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Microsoft looking into playing games offline on Xbox One

The Xbox One may eventually work disconnected from the internet for more than 24 hours. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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Godmars290  +   804d ago | Well said
If they're going to make it playable offline, it has to be fully playable offline.

Still can't believe that they thought that was a good idea.
zeal0us  +   804d ago
I wouldn't get my hopes up

-Before E3
Major Larry: We're looking into players feedback

The Xbox needs to be connected at least once 24hr, used games restriction and you can only loan your games once.

Major Larry: Xbox is the future *avoids all the questions that involves drm, restrictions and requirements* *Gives generic PR answer to any hard question*
DragonKnight  +   804d ago
You watched the AngryJoe video didn't you?

I hated how any time the word DRM was brought up, Larry went into immediate salesman mode and said "you're not looking at the benefits."

DRM =/= Benefits.
Mikelarry  +   804d ago
They keep saying DRM and benefits I ask what benefits does DRM have.

It does not help me enjoy the game any better just an inconvenience to hinder my experience just cause in the future ms will like a piece of that used fee pie. You know they gonna do it you will be naive to believe ms gives anything for free
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SonyPS4  +   804d ago
Nah, DRM=benefits...to MS and game publishers that is.
ShinMaster  +   804d ago
They would be contradicting themselves
with this statement:
loulou  +   804d ago
I should think that the pre-order tally is already begining to tel m$ what is going to happen if things dont change.

they have less than 5 months to change certain elements. if they dont, then i cant see them selling more than 30-35 mil consoles next gen.

stop the online checks, allow installs but make people keep the disc in the tray and going back to passes will give the xbox one a massive boost.

ofcourse keep on-line only games, or games that are going to use the cloud. but just advertise the fact.

the higher price tag although not great i can/will live with. but other people wont when put together with everything else above that i mentioned
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Shane Kim  +   804d ago
It don't even benefit publishers. One of the top arguments against DRM is that publishers and so on spend millions on developing/expanding this DRM only to be hacked by some 15 year old russian kid.
badz149  +   804d ago
"looking into..."
pfft...like playing offline is something new!
Ritsujun  +   804d ago
Okay, they're looking into it.
I bet soon they'd reveal that they're extending the check-in to 48 hours or 7 days.

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dedicatedtogamers  +   804d ago
The Xbox One will not be able to play offline. It simply won't.

- the system is designed to play from the hard-drive after installing/downloading
- your library is designed to be shared with people in your "Family"
- the 24-hour check is to see if you traded the game disc (because you installed it to the HDD)

There are too many factors involved. In order to play offline, Microsoft would have to:
- change the system architecture to allow you to play straight from the disc (believe it or not, this isn't a simply line of code)
- forbid you from playing your game installs unless you are online
- forbid you from sharing your Library

Folks, the Xbox One is going to be how it is now. It may change a few months after launch, but it will never lose the 24-hour check-in.
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no_more_trolling  +   804d ago

ever heard of firmware update?
no_more_trolling  +   804d ago
double post
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abzdine  +   804d ago
I don't think they will and even if they do I already chose PS4! Sony first party games have no equal and third party will look better on it. On top of all this it's cheaper.
they did say that they built the machine for that so do you really expect them to change everything a few months before release? They also Said that they have expected this type of reaction from gamers and the media so do you still think their arrogance will stop suddenly?

Greatness awaits
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loulou  +   804d ago

i honestly dont think that you know what you are talking about. it seems to me that you are hoping more than anything.

as no more trolling beat me to saying... a firmware update could resolve a multitude of issues.
indysurfn  +   804d ago
They have actually been looking to do this for awhile now....FOR THE MILILTARY. And a few countries that have very little internet. That does not help most of the people that are right now on the internet complaining, now does it. Looking at this article they seem to be trying to confuse people into thinking it will allow 10 people to play the same game at once. No from the start you have to install a game and get online. If once you get online they find out it is on other machines. They will deactivate it from all but one of them. Don't be fooled again by this play on words. When you read that article remember the person being quoted is REDDIT then the second quote is Major Nelson. It is a sneaky way of presenting a questionnaire because most people are used to one side doing the quoting, and the other side doing the answering.

the ONLY THING major nelson actually said was:
"I’d have to check w/ the engineers, but I don’t see why that would not be possible."

