Android Console Similar To Mobile Phones And Different From Traditional Consoles

Webmuch: Android is now coming up with a new console. The console of Android is on the way of evolving as a technological advancement. It’s time for the users to experience a model that is new in current times. The reason for this new innovation is that, the company has always kept itself updated. The advice and feedback received from the developers and gamers have contributed a lot to it. This speech was given by Julie Uhrman, the CEO of OUYA at E3 conference.

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EzioFan2007d ago

An Android CONSOLE? Okay, wow. Wasn't expecting that. Whatever they come up with should be able to match the consoles in the market right now, and even the upcoming ones. I mean, I don't see how they'll develop something to match Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's consoles.

SonyWarrior2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

yea expecialy since sony will have a indie game section on the psn store. so who the heck would want to buy this pos ouya even the name is dumb

LOL i just thought of this, imagine a kid asking for a new game system for christmas and they buy him this piece of shit lmao id feel so bad for any kid that got this

EzioFan2004d ago

The kid would throw a fit. It would be extremely funny.

SnakeCQC2005d ago

the ouya has just really bad pricing its soooooo close to actual consoles like the ps3 or 360

Foxgod2005d ago

This will be my XBMC center soon :)

SnakeCQC2005d ago

i doubt that would work as it doesnt come with the playstore

stage882005d ago

It works flawlessly.

Ouya is awesome.

limewax2005d ago

Ouya worked so flawlessly they had their stage set up in the parking lot of E3...

NioRide2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Its not a console, Its a smartphone/tablet without a screen.

I don't see why people are buying into this, you can't watch movies, play games, listen to music, read books on the go.

100$ more and you could do that, and then sync your ps3 controller to it and play all the same games, and use a HDMI out to play it on your TV if you want.

heck you can't even set it up to run touch games unless someone creates a very specific app only for it.

*for those who don't know its using a overclocked 1.7Ghz Tegra 3, which is in the Nexus 7 tablet*, the Tegra 4 devices start coming out this month, Tegra 3 is from 2011 and can't run many android based games maxed out anymore.

hellvaguy2005d ago

Runs free android free market games, ps3 does not. Also lots of emulators to play the the old school ninento, Gameboy, playstation 1 games, etc.

Terge 3 plays vast majority of android on max settings. Terga 4 isn't even out yet. So you;ve failed us on your own peraonal assumption here. That's why there's that saying about assuming and making an @ss of yourself.

NioRide2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

That doesn't mean its a console. Its a tablet without a screen. And a complete waste of money.

And yes Tegra 4 is out at the end of the month with the SHIELD.

Heck Tegra 3 can't even run Dead trigger maxed out, it runs on High not Ultra.

And its not a assumption, I have a 10' Asus memopad rooted and kernal, a first release 8GB nexus 7 and 32GB Nexus 7, Along with a cheap kobey tablet which was $100 has 32GB of storage and is able to play ps1 games on emulation, it also supports BT and has a HDMI out on it.

hellvaguy2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Thank you for proving my point that your Terga4 example is irrelevant since it's not out for another month and its on $350+ devices.

For $100 Im sure youll find some takers, because of the limits vs say your ps3 example which cannot use emulators or get tons of free (but shallow) games from android.

Also majority of people doesn't want to mess around with rooting things, 3rd party add-ons like controllers, tweaking, or dealing with all those bugs that are inevitable when you root. SO again, your rooted tablet example is very narrow minded to your personal choice.

Would I buy one? Nope. I already have a smartphone that could do all that stuff, but I could see how for others it wouldn't be a bad choice. Not everyone owns a smartphone or wants to pay those high cell phones bills that they require.

NioRide2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Its going to be out in like 5 days.. So yes, yes it does count.

And you really think you won't be having a ton of issues with this? people have already put out reviews showing that it stutters and has a lot of problems.

And if you want to emulate on the go and have it out to your TV you can get a 30$ psp and do it. so again a pointless device if there ever was one.

And if you can't mod a psp you shouldn't even be messing with android devices, it takes about 3 seconds to mod a psp, and about 5 minutes to root a tablet.

hellvaguy2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Funny how stubborn know-it-alls can be. Especially when they make such stupid and irrelevant points.

NioRide2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Funny how blind fanboys are when they should know their product is complete garbage but blindly eat it up.....

The funny part here is though, I've given facts and compared it to things that are actually better than this device, you just go "stop liking what I don't like"...Pretty much like all the other Ouya fans who don't understand the tech behind it.

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