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The Elder Scrolls Online is all Online, little Elder Scrolls | gamrReview Preview

gamrReview's Nick Pantazis: "I can't say I found myself impressed with The Elder Scrolls Online. While the bugs are probably fixable, the game lacks character and straddles an awkward middle ground between traditional MMOs and Elder Scrolls games without doing either style of game particularly well." (PC, PS4, The Elder Scrolls Online, Xbox One)

claud3  +   392d ago
For what i have seen, this looks rubbish and waste of money and time
Software_Lover  +   392d ago
zeal0us  +   392d ago
Still in beta but i'm not getting my hopes up. The delay also didn't help either.
MysticStrummer  +   392d ago
From what I've seen, this looks like a definite purchase and time sink.
threefootwang  +   392d ago
Yes let's trash talk a game that's been almost 7 years in development and is still currently in beta lol.

I for one am super excited for this game, if you actually do some research as to what Zenimax Studios has planned, this game has the potential to be amazing. Wait until it comes out before giving a clearly biased review on it.
Krosis  +   392d ago
Hm that was my fear when I heard about this. You can't have the type of hyper-focus that trademarks Elder Scrolls in an MMO setting. Also, as a fan of Todd Howard and his team and their games, I am not keen on visiting parts of Tamriel developed by another team--it effects the integrity of the overall vision (much like 343's mishandling of Bungie's baby). Then again I hate mmorpgs...so I guess it wasn't for me to begin with. Single Player Campaigns, and their worlds, are unrivalled in depth and immersion. I think this author is like me lol
MysticStrummer  +   392d ago
"Single Player Campaigns, and their worlds, are unrivalled in depth and immersion."

Can't argue with you there, but I wouldn't expect this to be as detailed as a normal ES game. I'm looking forward to roaming Tamriel with a friend.

"I think this author is like me lol"

I know this isn't a review, but I'd like to see a site or magazine that has two reviews for each title. One would be from a person who loves whatever genre the game is in, the other would be from a person who hates that genre. I know some games are hard to classify though.

I didn't hit disagree by the way.
Krosis  +   392d ago
I don't care about disagrees lol It's N4G: disageeing without justification is why conversation on this site is so dull.
Abriael  +   392d ago
This person obviously played the game for no longer than 30 minutes and has absolutely no idea on what he's talking about.
claud3  +   392d ago
it is a RUBBISH game plane and simple
MysticStrummer  +   392d ago
You can't possibly know, *plain and simple.
MysticStrummer  +   392d ago
I'm looking forward to this. I'd rather it was a more traditional ES game with added co-op, but I've always wanted to roam Tamriel with friends so I'll take what I can get. Looks fun to me.
EzioFan  +   392d ago
I'll definitely give it a try. It should be good, and I'm almost sick of playing Skyrim. Plus the wait for Elder Scrolls VI is a long one, and I'll take whatever they give
Rynocirator  +   392d ago
I played it this weekend and honestly....it's boring. Not only that but everything and I mean everything is multiplayer whether or not you want it to be. Dungeons aren't exciting because 60 people doing the same quest are also killing this guy for progress, and 60 people are trying to activate a chest at once. It isn't elder scrolls.

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