Which was actually nothing because everyone knows it is "possible"! the real question is are the big wigs willing!!!
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blind-reaper  +   803d ago
@DragonKnight that interview is pretty fucking amazing, I really recommend everyone to see it to know more about how MS is managing all this DRM thing.

Related video
Why o why  +   804d ago
This is good. The noise must be getting to an unbearable level.. You can't ignore a crying baby for too long.

Well done to those who made noise in the right places. Even if ms only make a couple u turns it will be a great milestone for us consumers. It'll probably be written into business study textbooks....

Despite my pre ejaculation, I'm not sure how they can do this whilst always having to install games to the hdd. What are the workarounds?
HammadTheBeast  +   804d ago
Week-month long period before checking?
Cueil  +   804d ago
simple... by putting it on the users shoulders instead of shouldering it themselves... they could used a pass... only the pass in a one time code... to sell a game you would have to then select some option to get your key back and then give it to a friend or sell it. That or they could go with a authentication check were you only need to be online ONCE and then if you wanted to sell/loan/trade your game you would have to go back online to do that.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   804d ago
I totally agree.
lol how do u look into it??? Just stop the bullsh!t!!! and it's over.
SilentNegotiator  +   804d ago
Because according to Microsoft, they don't know their own policies. Like when they announced 24 hour checks and played dumb for ~month.
BlindGuardian  +   804d ago
This is just an attemp by a clever redditor to pit this guy against his own lies, they're not going to change anything because with an offline mode and no disc required to run games from HDD a single disc could be installed on hundreds of consoles and be playable from all of them at the same time.

Their standard line for the last few days has been that the 24hs check is so you can share your game library with your family, but that's just a lie, the check is to remove games from your Hard drive which show as sold on their data base, or hold all your games hostage until they can tell which ones you still own.

So this is just is logical question that he can't answer truthfully because an honest answer would conflict with the talking points he was given.
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Rhaigun  +   804d ago
Exactly. Because, whether its a 24 hr check or a 120 hr check, its still a mandatory check.
koolaid251  +   804d ago
I've been connected to the internet for 18 years I even had Comcast broadband and Dsl at the same damn time one time lol.
blackmanone  +   804d ago
"I've been connected to the internet for 18 years I even had Comcast broadband and Dsl at the same damn time one time lol."

This mentality floors me, it really does. So you mean to tell the world that in 18 years, your internet has never gone down? Ever? Not once? You're lying to yourself and everyone on here.
ForeAllEternity  +   804d ago
It's gotta be the koolaid :)
onyoursistersback  +   804d ago
"the shamily plan" helps!!!
Cueil  +   804d ago
you don't see that as a benefit?
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kparks  +   804d ago
This is not them looking into changing anything lol... Someone askd a question and the PR guy didnt want to answer point blank!
ALLWRONG  +   804d ago
MS made the mistake of misjudging the consumers desire, demand, right, or whatever to turn sh*t off when they damn well please.
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pimpschitz  +   804d ago
I say good luck, but the damage is done. Running an Xbox in offline mode is something that should have been implemented in the beginning, I say go for it if it means getting XBox off the ground, I highly doubt this will happen, either way Sony is hitting the bank big time with the PS4. I plan to keep posted on this in the next few months, I highly doubt the validity of this claim though. "Getting in touch with the engineers," is like saying "you're right, it's bullshit our bad . . . we need to fix this and this seems to be our loophole, so we don't look like complete f**king idiots here."

I am in no way supporting XBox, PS4 had me at "hello." Or had me at "$399." :)
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pimpschitz   804d ago | Personal attack | show
StoutBEER  +   804d ago
Oh god. They possibly change it and your STILL bitching. No use talking to you.
NewZealander  +   804d ago
if people truly want microsoft to pay attention then go comment on places like www.xboxshun.com etc.

my main concern is the online check in, i know plenty of people that dont have the internet, the DRM is also a huge concern, lucky i tend to not lend or buy second hand games, but i often rent a game before i decide to buy it.

but as a gamer i still see huge potential in both new consoles, only time will tell but MS has a matter of months to put this right, if not sales will take a hit, but no matter what the sales are im still getting both, im a gamer...i love tech, i hate fanboys.
mcstorm  +   804d ago
I agree with what your saying. To me nothing Microsoft have said about the Xbox one has me worded about getting the console. I have my 360 Wiiu ps3 and home server connected to the internet 24/7 and my internet has never been down for more than 24 hours.

