of these problems really effect me in my everyday life. Which is why im getting an xbone instead of ps4. That and I just cant deal with a dualshock controller. Let the hate begin!!
FITgamer  +   972d ago
@JOY You could of saved some time by just saying "F&<k my rights!"
Hydrolex  +   972d ago
NICE ! better for Sony

Darrius Cole  +   972d ago
Actually, what they will probably do if the sales are poor is to kill the Xbone, if the sales don't pick up for any length of time.
SilentNegotiator  +   972d ago
"I like xbox live vs psn because of the friends I've built"

...wouldn't new systems imply a resetting of who has what brand of console (unless they eat up whatever one brand gives them)?

"Most of all I like the X1 games and what micro is trying to do vs ps4= go digital"

Xbox fanboys sure have been trying to convince themselves that Microsoft is "going digital". That delusion has been going on ever since Ps3 had Blu-ray. If Xbox One is "going digital", then why do they still have hard copies (and will likely sell more physical than digital again with games offering both, like this gen, with absolutely nothing suggesting otherwise)?

It's funny, I saw posts from you where you took a step back and basically said "wow, Microsoft is being ridiculous" and now you're right back to your trolling and convincing yourself. I thought I had underestimated you, but obviously I only underestimated your capacity for delusion.
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Derpy  +   972d ago
The thing that I find most insulting is that M$ is basically saying that all consumers are criminals that need to be checked on every 24 hours. I see no reason to pay some company to treat me like I'm under house arrest.

@CerebralAssassin, to answer your question, when a gamer knowingly supports something that encourages loss of our rights as a consumer and a gamer, they're really no better than a scab and that gets people angry. They have the freedom to do so, but don't expect to get patted on the back for it.

M$ are not the police and they have no business acting like it. I'm going to exercise my consumer rights by saying no to their degrading product.
fr0sty  +   972d ago
@Jokes, Sony has been going digital for years. Full PS3 games have been on PSN for a while now. PSN games are plentiful. Imposing DRM does not equal "going digital". That's just Microsoft's bullshit spin they've put on their terrible policies.
ltachiUchiha  +   972d ago

I can understand that some of u like u & greenpowerz will choose xbox one over anything & thats your choice, but how do u know every friend u made friends with on xbl will feel the same? My older brother is a die hard xbox fan too but i told him everything he didnt know & he has made up his mind to buy a ps4 but is hoping that because of bad sales the xbox one will have & trust me it will be bad, that microsoft has a change of heart & dismisses the restrictions. I am fed up with them & wont be buying one & hope it fails miserably just so microsoft understands not to f**k with consumers because we can easily turn around & do the same to them. Might not hurt them but trust me, it will make them rethink about ever trying to force restrictions on us ever again.
NukaCola  +   972d ago
Joke said instead of a getting a high powered, less expensive, unrestricted platform dedicated first to games and the game community...he'd rather have an extremely priced, low performance cable box with endless restrictions and a big FU to the gamers. Can we mark this as trolling now?

If you wanted something unique that'd make sense but X1's differences are like comparing living in a villa on the French Riviera vs living in an apartment in North Korea just because you're friends support a prison minded dictatorship with their console.

Can't wait to see how many Xboxers realize what MS is doing and come back home to PS. You can see it in the media fan boys how hard they are justifying the X1 but at tyr end of the day you all know deep down inside that MS is 150% doing the wrong thing.
DOMination-  +   972d ago
To share games on the ps3 you have to install your profile on another console and you can only do that once. The X1 allows up to ten shares which you enabke from your friends list (you don't have to put your account on their console) so I will defend that one issue as its genuinely an exciting feature potentially.

Its increasingly harder to defend the other things though. Sony are really offering a more viable alternative at a cheaper price. Its difficult to argue with the facts
Angrymorgan  +   972d ago
I may be wrong but on ps4 you can get a friend to take over your game instantly over psn so yea you can share games with friends over the net....sorta

I also like the look of x1 games.even the tv functionality but in my opinion the cons soooo outweigh the pros that it's just not cost effective to get one.
Id be poring mony down the pan.
Also im not one of those people who like a bookcase full of old games I never play so not being able to trade or give games away easily is a massive no no for me
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kupomogli  +   972d ago

You can have your account on more than two consoles. It just can't be activated to play games on more than two consoles any longer.

