Killzone: Shadow Fall Demo Impressions - It's All About the OWL

Guerrilla Games is bringing Killzone: Shadow Fall to the PS4′s launch lineup, which is a great news for gamers who pre-ordered the PS4. This game has potential to revolutionize the long standing PlayStation exclusive franchise, and has potential to be one of the first must-own PS4 next-gen games.

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Majin-vegeta1888d ago

How is the enemy AI are they aggressive like in KZ2?

tacotruck1888d ago

From our EIC at EntertainmentBuddha who played the demo at E3:

“Even more so. In fact, if you alert them to your presence, they will hunt you down until you kill them. Or they kill you.”

Feel free to leave any questions or comments on the site, one of our team members will always be happy to help answer, or even just chat it up.

Heavenly King1888d ago

so far everything what I have seen looks great.

marchinggamer1888d ago

Killzone sucks end of story

ElitaStorm1888d ago

and you call yourself a gamer?

BiggCMan1888d ago

"Killzone sucks you into the story"

Fixed. I know those autocorrects can be tough sometimes, you'll get used to it!

rmw2hot1888d ago

If killzone sucks then why is u here?

tuglu_pati1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Same could be said to all the Sony Fans in MS threads.

On Topic,

this game is shaping up to be quite awesome!

CGI-Quality1888d ago

You don't combat trolling..........with trolling. "End of story."

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