I also never give my game to other people as the game I play tend to be games other people have to for mp and this is one thing that has changed alto this gen in terms of most people are buying the same games to play each other on.

But that said there will be people around the world who don't want there console on line or don't have the internet but that said I don't see people like this looking to buy a Xbox or Ps to. I also think looking at how many xboxs have been sold and how many people have gold shows most people who buy a Xbox also have the internet.

I do see Ms looking to change things a little though as there are some people who will not want to get a one because of these reasons but that said most people on here seem to be fan boys who want to rip into Microsoft when ever they can. For years now they have said they will always pick Sony because they don't charge for playing online but now Sony have said this they have gone quiet over it.

If anything the games industry is very fickle in terms of how its run and what happens.

If you look back to when the Wii 360 and ps3 came out people were up in arms about the ps3 price, having to install games and long load times and a very poor psn service.

Fast forward to now and Sony have improved things but so have Nintendo and also Microsoft.

I think things will change over the gen and just because people are not liking what a device is like now dose not mean they won't like it in 12 months time when changes are made ect.

For me Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all have very good consoles to support all offer different ways to play games and are all looking to go in there own direction which to me is better for gamers then having 3 consoles all offering the Same games the same ways to play and the same services.
Halochampian  +   804d ago
The whole reason for the online checks (once per 24 hours automatically at night) is for the family sharing. It allows you and ten family/friends to share your library. It needs the check to be able and keep this updated because due to licencing issues they cant have all ten people playing the same copy of the game.

I know it is cumbersome for some. But for a majority of people, this will not effect them. The Xbone will auto-update during the night. And then they can play offline that day if they like.

If the family share plan does some really cool things, it may turn out to be worth it. Right now, it has potential but we will have to wait and see
nirwanda  +   804d ago
Too be slightly fair to MS most of the next gen games at E3 shown would require an internet connection to get the most out of them on both systems and making everyone be always on is the only way you could get the whole cloud computing thing to ever work.
I'm still getting a PS4 instead though just purely based on the gpu rumours/leaks/dev comments.
BallsEye  +   804d ago
I BET if they would make it playable offline, fanboys would find another thing to pick on, not looking at the good stuff at all (hello family game sharing!)
jmc8888  +   804d ago
Well they are complete morons for even thinking of it. I think a bunch of 8th graders could of planned the Xbox One better, and they wouldn't of given it that crappy name either.

But if you look on Amazon you have PS4 packages garnering the 1,3,5,6,8th positions.

True Xbox One has #2, but that's ALL of it combined.

But people have pointed that out so I wanted to give you some other thoughts.

If the xbox one is selling so good....

Then why is the PS4 camera sold more than the top rated Xbox One game. That's right, more PS4 cameras then Forza 5. Sony hasn't even talked about the PS4 camera really.

PS4 has four games in the top 20. Xbox One has 0. Their best, again, is Forza at #22.

The funny thing is if you look on the right, the most 'wished for' thing is the Xbox One and 3rd most wished for is the PS4. Because obviously these were wishes from before the knowledge of what MS was trying to pull on its customers. Now that people know the downsides (drm, spying, etc). Know it's $100 more and yet the PS4 is also has 50-125 percent more raw power those wishes are not translating into sales.

Forza 5 is #22
Battlefield 4 is #28
Dead Rising is #31
Call of Duty is #33
Ryse is #36
Destiny on xbox is #47
Watch Dogs on xbox is #69
Kinect Sports: Rivals is #77
Titanfall on xbox is #99
Madden on xbox is not listed in top 100

On PS4
Watch Dogs is #11 (58 spots higher)
Battlefield 4 is #14 (14 spots higher)
Killzone Shadow Fall is #17
Desinty is #18 (29 spots higher)
Infamous Second Son #26
Call of Duty is #32 (1 spot higher)
Final Fantasy XV #41
Kingdom Hearts III #42
Knack is #56
The Order: 1886 is #63
Madden 25 #81
Fifa 14 #92

So as you can see here the PS4 games are selling much stronger. Games like Watchdogs, Destiny, and Battlefield 4 are selling much more on PS4.

