Current Games vs. Halo 3

What are opinions without comparisons? When we review stuff, we tend to pit multiple products against each other in performance test shootouts. Why not do the same thing with games?

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ChrisGTR13706d ago

frontlines fuel of war is better than halo 3?? wow.. this is defenetly a fanboy article.

Breakfast3705d ago

Why cant people leave halo alone? Its good at what it does, why do people have to keep on hating on it? If you like a different game, then go play a different game.

led10903706d ago

wow crysis worse than halo3???? bs i say

uuuunvnv23705d ago

Crysis is one of the best shooters ive ever played. the story sucks??? prob some of the best story driven gameplay ive played. it feels like a rambo movie, but with a super suit. drfanitly better than halo 3

Gorgon3704d ago

"prob some of the best story driven gameplay ive played. it feels like a rambo movie..."

Yes, thats exactely why it sucks.

The Closing3705d ago

Anything is better than Halo.

Monchichi0253705d ago

Show's what kind of hater you are! But I can find millions upon millions that disagree with you. That is why Halo is the Pheneom that it is today. And nothing, absolutely nothing you haters could ever say or do can change that! LOL

dmeador3705d ago

I completely agree with 3.2. Millions of people love it, calm down. There is a reason I still play it all the time online with my buddies, even after spending a lot of time with Cod4, Gears, Warhawk, and a lot of others. Also I don't mind reading news that is thought out at all. But this seems to me like its just someone who absolutly loves or hates every game he plays.

SWORDF1SH3705d ago

lol i dont think halo is as good as its made out to be, its jus so overhyped. but the article is so stupid. The darkness better than halo?? crysis worse than halo?? and theres some games in there that shouldnt even be compared to halo like patapon. articles like this have to stop being submitted on n4g. i have to go through 10 to 15 articles on here until i find a article thats has any substance or merit. come on people. keep sh*t like this out

IQUITN4G3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Halo slaggers are ignorant of why people rave about it.It's easy not to like a game even if you have played it but not getting Halo's brilliance is because people lack understanding of what makes a FPS better than the next.Halo might not be your style of FPS and that's fair enough but it does things within it's sandbox that other FPS seem unaware of at this time.Something as polished as COD for example while beautifully polished and incredibly solid in play, plays out generally the same each time.Enjoyed COD but the desire to countlessly go back to it time and time again just doesn't exist like it does when you embrace a Halo title - same too with just about all FPS.Playing just the once does not qualify a person to talk down about Halo.Most game players play only the once through before moving onto a next game and that's half the problem to why people don't see any difference from one FPS to the next.Anyway this my opinion is about the campaign side of Halo.

Preference to multiplayer FPS is a different beast altogether and i can better understand why people might choose COD or GOW over Halo even though Halo fans might wonder why that was.

Halo3 is better than the rest for reasons some people will never know and while this is just an opinion, it's one that would most certainly change were something better to come along.

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The story is too old to be commented.