Infinity Ward: "[We've] been trying to make movies you get to play" - AusGamers

AusGamers caught up with Infinity Ward veteran, Mark Reuben, who talked openly about many aspects of the series from over the years, including their narrative philosophy and player handholding.

"My overall feeling on that is I hope we don’t," Reuben said of giving players more autonomy. "And I’ll give you the reason why: I play a lot of different games, I mean if I see it on Steam I pretty much buy it -- I’m playing Gun Point right now, it’s fricking awesome -- and it’s its thing and there are a lot of other games that do its thing and if everyone started to follow [that] direction one way or the other, I would be very disappointed because then all the games would be copying themselves. So we as a franchise have always been trying to make movies that you get to play..."

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ElitaStorm1271d ago

its hard to make movies you get to play in just one year

HammadTheBeast1271d ago

This is like Micheal Bay thinking he's Christopher Nolan.

Jovanian 1271d ago

well technically each cod has around 2 years of development

but I get your point

wastedcells1271d ago

How about making games we want to play first. COD got destroyed BF4, destiny and killzone at e3. IMO.

danny8181270d ago

They weren at e3. They didnt want the core gamers who were on the fence of getting it getting discourages by the awsomeness of bf4

Shnazzyone1270d ago

Well, that's why the movies aren't as good as the multiplayer.

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Mr_Nuts1271d ago

Awwww look at IW thinking they are NaughtyDog....cute

ElitaStorm1271d ago

lol is that why they have a naughty dog in Call of Duty Ghost?

Kanzes1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

MGS4 did more better to make a games like a movie than Uncharted series in my opinion, you know, with all those crazy long cutscenes

Nitrowolf21271d ago

It's not that, it's playing one that's the idea.

I know MGS4 had long cutscenes, but compared to Uncharted, the gameplay for Uncharted was def movie feel.

Though Heavy Rain and Beyond probably take that cake. Can't wait for beyond twosouls

Mr_Nuts1271d ago

MGS4 took it too far in my opinion, just when you think they are done...they start up ANOTHER cutscene.

ape0071271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

MGS4 is an amazing game but the gameplay-cutscene ratio is out of balance

_QQ_1270d ago

MGS 4 was more of an experience than a movie, what MGS4 achieved isn't somthing you can get from a movie, and certainly isn't somthing i got from uncharted.

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EmperorDalek1271d ago

Black Ops 2 had a better story than Uncharted 3. Oh, but you haven't played it, so I guess you wouldn't know.

Mr_Nuts1271d ago

Funny....really funny

If your not trying to make a joke...then I pity you.

NarooN1270d ago

I played Black Ops 2's story. It started off great, actually, and then it became absolutely ridiculously stupid the moment they introduced Menendez. He ruined the game with his moronic reason for doing what he was doing.

Uncharted never had a moment where the story started off good, then half-way through became unbearably stupid.

ape0071271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

um uncharted 2 took serious notes from Call Of Duty 4

Mr_Nuts1271d ago

Whatever you say, jeez lot of COD defends on here tonight, guess that's what you get when the bubble system is reset.

Uncharted 2 takes most of it's inspiration from movies like Indiana Jones, The Mummy and other action adventure films. Why would ND need to look at COD for notes lol

EmperorDalek1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Here's the intro to BO2, which is just the setup for the villain. Compare him to Uncharted 3's villains.

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Riderz13371271d ago

You've been failing...miserably.

vulcanproject1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Don't make movies we get to play. Make games we want to play. You are a games developer not a playable movie developer. Simples.

rezzah1271d ago

Pretty bad movies. Even another dev team has been making better "movies" than them, the originals.

HammadTheBeast1271d ago

See, when they say this, I look at something like, Beyond Two Souls, or Heavy Rain, or The Last of Us or Uncharted.

And then I laugh.

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