PSN network cards are #7 and #12 compared to #15 and #16 for Xbox live.

Dual Shock 4 controllers is #9
Xbox one controller is #23

So in other words, at least for Amazon, PS4 is absolutely tearing a new asshole on the xbox one.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   803d ago
Who give a fuck about u Sony fan boy and amazon not only amazon selling games and hardware amazom it's not even accurate so F off and sit on ur fat ass and play your ps3 games
gameonbro   803d ago | Spam
fermcr  +   803d ago
I agree. I find it unbelievable how Microsoft could commit so many errors with the Xbox One. They where in a great position with the X360 and completely fu**ed up their next gen console. Who the hell in Microsoft thought the X1 with it's restrictions was a brilliant idea ?

Microsoft has some serious thinking to do and i don't think there's time to radically change (improve) the X1 before release.

EDIT: First thing to do is change that stupid name... then remove those restrictions.
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CerebralAssassin  +   803d ago
I just dont understand why you cant just pop the disc back in the system once the 24 hr period hits. The whole idea of installing the entire game onto cloud is great. Verification on you having a legit copy makes perfect sense. But if you miss the verification time table you should be able to prove you own that game by having a physical disc in your possession and should be able to put the disc in to verify authenticity. I dont knkw if its just me but this seems like the common sense answer to play games offline.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   804d ago
Don't count on it.These decisions were made years ago by higher ups then the xbox team.Redmond HQ gave the O.K and now we just have to #Dealwithit
NameRemoved0017  +   804d ago
Or just buy a PS4 and dodge the entire failure of DRM and online always all together while getting an already superior console.
Software_Lover  +   804d ago
The only problem with your statement is it's not "always on line". Its check in once every 24 hours either by internet or mobile hotpot on your phone.

I dont agree with it either way, but just wanted to correct your statement.
DigitalRaptor  +   804d ago
@ Software_Lover

There might be a distinct difference, but to the gamer and the consumer who this affects, it might as well be the same thing. It's basically saying that if you don't connect at least once every day for the rest of the Xbox One's lifecycle, you cannot play. To the people it concerns, the difference is non-existent because the concerns are identical.
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koolaid251  +   804d ago
People forget that you can use the hot spot on your sell phone so basically you can play xbox 1 anywhere!!!
NameRemoved0017  +   803d ago
@koolaid251 you going to pay $15 a month just so you can do that?
vector415  +   804d ago
lol...always online is a killer for games. Look at Diablo 3. I know that game isn't that good, but one of the main reasons I think it didn't do well is because it's always online, no matter what, you cannot play it offline.

I remember the days of playing D2 offline on a laptop while I was somewhere with no internet connection...good times.

Now Xbox One says I can't do this. I am just really glad PS4 isn't going in the same direction! I am a life long Xbox fan who is probably going to buy a PS4 this time.
#3 (Edited 804d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
creepjack  +   804d ago
an online requirement has nothing to do with the reasons people dont like Diablo 3, lol.
HammadTheBeast  +   804d ago
Partially. A better example is sim city. Although its because they forced the game to work with always online, and the game play is sucky now.
vector415  +   804d ago
Yeah Sim City is a better example you're right. But I still stick to my Diablo 3 comment, because many gamers were REALLY pissed when they paid 60 bucks for a game they couldn't even play because of online issues. This wouldn't have happened if the game had an offline single player mode.

The point I'm trying to make is, I am sure a lot of gamers would prefer to have an option to play games offline if they wanted, and would be less likely to purchase a game or console that required for you to be online, or have to connect to the intrnet, just to play.
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RavageX  +   804d ago
Oops, what I had to say had already been said so...carry on.
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fermcr  +   803d ago
I agree, Diablo 3 is not very good, but saying Diablo 3 didn't do well ? Are you referring to sales ?
That game sold millions and millions of copies. More then 10 million the last i heard.
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Gravitic  +   804d ago
Wait, so that guy I just sent my digital game to, would have it revoked when I decide to go in to offline mode. It doesn't make sense. What stops me authenticating, sending a copy and then going offline to get the other benefits.
Moonman  +   804d ago
They got the word they f###'d up. haha
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Nafon  +   804d ago
Hey microsoft: its too late
ape007  +   804d ago
look like you're a negative person, it's NEVER too late
NameRemoved0017  +   804d ago
The damage is already done, even if they drop kinect requirements, DRM, online requirements, used game policies and drop the price to $400 the PS4 still has a better feature set and better hardware.
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sashimi  +   804d ago
Its never too late but it'd be extremely difficult to do so before the launch, its drm are implemented on the software side and hardware side. The only fix would be a redesign and that would delay its launch window for god knows how long not to mention thats not what they want.