It's simple to get a friend to deactivate your account on his PS3 if you want another friend to activate an account and play a game with you. As long as you have friends you can trust.
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nunley33  +   972d ago
@JokesOnYou - The PS4 will have a low power state for being always updating and has an app that will work identical to smartglass plus vita for 2nd screen activities. PS4 will be download game updates, DLC store purchases, and full retail games in the background while your playing a game, I haven't heard that XB1 can do this. I wish microsoft good luck (sarcasm) because xb1 willstruggle to outsell the gamecube.
MasterOfThe12Blades  +   972d ago
If i want to share games with my friends i just hand them the disc!
loulou  +   972d ago
well, i have an xbox one on pre-order also. because of the controller and live, like this gen, it will be my main console.

ps4 like the ps3 this gen will be just for the exclusives.

disagree away.

on topic, if m$ dont change things in the next 5 months, then they will be slaughtered over the holidays.... surely just looking at the pre-orders they must know this
Ares84HU  +   972d ago
Good MS, keep digging that grave deeper! Clearly you are out of touch with what people actually want.
Ritsujun  +   972d ago
They never listen.
D-riders  +   972d ago
jokes on you, so your saying that all your friends on xbox360 are getting an Xbox one.Over the ps4, its a new gen. Then always on doesn't mean always updating, the ps3 does auto updates now. Every device should be the same way by now not sure if the 360 does that. But the PS4 does its a learning system. which means it updates all the time. Kinect being forced is not good thing. its just a gimmick to the system. what if the ps4 has kinect abilities, doesn't that make the system less attractive.

Also just so you know MS did the same thing with exclusives with the 360 and we see how that turned out.
maniacmayhem  +   972d ago
JokesOnYou got marked again for trolling?

Am I missing something here? All he is doing is explaining why he likes the Xbox 1.

Has this site really dissolved into this?
BattleAxe  +   972d ago

"We're going down with the ship, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it"
SilentNegotiator  +   972d ago
Oh please. All JOY does is troll.

"X1 always on= always updating"

Come on now...
starchild  +   972d ago
How ridiculous. I'm a PC gamer that Is only buying a PS4 and VASTLY prefer the PS4 over the Xbox One, but the fact that JokesOnYou guy got marked for trolling just goes to show how pathetic this site has become. He wasn't trolling at all. He has a right to his preference just the same as any of you. Sony is awesome in gaming and the Ps3 and PS4 are outstanding consoles, but their fan base stinks.
Rockstar  +   972d ago
"I like X1 always on= always updating"

My PS3 does's called PS+
Ritsujun  +   971d ago
starchild think she came from the stars.
zebramocha  +   973d ago
Of course they won't change because this happened.
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killbillvolume12  +   972d ago
bahahah Can i just say i never seen that youtube link before but i lost my shit.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   972d ago
Can we report jokesonyou for SPAM? This is getting ridiculous
slpknt6sic6  +   972d ago
Microsoft is down, call an ambulance. Wii u wii u wii u. Lol
Sony killed sega and Microsoft is next.
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Patrick  +   973d ago
I love how they are trying so hard to use misdirection as their weapon of choice to try and draw us off all the crap they are trying.
"We’re very happy,… did you see the games on stage during our briefing? Did you see the exclusives?"

Its like, No... dont look over there at all the control and power we are trying to abuse... Look over here at the games and exclusives we bought. Stop looking over there.. look right here... hey .. look look .. games.
Its pathetic, and I wont support them.

Greatness awaits and U R NOT (red)E
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Sitdown  +   972d ago
Ummmmmmm, that's not misdirection......that's called shifting the focus. The backlash is because we know their your scenario, they are simply shifting the attention to games. But here is the reality....Microsoft has not said much, it's the constant barrage from media that has you thinking misdirection.
Hicken  +   972d ago
@Sitdown: Shifting the focus= misdirection.

