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Submitted by kingkobra2xxx 895d ago | opinion piece

Adam Sessler, Max and Tara Pick Their Favorite Games of E3

Adam and Crew talk about their favorites of E3 and who won. (Dev, E3, Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

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LOGICWINS  +   896d ago
Adams tired lol.
medman  +   895d ago
Sessler's lost his voice in his excitement! Love that guy. His enthusiasm for gaming is genuine and I have to say he is the reviewer I trust most in the industry.
GutZ31  +   895d ago
Adam's drunk!
slaton24  +   895d ago
he is tired and drunk
badkolo  +   895d ago
hes ripped , hes absolutly chitfaced , i would love to know what they were thinking while he was slurring every word
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GutZ31  +   895d ago
*Red Head*
"Is he...? Is he drunk?... My god, he is! I wonder if this retard sitting next to me noticed. What? Really??? I'm the only one? Oh well, I guess I'll keep quiet and roll with it."

*Brown Haired Douche*
"I wish I had a bald head.... Why am I so attracted to Adam?.. Maybe I should just tell him... No, that would be weird with the camera, and the Red headed whore next to me. I'll wait for the cameras to turn off, and then I'll make my move... Yeah, thats what I'll do!"

*Adam SmashFaced*
"Whee da fug am eye not drienkkin rite nauw?"
zeroskie  +   895d ago
For people with adblock like me, the youtube video is below:
doctorstrange  +   895d ago
How nice of you to support the industry
zeroskie  +   895d ago
The video still gets youtube hits. They still get the revenue, I still watched the ad at the end of the video. The content is blocked entirely if you use adblock, which isn't fair just because I don't want to see a bunch of ads for penis enlargement and norton's antivirus whenever I browse CNET.
yeahokchief  +   895d ago
like a drunk sessler... state farm is there.

respawns game was the most impressive. titanfall.

and i say this as a gamer buying a PS4 who thinks the xboner will fail hard for screwing gamers with 24hr checkins, higher cost and an always on camera in the wake of an ongoing nsa datamining scandal.
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Donnieboi  +   895d ago
Titanfall? I dunno man. MGS 5 seemed tightest.
yeahokchief  +   895d ago
Titanfall straight up looked like it was the most fun to play.

Particularly ejecting from the mechs, getting into the mechs quickly, destroying the mechs by jumping ontop them and shooting the cables and just the look of the weapons and the way the scoring pops. Looked like a lot of fun. I'm not even a call of duty player. Never touched the series.

If they had made this game available for PS4 it would be a no brainer Day 1 preorder purchase for me. And i'm not planning on preordering any of the current PS4 games that have been announced. Maybe i will preorder Shadowfall or Second Sun or Battlefield 4 at the last minute, but I dont currently have a preorder in for any of them and they launch in October. I think I'll be content with just sticking to GTA V on the PS3.

Bring that shit to PS4 Respawn! Dont lock in exclusivity. Bigger install base on PS4!
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yeahokchief  +   895d ago
TLDR:No MGSV for me until they announce Hayter is really in it.

MGS5 while it did look good doesn't bring enough new to the table to excite me. MGS5 is basically trying to copy RDR's open world and LA NOIRE's facial capture. Not really doing anything new or exciting. Plus I used to enjoy the 20 minute cutscenes with Hayter voicing them but Sutherland doesn't sound like Snake at all to me. That's a dealbreaker for me.

I'm sure the story will be interesting. For example you can tell the kid who is cursed or whatever is liquid snake and i'm sure young solid snake is in there too. But overall i'm not excited at all for MGS5. They really should have stuck with Hayter. If anything I'll buy MGS5 when I can get it for $10 new on a blackfriday maybe 3-4 years after it launches. Really disappointed in Kojima as a fan who has played the series on every playstation since the PS1 along with the excellent gamecube remake. Just kicking the legendary voice acting to the curb for a hollywood name. Really bad way to treat the fans who have enjoyed the games from the start.

And if the hollywood actor at least made sense for the role that would be another thing, but this is just blatantly using a big name tv actor from an action series to attract more idiots. Hes terrible for the role. He sounds like a white collar pretty boy with a grumbly throat because he spent the previous week sucking kojimas cock.

Whatever you asked for my opinion and you got it. Konami Social Media Managers ENGAGE! Come at me bro! Criticism towards a next gen game... burn the witch!
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yeahokchief  +   895d ago
I think you're going to see a lot of backlash with MGSV for removing Hayter. Maybe not in sales, but you're going to have a lot of complaints after people play it.

Whatever. I was right about the $500 next gen console with a game. I was dead on. You can go all NSA through my old posts. The bundles for BF4 and Shadowfall are exactly $499 on amazon including your plus sub for the multi. Perfect price.

it's pretty ridiculous because they didnt swap the japanese voice actor. they just wanted to lure more people who watch a lot of tv to the series. its underhanded and it isn't in the best interest of the series unless theyre all being massive trolls and he really is in the game in some form.

They should do a dub edition with Hayter. i will pay extra money for them to redo the game with his voice over sutherlands.

Right now it's looking like the best case scenario would dhave Hayter voicing Solidus Snake which was born in 1972. That would make him 12 when the game takes place but the clones have accelerated aging. The wiki says he died when he was 37 and he looked like an old man when you kill him at the end of MGS2.

You may get to see Solidus abduct and train Jack the ripper aka Raiden in this game which could be related to those kids in teh cages with the hoods being tortured. I bet one of those kids getting tortured is Raiden.

Disagree away. You know i'm right. If Hayter is playing Solidus Snake then I will be happy. If he is completley absent from the game then replacing them was a terrible move for people who don't even follow the games crazy convoluted story and who cares anymore?
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yeahokchief  +   895d ago
But yeah definitely titanfall. titanfall looked the best to me out of all the ps4/xb1 stuff.

that said ill take gta v on the ps3 over all of it.

i'm pretty good at calling shit. Here's my post from 3-4 months ago.

109d ago by yeahokchief | View comment

$500 is the sweet spot.

As long as I can get the system with a game for $500 i'm happy with the price and I will explain why. For anyone making at least 40k per year i think that that should be a under 1 week's salary after taxes.

According to wikipedia, mean income per household is 45k per year in 2012. (Yeah i know a lot of low skill people arent making this much and it depends also on where you live, but that is the average looking at the statistic...
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Donnieboi   895d ago | Personal attack | show
medman  +   895d ago
Great..Titanfall..Cod with mechs. Yeah. What a step forward for gaming.
telekineticmantis  +   895d ago
We needed more
Adam, Morgan & Kevin @ this E3. If a TV station(Scifi,USA,TNT,) was intelligent they'd pick up the Sony and Nintendo Event Next Year as well as the rest of E3. Not seeing E3 on Television really ruined this E3 for me, I kinda feel like I wasted a year waiting for this.
DEEBO  +   895d ago
too many to choose from,mgs5.the division.witcher3,watchdogs,in famousSS,dead rising3.killzoneSF,just because it's my favorite franchise i could say MGS5 but boy,it's alot of goood games coming-out.
SpinalRemains  +   895d ago
Wow. Adam Sessler looks polluted.

Lol. Good man!

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