M$ clearly has a plan and vision of what they want and how they will go about it whether anyone likes it or not. I wouldn't bet on it and if they say they can't fix its problems before the release date or delay launch its as good as permanent.
koolaid251  +   804d ago
How does the ps4 have better features? I didn't see anything exciting I like Killzone but Call of Duty will kill that game and pretty much every other fps and Bf4 is the best looking game and it's Multi-platform
iron_spider   804d ago | Spam
killbillvolume12  +   804d ago
I doubt it... the hardest thing for any company is to admit they were wrong.
Mikelarry  +   804d ago
Cause they are,And I have got a fleet of flying unicorns in my backyard

Ms would not change this until after they see the sales result of the system. Yet again another damage control article who keeps approving these
#8 (Edited 804d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
theWB27  +   804d ago
You'd rather the glut of false doomsday articles keep getting approved? How it's over and Sony has won before a single console has been sold...

There's barely been any damage controls articles on here, nothing but how much Xbox is going to fail...how x and y developer doesn't like their Indie policies...games weren't played on real Xboxes...the government says it's a spy device.

It's been so many of these articles it's not even funny.
#8.1 (Edited 804d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Mikelarry  +   804d ago
Nope but something other than damage control articles would be nice
2cents  +   804d ago
I agree, I haven't posted for years on this site, but something about the intensity of hate for all things MS has fueled me to return to speak my mind and try to address the totally askewed balance.

It would be really nice to see some articles about the positives of the console, features and innovations... But that's probably asking for to much.
TotalSynthesisX  +   804d ago
Let's hope they listen. Although, I'm afraid that might be too much to ask for.
Pittoo  +   804d ago
I honestly think you'd be nuts to buy an Xbone but meh,it isn't my money you'd be wasting.
#10 (Edited 804d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
ape007  +   804d ago
MS u have to to drop "24hr sign" in and introduce a 399$ kinect free model if u want to compete with sony

please im a huge 360 fan and im hating the SH!T out of xbox one
#11 (Edited 804d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
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koolaid251  +   804d ago
I'm buying an Xbox one I've always considered myself to be a futurist I love to be on the brink of cunning edge technology. XBOX1 FTW!!!
NoobJobz  +   804d ago
I'm with you there. As of right now, Im not getting one. If thy did drop the Kinect and check in for $399, I would buy one. However, I don't know how likely that is.

Stick with Ps3 and 360 until I hear further news.
gameonbro   803d ago | Spam
IQUITN4G  +   804d ago
I have very little respect for MS at this point. They're not forcing anyone to buy x1 of course so I can hardly moan too hard. Shame though because I enjoyed the brand enormously and it pains me that I wont be playing any future Halo games. It does feel like a kick to my nuts though and up to this point Iv'e been a firmly loyal a ms supporter

How hard can it be that single player experiences don't require online authentication ms?
#12 (Edited 804d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
esemce  +   804d ago
Too late Microsoft the tiny bit of cred you had with real gamers has been shot. Xbox go the fuck home!
theWB27  +   804d ago
They have more than a tiny bit of cred with real gamers. Or do you consider real gamers those who don't play Xbox? They may not sell in other markets...but they sell more than enough systems to say they have cred with real gamers.
gameonbro   803d ago | Spam
marcelliuss1  +   804d ago
Its about damn time they did.I'm tired of all of the negative articles that keep on coming out every five minutes.
whoyouwit04  +   804d ago
I really don't think Microsoft needs to change a thing. The american people fear of what they don't understand is the very reason why America is so far behind japan in technology. People are still bitching about DRM when one person can buy a game, and give 9 people access to it, you can still sale your console and resale your games to retailers, hell you can even gift a game to friend that's not in your family circle. You have to chick in every 24 hours, and that's a problem why? Everyone is holding Sony up on a Pedestal, but what are they bringing to this gen besides prettier graphics.
#15 (Edited 804d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Igniter  +   804d ago
I agree. I even support the 24 hour check because I don't really see it as DRM I see it as a message to buyers that this device requires online. This is MS's way of avoiding the problems caused with the 360's with and without HDDs and developers having to design for the lowest common denominator. With the One, developers are guaranteed that every user is connected and on line so they can make games that leverage cloud services.
punisher99  +   804d ago
"you can still sale your console and resale your games to retailers"

to *participating retailers* notice the asterisk

" You have to chick in every 24 hours, and that's a problem why?"

