E3 2013: Top 4 "WTF" Games Every once in a while a game comes along with the power to ignite passion and creativity. But other times, all you can say is "what the f#@k". Here are a few of the latter.

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fsfsxii1830d ago

Octodad looks really really good and unique

crxss1830d ago

octodad was one of my favorite demos at e3! i laughed constantly at the game cause he reminds me of Zoidberg lol

LOL_WUT1829d ago

Definitely getting Octodad ;)

gamer421830d ago

"Look at the gameplay, who could this game possibly be marketed to? The only demographic I could possible think of who would buy this game is the “male, pre-pubescent, horny, friendless” category."

Well, my feelings are hurt...