New Willow Springs circuit revealed in Gran Turismo 6 E3 gameplay video with full replay - Team VVV

VVV: "We also get a first glimpse at GT6's replays, and we're relieved to see that Polyphony haven't overlooked their importance unlike many contemporary racing games. Indeed, GT6's TV-style replay camera angles look great, and do a terrific job of capturing the track action with cinematic flair, with a great mix of drive-by and follow cameras focusing on the car as well as overhead shots that showcase the layout of the track and do it justice."

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NameRemoved00171773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Looks pretty damn close to real life, you could almost pass this off as a real car driving around.

Was this demo actually running on the PS4 in real time?

Gran Touring1773d ago

Gran Turismo 6 is a PS3 game :)

NameRemoved00171773d ago

Ya my bad :P, wonder if we will see a PS4 port

Talamak1773d ago

I believe this is PS3 exclusive

MajorLazer1773d ago

Kaz has talked about bringing it to the PS4 in the future. Nothing confirmed ofcourse but he has mentioned it in interviews :D GT6 already looks amazing and the suspension physics, as displayed by the KTM when the tires drive over bumps, is sublime so a PS4 edition would just be the icing on a wonderful cake

NameRemoved00171773d ago


Even if they kept it the exact same graphics the PS4 could still run it at 60fps with 8x msaa and 16x af.

strigoi8141773d ago

well i think im gonna pass for this and wait for GT on ps4

potedude1773d ago

Lol at amazed girl in top left, she must have seen the game and though it was brilliant.

Psyched for this game though, LOVE Gran Turismo...

strigoi8141773d ago

Shes part of the wall design..lolz

potedude1773d ago

Yup. After watching the video I kinda got that...

r211773d ago

Cant believe this is running on a ps3 O_O

NateCole1773d ago

Compare this to Froza 5 i am not sure why people are impressed with Froza 5 and comparing it to GT. Froza 5 is a arcade racer through and through form what i have seen sofar.

theWB271773d ago

Forza is NOT an arcade racer..seriously have you played the series? People compare Forza to GT because it's as close to simulation as we get on the consoles. Each game has their strengths and weaknesses but they are both simulation racers.

MajorLazer1773d ago

You should play Forza before you say such things. I've put hundreds of hours into both franchises and GT has only a slight upper hand in the physics department. Both games are amazing and for a racing fan like myself, I don't care what console the sim is on, as long as it plays amazingly

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