1UP: Far Cry 2 Preview

No mutants occupy Far Cry 2's Africa. No extraterrestrial tripods with freeze rays to ice the savannah either. And developer Crytek is nowhere to be found, even though the game bears the family name.

Conspiracy theorists might decry new developer Ubisoft Montreal's decision to take the scifi out of Far Cry as a calculated bid to steer clear of their progenitor's big, scary shooter. But when production on Far Cry 2 began, "Crysis hadn't even been announced," according to creative director Clint Hocking -- and wouldn't be until a full year later. "We knew the guys at Crytek had finished Far Cry, and we assumed they were working on another game...but we had no idea what it would be. We just did our own thing... what we thought would be the best way to make a sequel to Far Cry."

And so this is all Ubisoft Montreal: No hidden design documents detailing Crytek's would-be plans for an imagined sequel, no secret meetings in Munich to discuss protagonist Jack Carver's fate -- as a matter of fact, Carver's not coming back either. As Hocking tells it, no one cared.

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