Why the Xbox One is Still Worth Buying

To hear others talk, the very fact that Microsoft might be still on track to release a console that users might appreciate is baffling.

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Mikelarry2007d ago

how can something be worth it when you are given more than you are receiving. it baffles me but then again its your money

nthstew2007d ago

this time around i wont spend a penny on xbox..

JokesOnYou2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Thankfully I don't need anyone to tell me WHY X1 is worth buying, anymore than I need someone to tell me WHY its not. I look at my own needs, and decide whats best for me.

Edit sway_z, iron_spider very well said.

abzdine2007d ago

i pre ordered my PS4 today, thank God i got one of the last ones!!

Greatness awaits

gaffyh2007d ago

IMO, the only reason to buy it is if you're a fan of Halo, or want Titanfall. However neither of these games are out this year, Halo release date isn't confirmed and Titanfall is late 2014, and available on PC and 360, so why would you buy an Xbox One THIS year? You might as well wait and pressure MS into removing some of their stupid DRM policies and reducing price.

Enemy2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I have to laugh at the guys that still do damage control for Xbox One. With Microsoft still defending it to death, nothing's going to change.

Ridiculous DRM, 24 hour check in, endless restrictions, no self-publishing for indie devs, 5GB DDR3 RAM for games, and $100 more expensive than PS4 are all here to stay.

I'll be buying a Wii U after my PS4 purchase as well. No interest in Xbox One in the slightest as Microsoft don't know wtf they're doing.

This idiot...

...only makes things easier.

sway_z2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

This may seem hypercritical because I have zero intention of buying One myself, but for competition sake, I don't want the Xbox One to fail....

I have always been a PS gamer, and intend to purchase PS4, but I fear Sony will become complacent if they have too much margin next gen.

So for this reason, I am relieved a lot of Xbox fans are still supportive, and intend to purchase the console.

Plus, the games roster is great!


Maybe some people are here because they're GAMERS regardless of platform...what brings you here?

2007d ago
Mystogan2007d ago

they know exactly what they're doing. They are making life easier for gamers with an internet connection.

Look beyond that and you have a console that is much more worth it then a PS4.

OSIRUSSS2007d ago

Heh Sway wants the XBONE to not fail for " competition Sake"? MS this Gen has proven it wants to try to eliminate competition not foster it! You need to put more thought into your console worldview my friend!

gaffyh2007d ago

@iron_spider - The RAM may play a big part this gen because Sony is allowing debs to play with 2GB more than MS. Secondly, Enemy can comment however and whenever he likes. I particularly hate it when people say they can't do this or that, when it is not against the rules and is ON TOPIC.

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Mystogan2007d ago

You're not giving more then you're receiving.

Kinect 2 is awesome so you get your moneys worth. Also all the things you can get with it is so cool. Skyping while gaming? InstaSOLD!

Mikelarry2007d ago

how is kinect worth is when i dont want it, i am forced to pay for something i will not use if i wanted it then yes.

skyping: another feature i will not use

i just want great games

the ability to play my games offline

the option to play used games

the above are features that i will need / use

4Sh0w2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

"how is kinect worth is when i dont want it, i am forced to pay for something i will not use if i wanted it then yes."=

Well because its built into to the system, no different than last gen when ps3 came with Blu-ray, certainly sony could have chosen DVD but their vision of ps3 was to integrate Blu-ray, which raised the cost and you paid for it like it or not because that was how it was designed, not worth the price? Well its not for you, there were other options.

"skyping: another feature i will not use"=

OK cool story, but this console is meant to cater to millions of people not just you, how can more functionality be bad, you're attitude basicly can be done with anything, even down to the smallest detail. extra USB ports= "Well why would I pay for that I'm not going to use them?"

"i just want great games"=
both consoles have those

"the ability to play my games offline"=
Same as above, X1 is not for your, however you can indeed play offline but hey if you anticipate your internet going down every other day for more than 24hrs, well like I said X1 is not for you.

"the option to play used games"=
Where have you been?, you can indeed play used games, theres been a bunch of talk about "participating retailers" for just that and this has been talked about for quite some time its been said that you can play used games and even better for many is you can share them very easily.

"the above are features that i will need / use"=
Come on now you're welcome to your opinion but considering how petty most of what you said was in my opinion you're just complaining for the hell of it, like most of the internet.

wastedcells2007d ago

If I can't trade my games for new ones when I'm done with them then I can't see myself buying one. If this changes then as a gamer if they have good exclusives ill get one.

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NYC_Gamer2007d ago

I can't buy a console that can't play once my net goes down

MikeMyers2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Well my net hasn't gone down for a 24 hour period in the years I live where I do now. Of course my experience isn't the same as everyone's but I don't imagine a lot of people suffer from internet blackouts for long durations.

Now that the disc is stored in the cloud there is no exchanging of discs. That means one person in your 10 family circle can access your games at any time from anywhere. From my understanding only one person from that family circle can access the same game at the same time and you can still play that game at any time as well. Regular discs in the past can't do that since there is just one disc.

HDMI input also means a Xbox One overlay with other HDMI devices. Theoretically you could be playing PS3 games or PS4 games and receive invites for Xbox One games. This overlay is always on in the background and can be brought up at any time. Of course you can turn this off.

Skype is also a great feature.

Smartglass can be used and up to 16 smartglass devices at the same time.

wishingW3L2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

does the Xbox even works without XBL gold? Or will the console be held for ransom even after you just paid $500 for it?

Foxgod2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

You dont need gold, just an internet connection.
You can even login with your phone if you internet is down more then 24 hours.

Blackdeath_6632007d ago

you can still watch blu-rays and tv without internet because pirating and playing used games is a heinous crime but pirating and watching used movies is completely acceptable

Godmars2902007d ago

If you don't mind the restrictions, yes, it will have games which look very good. But the thing is the restrictions are there.

There if fact would be the arguments that there are if those restrictions weren't there, and the only reason they are is by choice.

Gravitic2007d ago

I like to be restricted.

evilbart2007d ago

Well my friend then you and the Xbox one are a match made in heaven

sway_z2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

@Gravitic loool you made me dribble my drink down my clothes with that comment!! ..Bubble up for making my day Lol

OMG!! 5 mins later and I'm still laughing!!! Hahaha

Back on topic

LMAO these articles crack me up....

If people want to buy it, they'll buy it. Quit tryna sell it to me!!

Damned thing aint even out yet!!

Foxgod2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

You can hardly blame articles like this to exist, amid the flood of dont buy the xbox, or the xbox isnt worth it articles.

Its merely a reaction on those.
They are not trying to sell it to you, they are just stating the positive among all the overreacted negative consensus.

sway_z2007d ago

Foxgod, I know you're a diehard Xbox fan, and that's okay with me dude :)

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