No, really.
onyoursistersback  +   972d ago
xbox is hoping successes on the the shamily plan!
titletownrelo   972d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
aceitman  +   972d ago
and thi is y sony is on fire.
AndrewLB  +   972d ago
Not really. It's pretty well established that Playstation owners are far more fanatical which greatly contributes to the high pre-order PS4 sales and how it's not uncommon on release day for playstation fanboys to lose all sense of rational thought to spend $1500 for one of the first released consoles or one needs to look no further than this thread and some of the fanboy-love going on.
TheTwelve  +   972d ago
I don't want anything to change their mind. I want Microsoft to be stubborn. I want a generation of two different arguments represented in consoles. And I hope everyone sees how the argument will turn out.

In other words --- this is great stuff!

iceman06  +   972d ago
Truest thing said on this topic. PLEASE, allow MS to remain stubborn so that this "idea" of restricting games gets put off for as long as possible. We've seen the "votes" on the forums, but when it's time for wallets to come out...that's when the argument will truly be settled.
onyoursistersback  +   972d ago
yes they will, just dont buy an xboxOne....
gamers just need to hold out.
this will send a clear a55 message to them!
brave27heart  +   972d ago
If XB1 sales come in under expectation and MS is made aware its because of theur restrictiins it will put others, namely Sony and Nintendo off doing similar in the future.

Let them stick to their policies. I know there are people who want to buy an XB1 but I would urge you all...wait. Delay a year or so, you dont have to buy a PS4 as an alternative if you dont want, but by sacrificing your time to make a stance you can be sure MS gets the message that their consumers are more important and powerful than they seem to realise.

For the record I love the PS4, but paying for plus to play online goes against my values, so I will buy a PS4 at launch but I wont be renewing my Plus membership, as my way of taking a stance, so I do know how hard it is to make sacrifices to make a statement.
voodoopickle  +   972d ago
sorry Godmars, I accidentally hit disagree. I fully agree with you on this one.
Nafon  +   972d ago
I hate that! I do that all the time. Why can't we change our vote? and add the ability to infinitely reply, but collapse the 3rd tier of replies by default.
Bhuahahaha  +   972d ago
jokes is a member of the chinese 50cents army

1 positive post = 50cents
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Trekster_Gamer  +   972d ago
One thing has changed for sure I pre ordered a ps4 not the Xbox One...

Sony changed my mind!
killacal13  +   972d ago
Microsoft's entire business model is flawed, the one is a flawed product, in my opinion at least. Sony and Nintendo in my eyes are the best options this generation, I can't wait for Sony to announce the rest of the exclusives, it can only get better for PS4 gamers, there is no way we can make xbox one blind fans understand that any company that does what Microsoft is doing does not deserve our gamer loyalty. I will pay for the console that respects my rights and provides the best gaming experience. PS4 and Wii U.
mildred12murray   972d ago | Spam
b_one  +   972d ago
Games are bait, and it works...
DevilishSix  +   972d ago
It is not in Microoft's culture to change these restrictions. They are a company that does business like a juggernaut. They go into a new business sector and use money to bully companies and people around. They did this to Apple and Lotus in the early days of windows. They did this to Netscape during the early days of intenet browers. Now they are muscling the gaming industry.

It is up to us consumer to say no with our wallets and get them the hell out of this industry. Lets make the Xbox One a failure like Zune.
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Eddie20101  +   972d ago
The response to the question sounded very arrogant to me.
Cueil  +   972d ago
after a few of these guys get fired for Footinmouth syndrome I'm thinking things will change a bit... but not because of Sony... because of consumers
dale_denton  +   972d ago
JOY wouldn't know anything about sony's share game system or the fact that the psn store does have digital downloads available already as well.. clearly he does not own a ps3.
Moonman  +   973d ago
Then burn. :)
DigitalRaptor  +   972d ago
I wish for the good of the industry and consumers and Xbox fans that Microsoft would drop the disgraceful restrictions.

But, hey at least now everyone can see (without any shadow of a doubt that might have existed) how controlling, greedy, anti-consumer, slimy, money-grubbing and downright disgusting Microsoft are as company. I mean, as if it wasn't already obvious enough.