For the simple fact that not everyone has internet.
xPhearR3dx  +   804d ago
You can use your phone for the 24 hour check. No need for an actual internet subscription.
Hercules189  +   804d ago
how many ppl without internet can afford a $500 console anyway.
lukeb4dunk  +   804d ago
As I stated before, it's not just as simple as "who doesn't have internet and can still afford a $500 console". Internet access in your area may not be as good as in another. Also, how about if someone gets laid off, loses hours or just flat out loses their job (which is quite common these days)? One of the first things people may cut to make ends meet, is internet. So they wouldn't be able to play on a system they paid $500 for.

You can use "they're in the minority" card if you want, and you would be technically correct, but that's still a huge number we're talking about.
Smootherkuzz  +   804d ago
That what is not clear, if there's no internet then how does the console know to not allow access to play the game?
Tres21  +   804d ago
when u said the gift a friend a game that might work if u trust someone enough u can gift them the game then have them paypal u but they'd have 2 have been on ur friend list for what 30days. even still i love there games i always hav but the 24hr check i dont lik im prob gonna giv it lik 6mnths then Fathers day will be comin back around & ill get it then 2 scare them a lil & see if they change there minds.lol
koolaid251  +   804d ago
Finally some forward thinking people on N$G lol!!!
gameonbro   803d ago | Spam
GraveLord  +   804d ago
Don't get your hopes up guys. It's not gonna happen.
Dlacy13g  +   804d ago
Hard to say if this will turn into anything but realistically MS could easily add in offline play that would require the disc to be present. That little ammendment would resolve a TON of issues for those upset by the offline policy. The only caveat would be you could have a game online played off HDD and then have the disc wiht one other offline...and a third that you share the disc with via family account. But honestly I think that loop hole would be worth the good will it would bring MS.

The real problem for MS is that they wanted to get away from the disc itself having value. They wanted to try and begin a push to a digital future and having a disc that can play offline undermines that ...as the disc would have value.

Again though ... I think this would be a smart move for MS to make and announce soon and at latest by Gamescom along with their other new games they promised. Make a big splash and possibly get back some of their fans that jumped ship.
#17 (Edited 804d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
MultiConsoleGamer  +   804d ago

Also, you know what happens when you don't connect for more than 24 hours?


You're merely forced to sign in again like you would with an email account after your cookies expire.

In before people who don't know the truth disagree with me and post NUH UH replies.
SpiralTear  +   804d ago
I'm not going to disagree with you, but I would like to know where you found this information.
NihonjinChick  +   804d ago
Can you please show a link to where you got this information? Thank you.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   804d ago
I asked.

I followed people around on the E3 show floor until they got so sick of seeing me they answered my question.
MrBeatdown  +   804d ago


You went to E3, dying to know what would happen if you didn't sign in for 24 hours, only for the answer to this crazy mystery to be revealed as "you have to sign in"? Did you expect your Xbox to self destruct or something?

Well, I'm glad you got your answer.

Might want to think harder about that comparison to email though. Last I checked, if your email is saved to your computer, you can, you know... read your existing email without logging in. It's one of the many wonders of modern technology. I know MS is big on the whole cloud thing, but I'm pretty sure your games aren't stored there like all your new emails.
#18.2.2 (Edited 804d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
Jakens  +   804d ago
He is right. If you don't play games for a week then your console doesn't have to sign in for a week. When you want to play a game, you will need to do a check in and that starts the 24 hour period over of offline gaming.

