Last GTA IV trailer tonight

CVG report's: Yes, it's really, nearly out - and Rockstar is fanfaring the final weeks before GTA IV's debut with the launch of the final trailer, which will be hitting electronic wires tonight.

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Rattles3647d ago

hope we get some gameplay

BeaArthur3647d ago

Couldn't agree more, I want to see some gameplay videos not another video introducing me to different characters. I want to see the new cover system in action.

Slayer OP3647d ago

Dont get your hopes up. Rockstar doesnt want to give much away beore the big release. In fact they have never shown gameplay before a GTA game released.

karan73647d ago

gett to see more stuff we can do in the game n gameplay n a bunch new of screenshots n new details!! MUlTIplaYER is SUPEBB from all i have heared n read =)

JadeTyrant3647d ago

A little off subject...a buddy told me that for true HD quality VGA was better than HDMI I'm a gamer not a techie...was he right?

MetalProxy3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I would say would have to be superman to tell the difference if there is any. I bet he brought it up so he can say that the 360 is better cuz of the VGA. But the 360 can't truly do 1080p anyways.

Deadman643647d ago

sweet life, trying to start a flamewar...again? why not simply answer his question?

decapitator3647d ago

Ahh..excellent. Here comes internet explosion. can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.