DriveClub E3 Preview - PSLS

In case you weren’t aware, DriveClub is not a simulator. While it does boast high-fidelity graphics, the gameplay focuses on playing in squads, or at least in the case of the demo we were shown at E3, against others as you run laps on a course. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker1801d ago

I actually played this at E3, looked and felt really good for an Alpha build.

T3mpr1x1801d ago

I'm thinking this will be a sleeper hit. The PS+ Edition should definitely help get exposure for the game.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1801d ago

this is gonna be one of my launch games. really like how they dont over use reflections on car models like forza and project cars and other racing games. Game looks real.

ftwrthtx1801d ago

Can't beat the PS+ launch price. It even fits my budget.

theWB271801d ago

The sites name is Play-Station Life-Style or PSLS

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