I don't have a good link but I believe it can be found on google.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   804d ago
Please after they sale enough they would just re activate these restrictions.Honestly if they believe this is the future back tracking would just prove there greed instead convince people of the benefits if there gonna impose DRM we shouldn't have to pay full price on games $60 they like Sony are crazy there's no physical disc no retail distribution chain nothing why $60 they want more control and the same money smh if there gonna follow steam give us the steam discounts just like micro ushered in dlc we've accepted it and now they announce dlc even before the game is on store shelfs or sale us dlc that's on the disk "capcom" the restrictions look bad now honestly if this pass do you think it would get better down the road? to me micro has bought every exclusive they could and there bet is its good enough to give up consumer rights.i don't trade my games but that's my right if i want to
theWB27  +   804d ago
God HIMself would have made this paragraph more than one sentence. That random question mark towards the end...weird. I don't usually comment on punctuation but this makes it hard to understand your point.
Hicken  +   804d ago
I'm not even gonna read through it, but it probably makes more sense than your constant defense of MS at this point.
theWB27  +   804d ago
Unlike you...I support the other guy when needed. But I don't have to feel bad about the console of my choice...quite simply there isn't an exclusive on PS that I care to play more than Halo and Forza.

I'll wait to see what happens with GOW and Uncharted. I'll sleep just fine having my Xbox even though Hicken doesn't agree. : )
Hicken  +   804d ago
I'm not here to convert anybody into the same type of gamer as me, so I don't really care that you prefer a couple of MS franchises to everything on PlayStation.

But one thing I WILL do is try to influence people to be RESPONSIBLE gamers. To demand more than the same damn engine in consecutive, yearly entries for nearly a decade. To not put up with being subjected to ads that supposedly pay for a service that you're already paying for.

To not support a console made by a company that's actively trying to redefine the concept of ownership so that you pay them for something they can effectively erase at any given time for any reason.

It really isn't about whether you like ANY PS exclusives at all. Go to Nintendo, for all I care. Keep your 360. Hell, buy a 2600 and a Dreamcast. I really don't give a shit.

But don't support the XBOne. That's seriously not okay.
MikeMyers  +   804d ago
"I'm not here to convert anybody into the same type of gamer as me, so I don't really care that you prefer a couple of MS franchises to everything on PlayStation."

Sure you care. It's why you bashed Kinect, told everyone that Microsoft somehow thought the Xbox 360 stop releasing hardcore games and now you will continue to troll the Xbox One as much as you can.

"But one thing I WILL do is try to influence people to be RESPONSIBLE gamers. To demand more than the same damn engine in consecutive, yearly entries for nearly a decade. To not put up with being subjected to ads that supposedly pay for a service that you're already paying for."

Go ahead. How did your influence translate into Vita sales? How did your influence slow Call fo Duty sales? The fact is you get the same information as the rest of us and then try and twist it to make it appear worse than it is. Such as telling people if they get banned on the Xbox One they no longer have access to their games. Major Nelson already clarified that not to be the case. You just don't have access to play multiplayer games. That's what happens on other systems too. So don't act like you know more about the Xbox One than the rest of us here on N4G.

"To not support a console made by a company that's actively trying to redefine the concept of ownership so that you pay them for something they can effectively erase at any given time for any reason."

What you fail to grasp is this concept is already happening on ios stores and Steam. What you also keep ignoring is the PS4 won't be doing that. So why are you not talking about the PS4 instead? I think the reality is this, you get more enjoyment making the Xbox brand look bad than actually enjoying the Playstation. People come to forums to center themselves around what they like, not spend all their time going around talking about the stuff they don't like and conflicting with fans who don't have the same issues as you.

"It really isn't about whether you like ANY PS exclusives at all. Go to Nintendo, for all I care. Keep your 360. Hell, buy a 2600 and a Dreamcast. I really don't give a shit."

Good, and you shouldn't care if people buy the Xbox One either. It does not impact you. Get that through your head. Nobody is forcing Sony to do anything. Nobody forced Sony to now charge for multiplayer, that comes down to funding. Sony isn't going to say because Live has been charging for all these years that now we have to. That's not how things work. It will be up to the publishers to dictate change, not Microsoft. You keep wanting to blame Microsoft for everything when you should be happy Sony is providing you with what you want.

"But don't support the XBOne. That's seriously not okay."

Of course it's ok. Just like it was ok to tell everyone how much you liked Journey and telling people to buy it. I can't sell that game. I can't trade that game. Xbox One still allows more flexibility than that did. And I don't want to hear the excuses that it's not a disc. Who cares? We never owned the license of that disc anyways. Go read any game manual.

