Mario Kart 8 - Hands-On At E3

We played Mario Kart 8 at this year's E3 and brought back some impressions of how it plays and what it looks like. We describe all three demo tracks and throw in some extra info and screenshots.

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Moonman1411d ago

Give it to me baby! ;p


I think this holiday the Wii u will shut a lot of people up. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Wii u can do

maniacmayhem1410d ago

Mario Kart looks to be one of the hottest games at E3. I really hope this game returns to its super fun roots.

Can't wait to see more of this great game.

akaihana86plus1410d ago

I got to see people playing this game at Best buy, it looks amazing!, i wish i had the time to play at least a few seconds, but oh boy the line was crazy long!

Bradicas1410d ago

Day one I can't wait to play this with my family.

caseh1410d ago

I though this only happened in the overly cheesy Nintendo adverts...

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