E3 2013 Preview: Call of Duty: Ghosts promises improved visuals - JPS

'At E3 this year, Activision held a behind closed doors presentation for their upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts that will release later this year. With many press including attendees that went to the presentation, many were rather impressed. Is there really anything different about Call of Duty: Ghosts this time around? Yes, but not to an extent that the game will be unrecognizable.' - JPS

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urwifeminder1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Looking forward to playing online but I will wait till it drops to half price on pc I am terrible at the game but love griefing on it letting my team down is a blast suicide 101 times in a match of mw3 is my best.

andibandit1831d ago

I think i will wait for the Dog DLC before i get it.

up2snuff1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

People like you are exactly what's wrong with multiplayer gaming. How would you like it if someone was trying to ruin something you enjoyed doing? Just another self centered, prepubescent twerp who's mommy let him stay up and play.

urwifeminder1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

That's the kind of reaction I love, see you online that's if its ok with mum you should see me resuscitate rocks on battlefield and the sky its beautiful.

FITgamer1831d ago

People like urwifeminder don't mind it because they have no life and seek any attention they can get good or bad.

NobleRed1831d ago

They better promise improved(dedicated)servers.

up2snuff1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )