Games Radar: Death Jr. II: Root of Evil Hands-On

Games Radar thought Death Jr. II: Root of Evil was a mixed bag when it first released on the PSP in 2006. It was packed with personality thanks to its kooky Tim Burton-esque character designs and quirky humor. However, it also gave them a bit of deja vu - in the bad way - with its rough controls and tons of running and jumping that felt too familiar for its own good.

But publisher, Eidos' Matt Dahlgren thinks that Death Jr. II was actually meant to be played on the Wii. "Platforming games don't traditionally play very well on the PSP. [They] don't have a second analog stick. Also camera controls are clunky. So when Backbone rebuilt the game for the Wii, they fixed all that stuff so that the camera controls are very, very intuitive. They've taken all the graphics in the game and rebuilt them from the ground up," said Dahlgren.

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