Video Interview - Super Mario 3D World's Innovations And Homages

Game Informer - During E3 2013, the Nintendo booth was filled with groups of four laughing and yelling their way through Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U. The brand new game coming this winter is from the development team that brought you Super Mario 3D Land, and it adds to the 3DS game's formula by including four-player multiplayer and new suits and abilities.

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Wni01981d ago

how bout making an actual new game? nah dude just keep making mario and have 2 variations per game.


Last time I checked this was a new game

RedHawkX1981d ago

nope looks like super mario 3ds land dlc pack coop editioon but with worse wii mote controlls

3-4-51981d ago

uhh it's an improvement on SM3DL which was an actual new type of mario game.

This isn't side scrolling, it's like Micro version of Mario 64 but mixed with NSMB a bit.

RedHawkX1981d ago

its like that racthcet and clank game all 4 one. its a rip off copy cat.


That doesn't even make any sense. How can it be a rip off of a game that's in the same series? So are you saying for example KZ:SF is a rip off of KZ3? Or Halo4 is a rip off of Halo 3? I don't get your logic. Maybe you should say its inspired by SM3DL that would be a more accurate statement

RedHawkX1980d ago

im saying its a rip off of that ratchet and clank game on the ps3 thats called ratchet and clank all 4 one. its a platformer and it has 4 player coop through the whole game just like this mario game except this mario game doesnt have online coop which makes it useless.

exfatal1981d ago

This game looks great the fun thing about nintendo games is that even though its based of new super mario and 3dland they added just enough to drastically change gameplay... you cant say 4 players and that cat suit(the fact you can climb walls) doesnt mix things up alot.