Check Out 676 Screenshots From The Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta 3

Yesterday saw the beginning of the much anticipated phase three of the beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and looking at the official forums and twitter quite a few still didn’t receive the coveted invite (and boy, they aren’t happy).

In order to help those that still didn’t receive that mail feel better, or maybe to torture them a little bit (depending on the point of view), Here are 676 screenshots directly from the beta.

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ashiksorel1644d ago

Lovely textures on the screenshots.

Abriael1644d ago

They actually improved sensibly from the previous phase of the beta. That was one of the thing that was worrying me the most.

ashiksorel1644d ago

There has been three phases so far. Do you know when is the official launch?

Abriael1644d ago

@Ashiksorel: August 27th

DivineAssault 1644d ago

I hope it turn out to be a good game.. I really want a new FF game & i hate 13.. I havent enjoyed a FF game since 12

Abriael1644d ago

From what I've seen of the beta so far, it's a lot more than good.

It's not for everyone (IE: if you don't like MMORPGs, you won't like it), but it's definitely a quite exceptional game.

DivineAssault 1644d ago

Does it put 11 to shame? I hated 11 as well..

Abriael1644d ago

@DivineAssault: it's a very different game from 11, more similar to westerns MMOs gameplay-wise.

Myze1643d ago

In terms of gameplay the game is very different.

One of the best things about FFXI that they are keeping, thankfully, is the way they present the storyline as if it were a single-player experience. Much better than presenting the story through a wall of text in a quest window.

Tdmd1644d ago

I was left out of beta, and I think this one might be the last one, so (im)patiently waiting for august 27! I've been waiting this for years (maybe the longest I've ever waited for a game so far), and I'm tired of it. This release just can't come soon enough!

Abriael1644d ago

Nope, there's phase 4 that will be an open beta, even if we don't know the date yet.

Tdmd1643d ago

Yeah? That's good news! Hope it won't take too long for it, I'm overly anxious.

Eidolon1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Well it looks great for a open-world game that was first intended for higher spec'd PC's(ran pretty well on my 1120/3000 OC 650m 1GB GDDR5 i7 3610qm 3.1GHZ locked laptop, though). excited about the new engine and interface revisions, can't wait find the time to play later.

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