The War Z 75% Off

The game that was put on Steam and then removed for false advertising has finally made it’s way back up onto the Steam market. However, it would seem that sales didn’t go as planned as they are now giving you the opportunity to buy the game for 75% off. That equates to just three dollars and 74 cents.

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TechnicianTed2007d ago

If they paid me to play it I might give it a go. Otherwise, no thanks.

Bimkoblerutso2007d ago

And even then, that would be a horrible deal.

Fat-Milkers2007d ago

LOL 75% off, you mean 75% of the game STILL isn't completed.

I'd buy this, if I had a c#ck on my head.

blackmanone2007d ago

Why would either of you have a c*ck on your head, War Z or beyond? :)

Wuu2007d ago

DON'T buy IT, i played for 5 min and deleted....

MrAnderson2007d ago

And still orverpriced by 25% for the pile of crap it is.

Murad2007d ago

So I bought this for 75 percent just to see if it is as horrible as people say; and God yes it is. My machine can run Crysis at 40 FPS, which isn't that amazing, but War Z runs at 10 and breaks to sometimes 5 FPS. This game doesn't deserve any money, and I'm surprised the developers/company hasn't been sued yet.

PurpHerbison2007d ago

Poorly optimized and rushed to compete with DayZ.

Murad2006d ago

I'm not entirely sure about that since i never had an opportunity to play DayZ, but most likely will when it comes to Ps4 I believe. However, when I was playing it, it looked almost like that game, but for some odd reason, those zombies could move ten times faster than a dude who was alive.