5 Best Game Trailers of 2008

After much contemplation, Sarcastic Gamer presents Gametrailers' 5 best game trailers of 2008.

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JSA-Gamer3405d ago

Thos e fight sequences look fantastic. I'm late to the party on the Bourne movies, but I'm now a raving fan. Prototype also looked sweet. I'll buy almost anything Sierra makes... even though.. you know.... ACIDvision owns them now.

King20083405d ago

The Bourne Game comes out great because it sure looks cool. Also prototype and I could never get tired of GTAIV trailers but the one trailer that sticks out to me more than anyother is from MGS2...when we starts off walking on the bridge while smoking a cig then runs and leaps was just cool and it made me want to play the game even more.

kapedkrusader3404d ago

The Iron Man trailer looked out of place after the awesome Armored Core trailer and GTA4 has much, much better trailers than the one that was chosen to be one of the "5 Best Trailers of 2008". I would've chosen any Grand Turismo: Prologue or Metal Gear Solid trailer over those two.