Comcast backs off BitTorrent, will continue to manage internet traffic

Although Comcast has been beating around the proverbial bush about its data-meddling ways, it seems the pressure from the recent FCC investigation efforts have forced it to play nice. Reportedly, the firm is getting set to announce that it will "stop targeting BitTorrent on the internet." More specifically, the cable company will purportedly "boost broadband capacity" in order to make things speedier all around, but details on this tidbit were unsurprisingly absent.

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beast3621d ago

I am not saying that i use torrents or saying that this will be a great news for my PC BEAST that i might have. Hence I am not saying that i can keep getting Alan wake, Mass effect or any ify console game that i dont buy. I am not admitting any of that. And I personally wont admit or deny it.

Ru3621d ago

I found it rather intrusive being emailed by Comcast and them telling me that I am committing a crime and being all threatening about it.

vudu3621d ago

What did they send? I never got intrusive email from Comcast.

pegger243621d ago

I absolutely hate comcast. Why is it that I have to call and threaten to cancel in order to get a deal that comes out a week after I set up my service. this company, like many other service providers, already gimps internet traffic and charges the same amount for access that they did years ago. And since I live in a god damn apartment I am forced to use comcast or have nothing, it is a f'n joke.
So to sum up, I really dislike Comcast

Kholinar3621d ago

I agree with most of what I'm hearing. Though I haven't been displeased with my service lately, there are definitely some big problems.

But... you all might want to note that this is a partnership with Bittorrent Inc. not bittorrent in general. I really doubt this has anything with most of us. It's just a PR move.

Skerj3621d ago

Yay, stop throttling my seeding you bastages.