I always knew it was a bad idea to support them. If you think about it, it was at least the contribution of those who paid for Xbox Live for all these years (the P2P connectivity and the free apps) that set he wheels in motion here. Glad I wasn't a part of the testing grounds.
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The_Infected  +   973d ago
Wow they really know how to just keep pushing people away.
Mikelarry  +   972d ago
There's pushing ahead and there tumbling down a hole of shit. I think they are so deep in it they can't find their way out
ginsunuva  +   972d ago
Hey your avatar is my dektop
DxTrixterz  +   973d ago
We’re also confident that gamers are going to love our vision of the future and what we’re going to offer for gaming

Is Major Nelson still sleeping or is he just ignorant. Gamer's love the vision of the future? What the hell. I dont think he was using internet this week. Pretty much everybody is bashing X1 for what they doing to it and he still says we gonna love it? I just don't know what to say anymore. Just somebody give me date and place of X1 funeral.
#4 (Edited 973d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
LOGICWINS  +   973d ago
"Pretty much everybody is bashing X1 for what they doing to it and he still says we gonna love it?"

Well, what is he going to say? That we're going to hate it? Never get into sales/marketing.

Major Nelson isn't an idiot. He knows Sony stomped MS at E3. What he means is that the One will do well regardless since mainstream consumers won't know about the restrictions until they actually hook it up. And even then, most of them won't care.

The One will be successful. Will the PS4 do better worldwide? Yes. But the One will still sell.
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Mikelarry  +   973d ago
So you are saying they are banking the success of their console on the ignorance of consumers. Yuup I have heard it all
Godmars290  +   973d ago
Most of those people either aren't going to have internet or the proper cable box. They wont be able to do anything with the system, then not be happy about it if they find out how to fix it.

Then again MS could just offer package deals through cable/internet providers, but if they don't things will only get ugly for them.
DragonKnight  +   973d ago
He doesn't have to say that anyone is going to hate it, what he should do is not comment on it at all. He just makes himself look foolish by trying to make the claim that anyone but publishers are going to love what X1 is doing.
LOGICWINS  +   973d ago
@Mikelarry- Yes

@DragonKnight- A PR spokesperson that DOESN'T promote? LMAO

@Godmars290- If these people don't have Internet in their homes, then obviously the chances of them knowing about all these restrictions are slim. If they aren't happy with it, thats their problem. If your making a $500 investment, you should know what your getting into.
#4.1.4 (Edited 973d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(19) | Report
thehitman  +   972d ago
@ Logic problem w/ that philosophy is that main stream consumers follow the bandwagon of the hardcore consumers. If the hardcore consumers go 1 way then the mainstream will ultimately follow because they just want to fit in and not care about anything else. If all your friends who adopt a next-gen console early get a ps4 what you going to buy a ps4 to play with them. MS is going to lose out of early adoption they had this gen with their year start and them shooting themselves in the foot with these bad policies and a $100 dollar higher price tag keeps putting more nails in the coffin.
DragonKnight  +   972d ago
@LOGICWINS: God your name is so ironic it's painful. A PR person can choose what aspects they wish to promote. There is that term so many have used in the industry "we don't comment on..." and leave it at that. Please, try to actually use logic.
Godmars290  +   972d ago

Thing is pretty sure people bought the PS3 when it first came out at $600 with no clue that it was also a BR player.

People do not know better.
juandren  +   972d ago
@LOGICWINS - I completely agree with you. MS has all but said that they are banking on the ignorance of the mainstream consumer. And obviously Major Nalson is going to say good stuff - it's his damn job.

Sony will certainly sell more consoles than Microsoft, but I can guarantee you Microsoft will make more money. Sony knows how to make something incredible, Microsoft knows how to make money. Prepare to get milked to sh*t, Xbox fans
juandren  +   972d ago
@thehitman: You are forgetting one thing. There are those that consider Gamerpoints life achievements. The same guys that normally perform "boosting" in MP games and buy every single gun camo and stream every single crappy game on YouTube. They will stick with the Xbox just to keep that false sense of achievement. Microsoft is banking on these guys, above all else.

That said, I weep for the future of gaming
OSIRUSSS  +   972d ago
Lawlz MS knows how to make money? Sony is making money off of every Blu Ray game sold on the XBONE! That's how you make money!
a_bro  +   972d ago
there there... he's only doing his job as a mouth piece for the company, its not his fault these policies are in effect
juandren  +   972d ago
I respect and pity him and a lot of peoole working at MS. I'll bet you anything if they could get a job at Sony with similar pay, they would take it. Nobody likes being hated, but unfortunately money makes the world go round and in this economy a job like that is something to be thankful for. Remember these guys are the puppets of their investors, but in the end they have to keep food on the table for their families.
whoyouwit04  +   973d ago
Good, they don't need to change a thing. Gamers need to open their eyes and stop being afraid of the whats different. What flaw is their in their policy other then a 24 hour check in. which isn't a flaw in my eyes.
Mikelarry  +   973d ago
You can't upgrade your hard drive if it corrupts you are screwed.

