What Nintendo Needs to Do in Order to Get 3rd Parties on the Wii U

Overall, Nintendo has a lot of work to do if it wants to get 3rd parties onto the Wii U, and obviously the biggest things it can do all require money. As the saying goes: “You have to spend money in order to make money”, and this is no different. Nintendo needs to pay 3rd parties for support, fund indie games, and wave fees if they want any change in the current 3rd party approach toward the Wii U.

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LOL_WUT1956d ago

Either pay for 3rd party support/exclusives or drop the price something that even Ubisoft has commented on. ;)

blackbeld1956d ago


For sure they will drop price when the PS4 and XBone come out at launch.

But for now they not gonna tell everybody they will do it cause then everybody will wait for it.

Personally I think its better to drop the price now.

-Mika-1956d ago

I honestly don't think they can do anything.

N4g_null1956d ago

How about the third parties come down in price if they are going to cut content or do lazy ports.

PSVita1956d ago

They can't go head on with the ps4 especially at $399. Theyll need to drop the price to about $200 and release some huge games. Nintendo in my eyes has been a console you get in addition to a PC or console.

HexxedAvenger1956d ago

I think 250 would be a good price point. If they drop it to 200 then theylll have to drop the price of the 3ds as well. As for huge games, Nintendo has those. They just need to speed it up a little.

Baka-akaB1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Before talking about 3rd party support , the first party one is barely getting there to begin with .

I dont remember in the past stuff like mario kart being shown but only for the next frickin' year .

It's obvious the console wasnt ready to launch , and that rushing it didnt benefit them much ... it mostly damaged the console's reputation .

They'll recover just fine , but it's a dman shame ... and meanwhile they'll lose the few 3rd party support they mustered

PopRocks3591956d ago

Uh... they have Game & Wario, Pikmin 3, Zelda Wind Waker, Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong all this year. What do you mean the first party stuff is "barely getting there"?

Baka-akaB1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Why do you pretend you didnt get "barely getting there" ?

Those games took almost a year to come out , with some of the major titles and sequels some people want not in sight till 2014 .

You have to lump a remake in , to make the list less scarce , wich is revealing imo . And pikmin is delayed stuff . It's great if you enjoy all of those titles , but let's not act as if there wasnt or still isnt issues

McScroggz1956d ago

"Did you know that although Ubisoft may sell Watch Dogs for $60, they don’t get all of that money? Obviously, the retailer gets a cut of the pie, but so does the console manufacturer. Off of every $60 game sold on the Wii U, Nintendo gets about $10-$12 in fees from the company. Obviously this is a large chunk of money, up to 20 percent of the product. Nintendo needs to wave these fees in order to get 3rd parties on board."

Maybe I read that wrong, but are you saying Nintendo shouldn't get a profit from the game? Sound business strategy.

paleselan1956d ago

These games aren't theirs, they're from the 3rd parties. And yes, they shouldn't get a cut until the game is profitable for the publisher. That's the way to get games on the system.

PopRocks3591956d ago

The people saying it will just want a Wii U for less than what it's currently set at. (That and LOL_WUT is an obsessive fink and Mika has always been an insufferable troll).

The Wii U is an unknown console. It has no notoriety among anyone but those who look at these stories on the internet. Moms don't seem to get that it's a new console and Nintendo is NOT marketing the console to get it more attention with kids and families.

A price drop will only help the Wii U AFTER the PS4 has been released. There's no point in Nintendo dropping it now if no one knows about the damn thing.

_QQ_1956d ago

Nintendo needs to grow the install base of the wiiu if they want 3rd party support,Seeing as how they are basing the next mario off 3D land(the game that initially saved the 3DS) and DK which sold millions over Metroid prime 3 sequel which only sold 1.5million, They definitely understand this.They have mario kart coming in spring and wiifit/wiipart coming holiday season.

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