‘Dark Souls 2’ pre-order discounted on PS3 and Xbox 360

Amazon is currently offering a modest discount towards the pre-orders for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of “Dark Souls 2.”

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GentlemenRUs1772d ago

Praise the dark!

Prepare to die more times then you can count in this game!

I'll get it at some point :)

Blackdeath_6631772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

gonna try demon souls first on ps plus as it is currently free along with these games . you can get a 30 day trail here for free and try it yourself if you never had ps plus before demon souls is supposedly much much harder than the first dark souls

Ratty1772d ago


It's actually just about as hard as Dark Souls but much MUCH more unforgiving.

I personally preferred Dark Souls because of that.

PurpHerbison1772d ago

DeS is good to start on as it really focuses on combat but when you get into Dark Souls you'll probably die more from falls than actual monsters.

SolidDuck1772d ago

Demons and dark are very similar, I think people say demons is harder cause it was there first souls experience. If u were to play dark first u would prob feel it was more difficult. There both excellent cant wait for dark souls 2.

Sovereign591772d ago

Strange. Not only do I not see a discount on the amazon page, but it also lists the release date as December 31st. It was my understanding that Dark Souls II wasn't being released until March 2014. Have things changed?

GamePeace1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

The Ps4 and Xbox One versions will come after a certain time. I'm pretty sure about this... and they will look better than Xbox 360/PC and Ps3. So no preordering for me now...

Xof1772d ago

I wonder if I should get the PS3 version.... naturally, I'd prefer PC, but online is worthless on PC due to all the hacking.