If you don't pay your internet bill guess what no games for you

Edit: ok you can upgrade by attaching another pheriperal to the one yet another inconvenience to the ever growing list
#5.1 (Edited 972d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
whoyouwit04  +   973d ago
Wrong you can't upgrade the internal hard drive but you can upgrade via a USB external hard drive.
as for internet most people have internet threw DSL/Cable, and a separate service on your cell phone. If you are a adult you will always have either one of the 2 payed.
thehitman  +   972d ago
@ why

About half of 360 owners have XBL subscription. Which means half of them wont be able to even play games. Gamers need to open their eyes? The only people who will be suffering is MS not gamers when they all buy playstations.
PSVita  +   973d ago
It makes no sense to not be able to play single player with checking in. Then on top of that your being Forced to install every single game you own.
whoyouwit04  +   972d ago
That's true if you think about how we game today, but we need to wait and to see what benefits this truly brings before we say it makes no since. Like I said people need to stop fearing the future and what they don't understand. when you look at what Microsoft is doing the the only thing that really is different is a 24 hour check in. you can still trade in your console and games. but look at the better things that always being connected and digital gaming brings, the ability to share 1 copy of a game with 9 people any where in the country, a more powerful console threw the cloud, and no longer having to worry about scratch discs. I really don't understand why people are throwing a fit over what Microsoft is doing. You know, it's funny how people often fear what they don't understand, and what the don't understand they often seek to destroy. because kill Microsoft's Xbox One is almost all I have being seeing the last couple of days.
#5.2.1 (Edited 972d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(26) | Report
ShwankyShpanky  +   972d ago
What you don't get is that people aren't "fearing what they don't understand," they're disliking what they do understand.

You are the one clearly lacking in "understanding." You don't 'understand' that there are conditions outside of "not paying for internet" that result in lack of connectivity, such as ISP problems, natural forces, vacations, military service, etc. I could go on and on about the other areas that in which you obviously lack understanding if you think the 24-hour check-in is the only "flaw" in their policy, but it becomes tedious.

To close, I would recommend you learn the difference between "threw" and "through" before you try lecturing people on what they do or do not "understand."
jmc8888  +   972d ago
Kinect 2 spying, which they admitted.

They said they would comply with any court order, which includes the unconstitutional (meaning it doesn't follow the rules of the constitution) kangaroo court known as FISA. They even have other things like a 'letter of national security'.

But they don't even need to comply in order for them to get that info, since much of what they get from companies is by unofficially tapping into the lines anyways.

Oh yeah and all the data they get, then gets passed around thousands of companies, of which no doubt quite a few criminals get their hands on it.

I mean Microsoft has given the gov't backdoors since Windows 95, and just today admitted giving access with their web crap.

Also you shouldn't say 'besides' when it comes to the console kill switch they added in case their internet connection tester doesn't work. I mean did Detroit build in a kill switch for your car if you didn't turn on your GPS? Completely unnecessary. No benefit whatsoever.

They say trust us...why? They've been selling you down the river for decades.

It's not being 'afraid of whats different'. That is so hilariously idiotic it's insane.

Technology first adopters are anything but 'afraid of whats different'. What they are concerned about, rightfully so, are unnecessary crap that destroys the product and adds nothing.

Perhaps if the gov't wasn't recording basically il..web usage and bandwidth..telephone..etc, etc....and MS hadn't been selling us down the river multiple ways for decades there wouldn't be a reason to be concerned. But that's not where we live.

We live in a world where we are told to fear Al-Qeada, a US/Saudi/British creation, and when the Saudi's and Brits used that against us, known as 9/11, we then went to war in two countries where the people that did it weren't at, and almost every planner and funder is still free, which is important, because...we're funding, arming, training Al-Qeada to fight in Syria, and they have chemical weapons we allowed them to get.

None of this is about terrorism, it's about control.

