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12 reasons why you shouldn’t get carried away by PS4 hype

Opinion piece on why we shouldn't write off the Xbox One too soon. (E3, PS4, Xbox One)

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Neoninja  +   779d ago
Oh boy this is gonna start some mess.
Didn't know that about the Sony's licensing agreement.

Edit* By didn't know, I mean how its similar to others which I guess should be expected.
By now though people have made up their minds on what their getting.
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aceitman  +   779d ago | Well said
This article is a joke right. Someone tell me it's a joke, someone trying to justify xboxones bad features and trying to make it match Sonya's somehow. Really. What a joke, just sad.
blackbeld  +   779d ago | Well said
Doesn't matter.

Still everybody knows it already. DRM is crap.

Only rich folks that want attention from the government will buy the XBone.
scofios  +   779d ago | Well said
Stop trying and give it a rest .

I also remember when the M$ fanboys where crying atleast the 360 is cheaper because M$ didn't force us with Blu ray and WIFI .
Well now how does it feel to pay 100$ more because M$ froces you with a spy cam .
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Foxgod  +   779d ago

I remember when the ps3 was just out, sony fanboys where calling xbox fans poor, because they bought the cheaper console.

Now all of a sudden you people insult xbox fans for being rich?
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komp  +   779d ago
Xbox forum poll


Even the forum fanbase have revolted.
WarThunder  +   779d ago
I can't believe some people are defending this joke of a company MS
Sitdown  +   779d ago | Funny
Wow.....don't know when it happened, but apparently I am now rich and want attention from the government. Funny how that happened.... I was just trying to play the next Halo, but now financially I am set for life. Anybody else want to join me on my yacht?
HammadTheBeast  +   779d ago | Well said
"Destiny requires a constant connection too"

Gee, I dunno, what part of MMO did I miss out?

"You don't own your games because the terms and conditions prohibit selling games on PS3"

And that's why the Playstation man walked on stage and said "You will be able to sell used games".

You know what f*** it. I'm done with this ******* "leetgamers blog". Please get this **** off this site.
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DragonKnight  +   779d ago | Well said
I love these list items. Makes it a much more organized deconstruction of the fallacies present in the article.

1. Xbox One DOES let you trade games in.

Well, I was going to say something about this but I don't have to since the article already mentioned the huge problem with it.

"You can still buy, sell and trade second-hand boxed games as usual, but it’ll be up to publishers."


"Trade-ins can only be made at ‘participating retailers’."

'nuff said.

2. PS4 may require an online connection too

"We’re not saying that Xbox One requiring users to have access to the internet once every 24 hours is a good thing, but we are asking – is it really that bad?"

Yes, it is a bad thing. There is no good in a feature that bricks your ability to play games if you miss a check in. That's ridiculous.

"When Sony said during its E3 2013 conference that the PS4 wouldn’t require at least one online check-in every 24 hours, or a constant internet connection, it meant so for its first-party games and the console itself."

No it didn't. It meant that the hardware wasn't designed to force a connection. The Xbox One's check in feature is built into the hardware.

"Third-party publishers are free to come up with their own Digital Rights Management (DRM) for PS4."

They can do that already on the PS3. Where are those check-ins again?

"So the PS4 system doesn’t require the internet to work, but certain games will."


"Do you think you own your PS3 games? Will you truly ‘own’ that copy of Killzone on your PlayStation 4? Think again."

Yes. Sony flat out said you do. You link the EULA but fail at understanding it. Sony own the RIGHTS to the product. This grants them the right to duplicate it and dictate who can financially benefit the intellectual property. That ISN'T the same as having the right to override first sale doctrine.

"Another part states: “You may not resell Game Software unless expressly authorised by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Resale and rental are prohibited unless expressly authorised by SCEE.”

And yet their own executives just flat out said you can at E3 without restriction. Did MS' Execs do so?

5. The controller

Complete subjectivity and irrelevant.

6. Price

More subjectivity. And idiocy, but still subjectivity.

7. The games

Read the previous two points.

8. The features

Let's just skip that Gaikai will allow for PS3 backwards compatibility shall we? No, we don't look like we're trying to sell the Xbox One at all by skipping that. /s

9. Xbox will be out earlier (probably)

Probably destroys this. Why bother adding this when you have no idea. Amazon lists PS4's launch as November 30th, what is Xbox One's?

