Xbox 360 drops below £150 at last

MCV: An aggressive price promotion from the UK's leading retailer Tesco has seen Microsoft's Xbox 360 drop below the £150 barrier for the first time.

The supermarket chain if offering an Xbox 360 Arcade machine, which includes a wireless joypad, 256MB memory card, component cable and five Xbox Live Arcade titles, for just £148.71.

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Mr PS33621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Wow must rush out and buy 1
Hope they give away a free HD DVD add on too !!!
What a good deal
Infact its the deal of the century
It would save me a fortune on my heating bill for maybe a week or less until it explode's
On second thoughts F*ck it
They could be giving one away for free with every £20 of fuel purchased at your local gas station and i'd still have to refuse

wulan3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

with the release of GT5P it is just over for MS and X360 in europe

It is over MS

BOT just to keep you updated

GT5P is sold out at MICROMANIA FR( accounts for 60% of sales in FRANCE)

over 300,000 copies of GT5P were sold in France yesterday

GT5P sold out at GAME,HMV,PLAY

GT5P is sold out at AMAZON GERMANY/FRANCE and no1 in UK with just few copies left

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33621d ago

Hmm Not bad for a LAST-GEN Console!!! ;-D

poos33621d ago

the ps3 is over this year belive this . xbox is going to burry the ps3 as its been doing.

mikeslemonade3621d ago

Yeah right you xflops will be lucky to be in 2nd place after this year.

wulan3621d ago

in the rest of the europe since yesterday thanks to GT5P prologue

It will be fully over for x360 tomorrow in UK when GT5P lands.

bury x360????i mean the console which is dead in EUROPE and JAPAN and dying fast in USA

sonarus3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

all i can say is PRAY. Pray to whatever god it is you believe in that sony doesn't decide to slash their prices.

wulan3621d ago

even if SONY doesnt slash the PS3 price it is over for X360 in europe

after Gt5P it is impossible for x360 to survive there

carl ps33621d ago

for a RED Light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Z F1GHT3RS3619d ago

xbox will be dead 2morro.
believe what you want my little zoo droid.
the stuff you come out with is worth me paying my internet bill
hahaahha. you make me laugh.

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wulan3621d ago

GT5P has landed and created DHOOM alll over

It is just tomorrow when UK falls to PS3 domination by virtue of GT5P launch

in europe even if x360 is priced at 100 euro one would buy it

Kaz Hirai3621d ago

Nazisoft- you truly are amateurs! You simply don't have a CLUE what you are doing!


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