Xbox 360 Coffee Maker in the Works?

SPOnG writes:

"Whenever SPOnG turns on its Xbox 360, we're delighted by the High Def experience. We love the storage space. Xbox Live continuously delights us. But... we've always felt something was missing. Fortunately, a Microsoft rep has identified it for us and given us hope that the situation may soon be rectified - with an Xbox that makes coffee."

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Mr PS33764d ago

A coffee maker
Ha Ha
I bet it would burn the water with the heat that contraption give's out

iAmPS33764d ago

Coffee Maker, toaster oven, grill, it's much more than the PS3 media center.

SH1T, my fiancee wants a XBOX =(

HighDefinition3764d ago

I`m sorry, but that`s priceless.

gw4k3764d ago

It would only make coffee for about a month and then go tits up.

PS. I have both systems, just making a statement!

EastCoastSB3764d ago

At least all that heat it produces will go to good use now, and now I can look forward to that annoyingly loud hum in the morning!

DarkSniper3764d ago

This would be the most useful component that XBOX 360 has had in a very long time. Dark Sniper guesses that this is what gaming has come down to for Microsoft, how desperate.


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The story is too old to be commented.