10. Getting DLC first

"From Call of Duty to Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto, Xbox 360 still offers new downloadable content to its users months before PS3 players. You can expect this to continue on Xbox One.

Owning a PS4 and having to wait several months for the next add-on pack in COD: Ghosts or other triple-A blockbuster? That’s not for us, thanks."

No proof at all. FUD.

11. Big Brother is not watching you

BAHAHAHAHA! Microsoft is part of PRISM and Kinect requires filtering technology. 'nuff said.

12. It’s all subject to change, anyway

Which means it can get worse.
360degrees  +   779d ago
Listen my fellow gamers this is truly set to be a fantastic next generation of gaming consoles in regards to both innovation and gaming titles. Currently it would appear that playstation's main advantage would rest specifically in its price point, while the Xbox One encompasses all other advantages in the fields of features and exclusive gaming titles. However, specifically referencing the above titles notion of "hype" let us see what the consumer truly prefers with their actual monetary purchases; a lower priced console, or innovative seamless features and a fantastic gaming experience.
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DragonKnight  +   779d ago | Well said
@360degrees: "Currently it would appear that playstation's main advantage would rest specifically in its price point, while the Xbox One encompasses all other advantages in the fields of features and exclusive gaming titles."

Related image(s)
Diver  +   779d ago
A "Leet" game what? Thas right its a cheap blog. Also think about the person that submitted this. Thas desperate.
pixelsword  +   779d ago
@ Foxgo:

Not for being rich, but for being foolish.

Also for the article:

"So the PS4 system doesn’t require the internet to work, but certain games will."

True: they're called online-only games.

Without proof your points look stupid as well.
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Gorilla_Killa_X  +   779d ago
I truly enjoy how they say at the beginning that they own both XBox360 and PS3 so have no bias toward either and then go on to try and talk up Xbox One while downplaying PS4. No bias at all. HA!
rainslacker  +   779d ago
Guess I'll take a shot at it too DragonKnight.:)

1. It's been said it's up to the publishers for Xbox, which I think is now a good thing, because pubs are unlikely to implement this crap. However the participating retailers is unsettling. The fact Sony said explicitly that they will not allow publishers to restrict 2nd hand trade is a big point the author conveniently left out.

2. Nope, explicitly stated at the conference that PS4 will never have to connect online...even had a big ass slide for it. Online games or features will require a internet connection obviously.

3. Can't predict problems. True, but I'd put my faith in Sony over MS any day when it comes to hardware. Sorry but most MS hardware is complete and utter crap, even if you disregard the Xbox 360 RROD fiasco.

4. Yep. Will refer you to this comment I posted elsewhere. Also what dragon says is pretty accurate.

5. Completely subjective. I personally love the DS controllers.

6. Price: I'd rather not pay an extra $100 for Kinect, since I don't really care for Kinect. MS didn't even show anything at their E3 conference to sell the Kinect in any way. If anything it was all about smart glass. But to each their own. PS+/Live fee is a wash, but I will say that PS+ is an incredible value...although the new paid online does kind of suck.

7. Games: Completely subjective. I personally have never been disappointed with Sony in the number of games they release since the PS1, nor am I disappointed in their quality

8. Don't care about most of those features. Sony also has a game DVR which allows you to upload. "Still better than PSN". Again subjective.

9. Care to inform us on the actual release dates? That would get you more hits over this fan boy tripe.

10. Exclusive/Early DLC: seemed Sony mentioned quite a bit of this in their conference. Guess it's subjective if you care about that stuff. I personally rarely buy DLC.

11. Kinect "spying" on you. I tend to agree, it's likely not going to do that. Given recent reports though you can't blame people for being concerned. Still not sure how Kinect spying on you has any effect on the PS4 hype though.

12. "It's all subject to change" Yep. MS made that abundantly clear in their "clarification" of these issues gamers have with them. Given the current status, those possible changes are worrying. Current hype isn't about what PS4 might do one day in this regard, but what it can do now. I also think it would be really stupid for Sony to come out so strongly on these issues, only to change the policy later...particularly since it was never their intention to implement them anyways.
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Kevin ButIer  +   779d ago
TRY harder bro...
xxBiG_BoSSxx  +   779d ago
I keep seeing people say that the Ones price is not really more expensive because the kinect is bundled with it.

