Bayonetta 2: Wii U Exclusivity Will Kill The Series

"With the recent week full of news, previews and demos of games at E3, lots of gamers got a sneak peak at upcoming titles. One of the most exciting titles shown at E3 was Bayonetta 2. " |

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Sonyslave31980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

^^ what ever Big N save the this series

1080p 60fps nuff said n wii u can pull off crazy graphic look at that X game.

N4g_null1980d ago

I know I'm buying that and w101 for sure... two player too, why not!
Then I'm sure to get x and a last story sequel.

snipermk01980d ago

awww look at you two. I guess nintendos Q4 sales are gonna look like this: 2 units.

mydyingparadiselost1979d ago

I'd love to see a sequel to The Last Story, I'm close to beating the game and it's been SO GOOD, alot better than I thought it would be starting off. Even if it's not a sequel, a story made by the same crew would be awesome.

Gemmol1979d ago

I love the Last Story for the Wii, I did not have a Wii last gen, so on my Wii U I wanted to get Xenoblade and Last Story, but Xenoblade was too hard to find for cheap, but I found a collectors edition Last Story brand new for cheap, it was the store last copy, boy was I lucky, I thought I would sell it for a pretty penny, but I cannot sell it, this is one of the best games I played in a while, I had a PS3 and I never had a game make me want to beat it the same week, since I cannot judge Xenoblade, I hope it make me feel the same way when I get it for my Wii U......The reason I heard it was so good because it was made from the creator of Final Fantasy he left Square Enix a long time ago, Kingdom heart 2 was his last game from them I think, but whatever, all I know I am glad he still make games.

_QQ_1979d ago

strong rumours say Mistwalker is working on a new wiiu game, plus the pandora's tower Devs are probably working on somthing, even though pandora's tower was no Xenoblade, i believe they are capable of making a 9/10 game.

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adorie1980d ago

Definitely getting X. Matter of fact, about to power up Xenogears on epsxe.

Shnazzyone1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

What a fool this author is. Without nintendo the franchise was already dead. Now it gets one more chance under Nintendo publishing. Not to mention this article has the argumentative sense of the comments section of N4g. 3 basic arguments with a self satisfactory, poorly edited paragraph backing it up. All I know is Monster hunter 3U did well... maybe bayonetta will be next to see some good sales.

herbs1979d ago

Im certain Bayonetta is native 720p because the Wonderful 101 is as well. Please don't spread lies that will fuel fanboy fantasies unless you have some kind of proof. Just because one 10 year old low detail game runs 1080p doesn't mean you should assume that all Wii U games are pushing this resolution. I hope your right and can prove me wrong but I highly doubt this is the case and your probably just another fanboy in fantasy land.

millzy1021979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Nintendo did state that all games at e3 where 1080p 60fps so I assume that's for bayonetta aswell, not 100percent on bayo but I know MarioKart 8, 3d Mario, donky Kong (although side scroller so no surprise) super smash bros and Wind waker are so it'd not just a teeln year old game. the hands on previews of bayo say it silky smooth and spears to be native 1080 but we'll find out when it launches.

Blacklash931978d ago

Pretty much every game that had Mario in it was 1080p 60fps. That was stright from the mouths of the developers. Wind Waker HD was, as well.

I kind of doubt it for Bayonetta 2 as it's a lot more hectic and the screen is a lot busier, but let's wait and see.

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Qrphe1980d ago

It was dead before it became Wii U exclusive.

NeXXXuS1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

shame because the game is really fun to play. i'm happy they're able to make another one though.

Agent_00_Revan1979d ago

Given the history of 3rd party 'exclusives', I wouldn't be too worried. Chances are this will be ported to the other systems after a short while.

Even the new Deus Ex Complete Edition isn't exclusive anymore.

CaulkSlap1980d ago

Yeah that's a fact even the fanboys can't argue over. Wasn't going to exist in the first place otherwise. Personally have no interest in the game though.

Summons751980d ago

Yeah, I love the game but knowing sega wouldn't green light a sequel I have to agree. Glad Nintendo picked it up. Hopefully Nintendos new found partnership with sega will allow Nintendo to publish the first on the wii u too for new fans to play the first game.

mudmax1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Just because it didn't sell on ps360 doesn't mean it won't sell on Wii U. You gotta remember, nothing sells on those systems like COD. Its realy about the only thing that sells well on 360, thats why microsuck pays them for exclusivity at launch. Do you all know that Mario Kart for wii has sold more than all versions of Halo ever released, COMBINED. Just saying. Bayonetta 2 looks awesome IMA, I'll be preordering that as soon as possible. Dang, what everyone get 5 bubbles now?

Qrphe1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

"Do you all know that Mario Kart for wii has sold more than all versions of Halo ever released, COMBINED"

You probably heard that somewhere and didn't bother to check an actual source.
I doubt the game will sell close to the 2 million B1 sold on PS360, but I care little about B2 sales since the game is happening regardless.

DarkHeroZX1979d ago

Well seeing as there are only about 4 million Wii u's out there I wouldn't expect it to even hit 750k with all the other games and consoles releasing.

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Zodiac1980d ago

Platinum already stated that it would not have been made without Nintendo. The series was already dead.

Relientk771980d ago

I said that the day it was announced as a Wii U exclusive

because all the franchises fans played it on PS3 and Xbox 360

TechnicianTed1980d ago

If it wasn't for Nintendo it wouldn't have a sequel at all.

admiralvic1979d ago

I never got that argument.

PG came out with 3 games since Bayonetta and without Nintendo it wouldn't have existed. This is a straight up fact (as it was stated by PG), so it either stays dead or "dies" on the Wii U. Nintendo has faith in the title and it's not like PG is known for memorable (or even okay...) stories, so it's not like newcomers are going to be missing out on anything.

BosSSyndrome1979d ago

Just like all resident evil 4 fans played it on gamecube? i suppose you weren't interested in revelations hd either...

Tito081977d ago

But most fans bought it for PS2 because that's where most of their fanbase was at the time, and still it has a huge following on the PS brand.

BosSSyndrome1977d ago

@Tito08 I KNOW! Thats the point I was making! Look what I was responding to. I was being a smart ass with the guy and showing him his faulty reasoning.

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Baka-akaB1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Bull , the serie wouldnt be a great seller anywhere . It's an acquired taste even the already small hack and slash fanbase didnt get much behind .

The mistake was making it an exclusive 360 game where it had even less public , and having a lackluster port on ps3

Darrius Cole1980d ago

Bayonetta was designed too fail. Baka is right. The mistake was in designing it as a 360 exclusive a releasing a broken, unplayable port on the PS3. All the hack and slash fans are on Playstation, if anything it should have been designed as a PS3 exclusive.

The article is correct in that Nintendo's move won't be enough to save the Bayonetta franchise. Bayonetta has to buy its way onto the PS4 if it is to live to a third game. Platinum may have too borrow from a loan shark but that is the only way to save Bayonetta.

Benjaminkno1979d ago


Either way the series lives on only because of Nintendo.

mudmax1979d ago

Bayonetta 2 will destroy Bayonetta 1.