The Last of Us - First Impression [NoobFeed]

Adam from NoobFeed has played The Last of Us from start to finish and seeing Ellie and Joel grow not only their relationship but as a entirely new person. The Last of Us is a fantastic title that had him playing past his one hour video commentary until he beats it. Naughty Dog have created another masterpiece.

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seanpitt231947d ago

I only gets better...

Wow this game has amazed me!

NiteX1947d ago

Yeah I was watching a friend play it last night and everything about it was just blowing me away. It's like next gen is already here and it's called The Last of Us. The beginning scene alone is such a emotional thing. I don't get how anyone could not be amazed by this game. Well unless you are just some hateful person, that hates just to feel better about themselves. The game truly is in a league of its own.

Fasttrack761947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

110% agree. This game just amazes me in so many ways, if there's a game worth buying a console for then don't look any further..

LegacyEtheRBOLO1946d ago

I haven't played this yet but it looks bloody awesome!