That's why they take our freedoms away. It isn't Al-Qeada.

But they'll sure use that excuse to spy on you and exploit you with that info.

Yep well who cares, when the derivatives implode next, they'll just take your in Spain and Cyprus. It's been law here for years. Becoming law all around Europe and Japan just adopted it.

Finally since you are so sure your internet will never be down, you do realize that your internet can be fine and yet if Microsoft's is down, you're screwed too.

If what happened to the PS3 via the PSN happened to Xbone, then you wouldn't be able to use your console for over a month. A complete brick. Why?

Not because the system can't play the games, but because Microsoft has a kill switch on your console, and if your console can't communicate with their servers, it's worthless.

You act as if there is going to be a single benefit to what they did, and to 'wait'. There is no benefit that comes with check-ins and spying. They are check ins and spying. That doesn't make your game or console a lick better.
#5.3 (Edited 972d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ShwankyShpanky  +   972d ago
One of the things that's really pathetic is that the CURRENT EULA for the 360/Kinect ADMITS that they spy, and yet for some reason we actually have to "debate" whether or not it's going to happen.

The current XBL EULA includes the following. Keep in mind that the term "Services" will cover a much broader spectrum with the One.

"If you use ... Kinect, we may also collect data about the way in which you interact with the console and the Services to improve Microsoft products and services."

...and this:

"Personal information collected by Microsoft may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country or region in which Microsoft or its affiliates, subsidiaries, or service providers maintain facilities. You consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country or region."

...and of course:

"we may access or disclose information about you, including the content of your communications, in order to: (a) comply with the law or respond to lawful requests or legal process; (b) protect the rights or property of Microsoft or our customers, including the enforcement of our agreements or policies governing your use of the Services; and (c) act on a good faith belief that such access or disclosure is necessary to protect the personal safety of Microsoft employees, customers, or the public."

All of these terms subject to the interpretation of MS/govt lawyers. And with the "always on," this can be easily abused. "Oh, we thought you might be doing something against our EULA, so we checked to see if there was any audio or video from the Kinect that was related to that." "Oh, the Feds saw you buying supplies for your indoor veggie garden at the hydroponics store, so they 'lawfully requested' that we check if there was any audio or video related to that."

Kansas Couple: Indoor Gardening Prompted Pot Raid

The FBI Seeks Overbroad Expansion of Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
#5.3.1 (Edited 972d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report
Salooh  +   972d ago
Bubble for acknowledging the truth. These restrictions are not only against gamers. MS obviously will lose a lot of customers . So yes , i think it's definitely connected to politics reasons to make a stunt like that .

On what you guys call it politics :P
It's great to see people who understand the reality . You see people call arabs terrorists but when you come here you will see them victims. Al qaeda are not muslims and they are not sunni, they are just taking islam as the cover of their book . ISLAM is peaceful , we only fight when we are being attacked. Governments/Rulers are united in some way for main reasons. Spying is one of them . They can spy on you from your phone so what will stop them from taking advantage of kinect. That's why i would never go and buy X1 , None of real muslims would do that. Government already did planted cameras on one of protesters and threat him, think how easy will it be to use the kinect ?. They don't even need to hack it lol
Skynetone  +   972d ago

you can make ten accounts on the Xbox one, {only one master account} all your friends can make an account and play the game on your console, {that's of course they don't lock the game to one account} if they log into that account from a different Xbox one they can play that game for one hour

if you thing you can buy forza and share it with ten of your mates you should really lay off the drugs

the mystery is, can you still play forza while your mate is logged into that account, another mystery is how many times can your mate play for an hour, before they make you buy the game
#5.4 (Edited 972d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
killacal13  +   972d ago
Why must you blindly follow ?????????
GamersHeaven  +   973d ago
Oh god m$ is talking again they just keep digging that hole.

Related video
a_bro  +   972d ago
i like this more.
GamersHeaven  +   972d ago
LOL me too :)
Mikelarry  +   973d ago
Lol arrogance, I said it in a previous article they would not change until after launch with depressing sales that the way ms rolls
Sharius  +   973d ago
so, this is the new "giant enemy crab" then

wonder all MS higher up think after seeing this
SegataSanshiro  +   972d ago
Are the legends true? Is it true you need to attack-weak point-for- massive-damage?
GreenRanger  +   973d ago
DRM and always on Kinect needs to die if you want to sell your console.