People will buy games like Journey and people will buy games like Forza 5. Consumers buy what they want, not what you tell them to want.
WeMilk   804d ago | Spam
whoyouwit04  +   804d ago
Godhimself uh, You know you are committing a very big sin with your user name right. I understand you are only joking, but the thing is you never play with God. if I was you I really would change my user name.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   804d ago
lol i have it tattoo'ed on my chest no changes lmao
GABRIEL1030  +   804d ago
C'mon Micro you are at time to rectify !
Godmars290  +   804d ago
Thinking about it, they really can't make a permanent "offline" system. Not with the installs which would then need to call into XBL to register and verify itself. Disable that verification, never connect that console to online, and the disc the game was on could be used on any other offline console.

They can't take way the check in. Ever.
Dlacy13g  +   804d ago
Nope if they did do something it would have to require the disc to be present and the instant an online connection is made it checks in. Its the only way they could make this work and it would be a tough pill for them to swallow as you noted...it pretty much puts a loop hole in their policy.
Godmars290  +   804d ago
The disc isn't required at all. Could just as well be a flash drive or external HDD file, if someone does manage to crack the protection. Manages to beat authentication while a console is offline.
davejose  +   804d ago
Microsoft has shown in the past that if they see that they have to make adjustments to keep their market healthy they will do it. So it wouldnt come to a surprise if they announce new upgrades to their cloud system at work and the xbox settings in these next months.
quenomamen  +   804d ago
Keep it just like it is, let your loyal devotees carry you through the next gen. Well see how loyal they really are.
Tatsuya  +   804d ago
Typical of Microsoft
That's really funny, now you're contradicting this statement: http://n4g.com/news/1283247...
2cents  +   804d ago
That was then, this is now.
Would you be happier if they changed policy or stayed where they were with their heads in the sand?

Surely the prospect of putting the gamer first over policy is a good thing right... Right?
Bonerboy  +   804d ago
Too late for you MS. You have proven to be much too arrogant and "scammy" for my tastes. Goodbye forever.
DivineAssault  +   804d ago
Not going to happen.. They already said they aint changing jack sh*t.. I really hate their "your going to like what we're doing or kick rocks" attitude..

#26 (Edited 804d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Gamer-Z  +   804d ago
I don't see how this would be possible without removing the mandatory installs from every game and as far as i know the Xbox One has an inferior BR drive that's incapable of playing games from the disc.
#27 (Edited 804d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
2cents  +   804d ago
Is also so inferior that it can't play blu-ray films?
Any proof for you claim?
Hicken  +   804d ago
A movie is not a game.
2cents  +   804d ago
well done captain obvious
Hicken  +   804d ago
I suppose I should spell it out for you: what's required for a movie's playback is not necessarily the same as what's required for a game.

Better, genius?
2cents  +   804d ago
You got to be kidding me,

Schools in...

The disc drive does not 'play' the game, it is a device to read the data on a disc and transfer it to the hardware to process. So my concise point is... If the Xbox one BR drive is fast enough to play 1080p high definition films with 7.1 surround sound, it's fast enough to read the data on a game disc to transfer it to the console to process and then play. When a game is 'loading' it is waiting for the data to be read from the disc. Which is why we have longer 'load times' for games that don't run off a hard drive. The Xbox one has been designed to run from the hard drive to allow for much faster data access, not having to spin the disc, search for the correct data, read it at the speed the laser will allow and then transfer it to the internal processing components...

Which is why I was remarking on the ridiculous claim made by the above poster that the Xbox one has 'an inferior BR drive' which would be 'incapable' of playing games. LOL just repeating it makes me laugh at the absurdity of the whole thing. Your the one who chose to step in and try to defend a lost cause, I have no qualms with you.
shuuwai  +   804d ago
Remember how few of us hated windows 8.
Ms saw that, windows 8.1 was born.

Waiting for xbox 1.1 (lol)
There are lots games on xbox 1 I want to play, yet Ms's BS is forcing me not to buy the system.
Loki86  +   804d ago
Well let's hope all the complaining leads to them changing things eventually, or low intial sales will pretty much force their hand. I need alot more details on so many things, how could their PR department really answer questions so terribly.
Urusernamesucks  +   804d ago
Hoping true, i just want to play kI godamit.
#30 (Edited 804d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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