See the Lighter Side of Bestiality with Octodad: Dadliest Catch | gamrReview Preview

gamrReview's Karl Koebke: "Octodad's general premise is that you are an octopus trying to pretend to be a person. Of course this requires walking on two tentacles while you use two others for arms. The game is filled with a bunch of seemingly easy tasks that are made infinitely more difficult because you're an octopus."

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dreman9991804d ago

"Those hanar/Asari porn vids at Shin Akeba are really nasty"

Software_Lover1804d ago

............... could you have chosen a worse headline

Enigma_20991804d ago

... some people will use ANYTHING to get attention.

kwyjibo1804d ago

Octodad will redefine the stealth action genre, Kojima may as well give up.