The kinect isn't bundled. It's part of the system. The One doesn't function without it.

If I buy a car, the engine isn't "bundled" with it. When I buy a TV for $1500, I don't think its a great deal because it comes with the screen.
husomc  +   778d ago
we now know for a fact that none of the gangsters or criminals will be getting an xbox one :D
gaffyh  +   778d ago
@Sitdown - The next Halo's release date isn't even confirmed, and is probably late 2014 at the EARLIEST. So why would you buy an Xbox One this year? You might as well wait until Halo actually comes out and you will most likely get the console A LOT cheaper.

Sorry if that is too logical, or makes too much sense.
DARK WITNESS  +   778d ago
12 reasons why you shouldn't.....

1 reason why you should... Consumer friendly!
dmeador  +   778d ago
I mostly just come on N4Gs comment section to laugh. Its pretty easy to take people on here with a handful of salt when any hint that you are talking about the X1 in a positive way receives a million disagrees, and any comments that talks of what garbage the X1 is (even if its completely untrue) are heaped with praise, haha.

Any time I see any remotely sane conversation about pros/cons/logic behind the next gen I do a double take. Also I'm pretty glad I'm rich too. Apparently a day and a halfs work at minumium wage makes me rich. Lucky me! Cant wait till Obama can watch me play Rsye in the nude
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Ragthorn  +   778d ago
I know this might hurt the playstation community but PS4 is not completely DRM-free.

defyenz  +   778d ago
Dude, who is sonya? Lol
solidjun5  +   778d ago
I'm starting to think FoxGod or MikeMyers wrote this.
s8anicslayer  +   779d ago
This argument is not valid!
GT67  +   779d ago
12 reasons why you shouldn’t get carried away by PS4 hype

REALLY?? MS paying off editors to down grade ps4 already? this surely not going to stop ps4 momentum.
as neoninja stated "by now people have their mind made-up on what they are getting" (PS4)
HEY, MS GO RE-DESIGN your lame ass console and stop biting SONY backside.
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nosferatuzodd  +   779d ago
no not you the author, come on man everything you say is true I'm just confirming it man sorry if i didn't make my self clear
BattleTorn  +   778d ago
Is that all you Sony fans EVER have to say about those who support MS?
That MS must be paying for it...

Not trying to defend the article, but you make Sony fans look bad..
nosferatuzodd  +   779d ago
these Xbox fantards are really catching after straws nothing this guys says is fact just mambo jumbo that he hope is true wow
GT67  +   779d ago
im sure your not talking about me?? nosferat??

im pro SONY
greenlantern2814  +   778d ago
i personally love how they keep saying the xb1 is better than ps4. on what standers they are judging that idk since the ps4 is more powerful, cheaper, more developer friendly and offers cloud as well. and the xb1 gives you foolish restrictions and the same features you can get on any smart tv and a higher price which say what every they want now that was used to bash us with ps3 so turn about as fair play.
fermcr  +   779d ago
I'm not buying any console at launch. If a buy a console it will probably be a PS4 when Infamous launches (Q1 2014). By then we will know all the kinks about next gen consoles. I'm in no rush.
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Same here. I'm in no rush to buy a PS4 (no way in hell I'll ever get an Xbox One). I'm going to wait and see if Destiny releases for PC before I consider purchasing the PS4. I have a high-end PC, and would rather play games on it. I can see myself eventually buying a PS4 though (once exclusives that I really, really care about like UC4 or something come out).
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Cuzzo63  +   779d ago
DAMN IT! I feel bad for clicking on the link. Smh
callahan09  +   779d ago
Form the article: "Third-party publishers are free to come up with their own Digital Rights Management (DRM) for PS4. For example, Activision’s Destiny requires a constant internet connection. So the PS4 system doesn’t require the internet to work, but certain games will."

That's an awful argument. The game is an online only multiplayer game! That's why it requires the Internet, not because of DRM! Good god how stupid can they be!
showtimefolks  +   779d ago
you can feed this crap to the US market but don't expect people to believe any of this in Europe or japan or for that matter the rest of the world

no matter how the xbox defense force puts it, MS screed up now instead of defending them come join the darkside we have cookies

if the xbox360 couldn't hold back the ps3 with lower price point,better online structure at launch and more games than what makes anyone think now xbox one will do any better. Its destined to be in the 3rd place this gen no matter the spin MS or its fanbase will put on

I am tired of this crap, whenever sony or Nintendo does something right all the xbots have to come to an amercan company's defense.