Not that I care.

I want it to fail, now.
#9 (Edited 972d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
onyoursistersback  +   972d ago
GreenRanger, do you where green socks?!?!
GreenRanger  +   972d ago
Yes, yes I do. Always.
InTheLab  +   973d ago
Hopefully, former 360 fans will change your mind...
killacal13  +   972d ago
They only care about the money they will get off of the bro dudes, Americaaaaaaaaan fooootbaaaaaaaall hoo rahh!!!! on a serious note, my predictions is that PS4 will sell around 95-110 million, while the one will sell 55-75 million, it's just my opinion so don't hate or get mad. btw inthelab you seen the new berserk movies?
Sarobi  +   973d ago
Suit yourselves.
Tatsuya  +   973d ago
So hilarious
lol another shot in the foot!
Mikelarry  +   972d ago
No more foot to shoot now its straight to the face
LarVanian  +   973d ago
Well it's your funeral Microsoft. If I'm not too busy firing up Seattle in inFamous, I may come by and pay my respects (not that you deserve anyone's respect at this stage).
#13 (Edited 973d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SpinalRemains  +   973d ago
The federal government gave MS 30 billion to build this Kinect focused device. The ultimate meta data machine

They're under black ops contract and they're not allowed to change anything.

You guys thought they were about making a console? For gamers?
#14 (Edited 973d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
PositiveEmotions  +   972d ago
I read somewhere that gamestop might change their minds about selling the xbox one
VitaOwner  +   972d ago
They are too full of themselves to change and adapt because a competitor outdid them. They will just stay the course content with their heads up their ass.
medman  +   972d ago
That's right Microsoft. The ship is burning, but you must go down with the ship. Enjoy your watery grave.
jmac53  +   972d ago
It's official, Microsoft has become the arrogant company that Sony was at the beginning of this gen. I guess we will see them become competitive again next gen after the humbling they are going to get.
jmc8888  +   972d ago
Let's put that statement through the corporate BS filter.

'We realize all the ways we're screwing the people but we aren't going to heed their cries and copy PS4 by serving our customers.'

In other words, we know you hate it guys, deal with it.
#19 (Edited 972d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Razzy  +   972d ago
Looks like M$ have XBoned themselves.
vigilante_man  +   972d ago
That's a quote we will be hearing many times for the rest of this year. You need to copyright it!
JackVagina  +   972d ago
then i guess it will be a quick death
ssbains  +   972d ago
It's refreshing to hear that Microsoft will go down with the shit they built, I mean ship they built called XBox One!
deadfrag  +   972d ago
This is how Microsoft and the Microsoft support is handling the possible Xbone consumers questions.

Does a company that replys this way and impose to consumers this kind of restrictions be supported in ANY POSSIBLE WAY FROM POSSIBLE CONSUMERS!?I dont think so!
#23 (Edited 972d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MultiConsoleGamer  +   972d ago
They've got a few surprises up their sleeves.

Will it be enough to counter all the bad PR? We'll see.
Bhuahahaha  +   972d ago
wonder if US govt pay them that much
PsnGammer21  +   972d ago
Did any one see the article about Xbox one looking to be able to play offline eventually so they put this out but they are hypocritical and te article is on 1st page or second of n4g
TheHardware  +   972d ago
Microsoft: PS4 won't make us 'change anything we've done with Xbox One
SJC  +   972d ago
At least Microsoft won't bow down to Sony before they get their head chopped off.
Android  +   972d ago
Which implies their either delusional at this point or they prefer getting their head chopped off standing up.
SonyPS4  +   972d ago
They are stubborn and still believe the masses will go out and buy Xbox anything in droves.
DivineAssault  +   972d ago
Cocky morons.. They will learn the hard way i guess.. Well GOOD! I dont want them to change anything either so they can get their asses out the console race.. They think they know whats best for their customers so they force restrictions n other crap on em.. I think M$ is going to do all they can to gain casuals the way nintendo did with wii this gen..

Theres a few problems in the way though.. Nintendo has a large fan base adding to their success with it, the wii was only $250 so it was easier to obtain, & it created motion gaming that ppl wanted to try out..
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