Major Nelson Interview about the Xbox One

This video will lead to some answers to questions about the Xbox One.

Note the interview is not written it is a video

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Neoninja1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Good interview! Gave a nice bit of info. Happy to know he put to rest the banning and losing the games purchase thing.

It's no big deal, mess happens.

Rifatgamer1889d ago

sorry i disagree with your comment, I wish I can redo that and agree with you

NewMonday1889d ago


…said no one ever

minimur121889d ago

I disagreed with him for you rifatgamer ;) :)

xHeavYx1889d ago Show
komp1889d ago

"Still have access" - If he is talking about physical discs then yes, you would have access to them.
That could simply mean you can touch them or something.....

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Tetsujin1889d ago

After watching this interview, this guy obviously is full of it; "We're building for the future," and "After the Sony conference we're not gonna change anything," REALLY?!

I can't take this guy seriously, same with Don Mattrick, Phil Harrison, and Steve Balmer.

Oh and Major Nelson, "You went full retard. Never go full retard."

pompombrum1889d ago

After their bold arrogant stance, I hope for their sake they have a brilliant marketing campaign planned. Otherwise they are going to go into next E3 with their heads between their legs and look like complete and utter idiots. That is assuming they're still employed by Microsoft come next E3.

kreate1889d ago

when he was asked about the question regarding the 24hr check and the issue of physical copy.

his answer was basically...

'xbox one's architecture, flexibility, family sharing,xbox is about being connected, future proof'

this is the summary of his very long and hard to understand answer.

now this is exactly the point, where him or microsoft like to twist these words and explain in this long and complicated way so nobody really understands the answer.

they need to take that 24hr check out and give some 'flexibility' by not implementing this.

forcefullpower1889d ago

The info he basically really covered nothing important. The only thing that was important he beeted about the bush on was family sharing thing yet never cleared anything up about it. This is something to good to be true.

If something is too goo to be true then it probably is.

Plus Major Nelson sounds like a complete tool.

DOMination-1889d ago

Apparently Sony rejected an interview with this same girl. She claims that Sony wanted to screen the questions but when they saw the potential questions to be asked they cancelled. Find the thread on gaf for more info.

3-4-51889d ago

Yea because it's such a hassle to have to bring 4 games that are about 3 inches in width and less than 1LB to carry.

Are we that lazy ?

Is bringing games elsewhere that big of a deal?

cyguration1889d ago

He didn't put squat to rest.

How will banning work then if you have to do a 24 hour check-in if your account is blocked? Please, explain to me how this works because Major Nelson didn't explain diddly squat.

What happens to your games tied to that account since the discs aren't worth squat but the licenses are? What happens?

Xbox One's official support said that if your account is banned all licensed games attached to that account is banned. THAT makes sense. When that happens with Origin and Steam you can still play your games offline...but remember you can't play your games offline with Xbox One if you fail to do the 24 hour check-in, so how can you play games you can't access?!?!?

Bzone241889d ago

lol. Sounds like you have a problem following a companies TOS with all your questions about bans. Don't cheat or hack and you should be fine.

Lord Anubis1889d ago

i only liked the Redhead out of this interview

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LOL_WUT1889d ago

Glad to see that rumor being put to rest and damn that chick is hot. ;)

Prcko1889d ago

i would trade my next ps4 for that chick :)

NeXXXuS1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

good thing i'm gay.

Tetsujin1889d ago

I'd rather keep the PS4, there's way hotter chicks; especially ones who game on the PlayStation.

Nocando1889d ago

I agree on the chick, oh my lord.

Qrphe1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Thanks Nelson, now I'll go immediately pre-order my xbox.
Except I won't

ThatCanadianGuy5141889d ago

This guy is a such a tool.
Luckily the smoking hot redhead made the video watchable.

TXIDarkAvenger1889d ago

Major Nelson is one cool guy. He should of done the presentation for MS. I don't see why you would hate him.

ThatCanadianGuy5141889d ago

He's standing there, greasy faced, pasty skin, with a dead dog on his head and dancing around every question.

If this is the face of Xbone no wonder it's a mess.

ThatCanadianGuy5141889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

How he looks is just the sad part.I'm judging him based on how he dodges questions and spins them.

Better job explaining things? He's Microsofts mouthpiece and that is it.He barely knows anything other than what master MS feeds him.

He tweeted out that MGSV was exclusive, that's how little he knows lol.

madpuppy1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )


He did a great job really explaining nothing, Mojor Nelson is like a politician, a lot of words that sound like an explanation, but, when broken down, he has cleared nothing up.

But, I really cannot blame him for doing his job, he can only follow the company line.

besides that, he seems like an OK guy. could lose that hat though. looks like he stole it from a Japanese schoolgirl.

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FITgamer1889d ago

I guess if you have a vampire fetish. Not really my thing.

Software_Lover1889d ago

We'll see another article about it before the day is out.