MS this is called gaming business or maybe you wanted to be in the cable business instead

xbox one, one machine to rule them all, OH NOT SO MUCH

so you need a cable box plugged in so that's one cable

you can't switch the harddrive something sony allowed this gen so one more cable from external hard drive

its not a DVR so another box

so its not one machine, its just one big black box covered by may other smaller black boxes
BallsEye  +   778d ago
Link doesn't work, anyone can re-link or paste the article if it's not too big? Thanks!
MYSTERIO360  +   778d ago
1.This is true, but its very unlikely that publishers will except free trading and selling of their games, especially when MS has already built an infrastructure that caters for it.
2.True, but this only applies to MMO games not hardware which is whats applicable today. MS have built a very restrictive console which requires an internet connection just to even be able to play it OFFLINE.
3.I totally agree with this point, but it is worth remembering that Sony operated on a FREE service which meant they had to limit their costs. With the PS4 paying model they will be able to provide a much more secure service with dedicated fast servers. Sony aren’t stupid and have probably learnt from their mistakes.
4. Im on the fence with this one, Sony have stated numerous times PUBLICLY that gamers will own their games outright and do with it as they want. They have also built most of their advertising campaign around this fact. I personally don’t see Sony going back on this
5.This is personal preference
6.The PS4 + camera is still cheaper
7.Although MS lineup seems more enticing Sony did say that they will launch their PS4 with 20 Excl within the first year.
8.This is up to preference again but PS4 does have more features then whats listed.
9.This is pure speculation at this point
10.Sony showed more Excl content plus PS+ its likely they will have more funds to push forward more DLC.
11. Thats funny
12. Totally agree
Bobby Kotex  +   778d ago
I see 12 reasons suckers clicked on that click whoring blog.
adorie  +   778d ago
1 reason to get carried away with the PS4 hype... 1.) It's PlayStation 4.
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ziggurcat  +   778d ago

"Didn't know that about the Sony's licensing agreement."

well, there's a little disclaimer right before the article even begins:

"UPDATE: This is an opinion article – do not read on if you’re expecting a fact-based news-style piece."


and the EULA just talks about sony having the ownership rights to the IP, which *all* EULAs state, it has nothing to do with whether you lawfully own the physical copy of the product you've purchased. the author simply doesn't understand what the EULA is saying, and tries to spin it as though you don't own anything you buy from sony.
Mounce  +   778d ago
Well, looky, they had to even update the article:

UPDATE: This is an opinion article – do not read on if you’re expecting a fact-based news-style piece.

do not read on if you’re expecting a fact-based news-style piece

[b]fact-based[/b](I wish I could Bold)

Case closed - They admit it's Emotive, Opinionated bullshit with Zero Factual statements. Because we know 'Opinion pieces' like these contain illogical declarations for Hits more than anything else.
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duplissi  +   778d ago
you do realize that technically you dont own any music/movies/games that you have purchased?

all media has had that "licencing" approach to purchases for more than a decade.
TheLyonKing  +   779d ago
Sonys licensing policy is all software just incase they wouldn't implement it and te set up is the same as the ps3.

Damn fear mongerers.
Mikelarry  +   779d ago
another MS RM. rather than spreading bull just go and fix your console
Majin-vegeta  +   779d ago
Early DLC??lol it sure as hell didnt help M$ this gen it sure as hell wont help them next gen.
KUV1977  +   779d ago
Yeah plus I don't get how 'early DLC' is somehow better than 'DLC only abailable on Playstation' as in Assassin's Creed or Batman. Not that I would weigh those to heavy but I believe later is better than never, but then again the whole list is kind of weired and, for lack of better term, wrong.
ltachiUchiha  +   779d ago
Exactly & plus sony knows that & is why im glad they have a strong relationship with ubisoft, who have tons of games im interested in like watch dogs, the division, assassins creed & splinter cell which most likely all of them will have exclusive dlc to the ps4. Not sure about splinter but u can count in all ubisofts new projects plus destiny from bungie which are all heavy hitters from 3rd party studios.
lucaskeller1  +   779d ago
I remember when they payed 60 million us dollars for the lost and the damn to come out early, killzone 2's budget was only 40mill and that was a really expensive game to make! They need to learn where to invest their money better
jessupj  +   778d ago

It doesn't entice me to buy an xbone at all.

