Adam Sessler, Max and Tara Pick Their Favorite Games of E3

Adam and Crew talk about their favorites of E3 and who won.

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medman1925d ago

Sessler's lost his voice in his excitement! Love that guy. His enthusiasm for gaming is genuine and I have to say he is the reviewer I trust most in the industry.

badkolo1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

hes ripped , hes absolutly chitfaced , i would love to know what they were thinking while he was slurring every word

GutZ311926d ago

*Red Head*
"Is he...? Is he drunk?... My god, he is! I wonder if this retard sitting next to me noticed. What? Really??? I'm the only one? Oh well, I guess I'll keep quiet and roll with it."

*Brown Haired Douche*
"I wish I had a bald head.... Why am I so attracted to Adam?.. Maybe I should just tell him... No, that would be weird with the camera, and the Red headed whore next to me. I'll wait for the cameras to turn off, and then I'll make my move... Yeah, thats what I'll do!"

*Adam SmashFaced*
"Whee da fug am eye not drienkkin rite nauw?"

zeroskie1926d ago

For people with adblock like me, the youtube video is below:

doctorstrange1926d ago

How nice of you to support the industry

zeroskie1926d ago

The video still gets youtube hits. They still get the revenue, I still watched the ad at the end of the video. The content is blocked entirely if you use adblock, which isn't fair just because I don't want to see a bunch of ads for penis enlargement and norton's antivirus whenever I browse CNET.

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