Def Leppard Songs to Appear in Guitar Hero 4

Guitar Hero News just recieved an email from someone that while Def leppard doing an interview on the radio show Rockline, A caller asked the band why none of their songs have been featured in either Guitar Hero or Rock Band. To many fans happiness guitarist Phil Collen replied with the news that there will be at least 3 songs of theirs on the future Guitar Hero 4.

The songs he stated include:
* Photograph
* Animal
* Rock of Ages

(News is listed under Guitar Hero 3's platforms. Platforms for Guitar Hero 4 are not yet known.)

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fenderputty3675d ago

Def Leppard!

Nah ... they rock. I grew up on them. Super cool. Poor Some Sugar on me has to be one of the best bar songs of all time.

wolfehound223675d ago

lol dude that is just wrong. Funny as hell but wrong.

TheExecutive3675d ago

Yay! more 80's songs... Pass.

GnuUzir3675d ago

And you got a bonus for playing the drums one-handed, I would be all over it =)

Lookbehind3675d ago

Yuck more and more bands they announce the less I want to buy it.

The BS Police3675d ago

If it wasn't for Def Leppard bands like Bon Jovi and Guns N Roses couldn't have ripped them off, it was Def Leppards album Pyromania that set the standard for 80's Hard Rock to follow.

The only thing keeping me from buying any of the guitar hero games are crappy no talent new bands.