All it does is piss me off that ms throws money around to impede on DLC availability on sony consoles.

They pay money to stop content from coming to their competitors consoles. I just think there's better ways to entice people to buy a console.

The difference between sony is that they invest in developers to create extra content.
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Moonman  +   779d ago

Nothing to see here.
Booyah  +   778d ago
i always wanted to know what FUD meant...
Moonman  +   778d ago
Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. :)
Booyah  +   778d ago
ahah thanx
Jac5al  +   779d ago
The position of the stick argument on the dualshock is so played out. How does the asymmetrical layout of the sticks on the xbox controller lead to more faster paced online gameplay??? I don't get that...
MonkeyNinja  +   779d ago
I've been wondering the same thing for years now.
kneon  +   779d ago
You don't get it because there is no logicial reason for it being better. If swapping the left analog and dpad is better then why are the right analog and buttons not swapped? Perhaps Xbox fans have asymmetrical hands.

I often hear the complaint about the loose sticks, yes they are loose and therefore require more skill to use, but they are more responsive. So they are hard for noobs to use but are better once you learn to use them.
IAMERROR  +   779d ago
Did you really just say that the Playstation analog sticks take skill? I'm literally laughing right now

None of them take skill, this is just fanboyism
kneon  +   779d ago
Sorry to burst your delusion bubble but yes tighter sticks are easier to use. The trade off is that they are less responsive.

The looser sticks must be harder to use otherwise there wouldn't be so many xbox users whining about them. And if they are harder to use then by definition they take more skill.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   779d ago
DS4 has been completely redesigned ,.. with help from bungie..(fanboy halo)..

con-caved tighter sticks, springy and longer triggers. touch pad with dual click., share button.., heavier, longer, w/ better rumble..., gyro. and blue-tooth no latency with inner battery.
#6.2.3 (Edited 779d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
RiPPn  +   779d ago
In the GiantBomb daily podcasts they were talking about the controllers and actual said the new Xbox controller took a step back siting squishier triggers, clicking shoulder buttons and an uncomfortable agronomic curve. They also said the PS4 controller has made huge improvements and the really liked the controller.

If true this is just another positive for Sony.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   779d ago
DS4 has been completely redesigned ,.. with help from bungie..(fanboy halo)..


con-caved tighter sticks, springy and longer triggers. touch pad with dual click., share button.., heavier, longer, w/ better rumble..., gyro. and blue-tooth no latency with inner battery.
standard 3.5 headphone jack and speaker on deck.

#6.3.1 (Edited 779d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
Benjaminkno  +   778d ago
This is all desperate damage control.
Cuz u want drm??
DivineAssault  +   779d ago
Haters gonna hate..
Chapter11  +   779d ago
The logic of this article seems to be "another reason, if Hitler were alive, he would have bought a PS4 so its bad"
HammadTheBeast  +   779d ago
SpinalRemains  +   779d ago

I saw a YouTube where he was screaming about xbone.

I thought it was Downfall, but then he started talking about next Gen and he even said he's getting a ps4.
SonicRush15  +   779d ago
Sorry, but there's plenty of reasons for me to get carried away by the hype, and I am okay with that.
isyourhouseonfire  +   779d ago
As we've already learned, you can cut Sony's hype in half to see what the end product will be like. For Microsoft, you can usually quadruple their hype to see what the end product will be like.
DxTrixterz  +   779d ago
Wait Sony didn't state what kind of games we will be able to play used no problem did they? It could be that you can play first party games used no problem but they might let publishers put their DRM for third party games. No only online modes but single player could be blocked as well in used third party game. God I sure hope that you can play both first and third party games offline. I'm beginning to panic now,
NihonjinChick  +   779d ago
Here is something to calm your nerves.

Virtual_Reality  +   779d ago
First Party games won't have online passes on PS4. 3rd Party games may have online passes, that is the whole DRM on PS4 when it comes to used games, just as PS3 and Xbox 360 games.

Is already stated and confirmed.
#12.2 (Edited 779d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DxTrixterz  +   779d ago
Oh that's cool then.
jdktech2010  +   779d ago
It is literally the exact same thing as this generation with online passes, etc.
rainslacker  +   779d ago
EA even said they aren't going to re-implement the online pass program in their future games. They said it wasn't worth the customer faith they lost based on the returns they saw.

To further ease your doubt, Ubisoft late last year removed DRM from their PC games because they saw no benefit to using it. On PC it was mostly to stop piracy, and was completely ineffective, only hurting actual paying customers.

Now, consoles themselves have always acted as a sort of passive DRM to piracy. For the most part you had to actively modify them to play pirated games. However it was just like that, and publishers didn't take extra DRM measures to circumvent that(online passes were a response to the used market).

One more thing worth mentioning, most publishers are distancing themselves from MS and their DRM policies. They see what gamers are saying, and they don't want to be any part of it. This bodes well that restrictions will be minimal at best. What we're seeing is more online and multi-device integration in the next gen, and that may be behind a secondary paywall like online pass, but as to what extent, it's hard to say right now.
gamer2013  +   778d ago
Who are the majority of these publishers exactly that are supposedly distancing themselves from MS as you say? Please provide a list of names.
rainslacker  +   778d ago
EA, Ubisoft, and Activision are all saying they don't feel these policies are very good for the market. Konami and Capcom haven't really said anything about it. But 3 of the biggest publishers are keeping their distance on the policies. Not saying they won't publish games for the X1, just that they seem to be siding on the consumer side...at least from a PR perspective.
Virtual_Reality  +   779d ago
Most of the points are not even right and are based in opinions, not facts O_O
#13 (Edited 779d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
titletownrelo   779d ago | Trolling | show
SonicRush15  +   779d ago
"PS4 may require an online connection too

We’re not saying that Xbox One requiring users to have access to the internet once every 24 hours is a good thing, but we are asking – is it really that bad?

Sure, if your internet goes down for more than a day, you’re not going to be happy. But don’t think that the PS4 will be the immediate solution to this problem.

When Sony said during its E3 2013 conference that the PS4 wouldn’t require at least one online check-in every 24 hours, or a constant internet connection, it meant so for its first-party games and the console itself."

That is reason number 2 to no get carried away by the hype.. Are you serious? Sony said it doesn't require an Internet connection to play games. That's it.

What do you guys think about this? lol
Foxgod  +   779d ago
If it goes down for more then a day, which hasnt happened once to me for the past 5 years.
Il simply use the internet on my mobile to login.

The chance il have to is very small tho.
zeroskie  +   779d ago
I moved into a new apartment a few months ago and getting the internet set up was a total clusterfuck. Plus our region's internet provider has a monopoly and are total dicks about everything. So yeah, definitely played game offline for a good while. Some of the people in the building are using freaking ATT DSL. That connection can't handle more than one browser tab at a time. If any of them are gamers, I'm betting I know which console they'll choose.
Foxgod  +   779d ago
If that happens, one flick on a slider on a mobile phone will solve it.
HammadTheBeast  +   779d ago
Rural areas, countries with lower internet service, and people with just no access to internet (military, mobile, business) are screwed.

It's great that it doesn't affect you (no sarcasm) but for some people the situation is different, and MS's BS about "cloud" and "connected Worlds" isn't swaying anyone.
waltercross  +   779d ago
@ Foxgod

Quit being so blind, not everyone has a Good service provider or any at all. And my mobile is only 2G speeds. Besides, I shouldn't have to worry about the Internet when I'm gaming.
Hicken  +   779d ago
Good thing the only person that matters in gaming is you, Foxgod. None of the hundreds of millions of people who don't have internet but still game matter; just as long as you can play, all is well.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   779d ago
I feel sorry for you Reputation Control types.. Microsoft have given you very little to work with.
strigoi814  +   779d ago
So which hype are we gonna hop on to?? Microsoft?? Lolz your kidding right?!
Williamson  +   779d ago
To be honest I don't really care if ps4 sells more than the X1, I played so many great games on the ps3 this gen. The ps3 was so good that I expect the ps4 to be better, so me and others on this site will get the ps4 for that main reason.
zeroskie  +   779d ago
I still have games to play on the PS3 coming up and backlogged.
fsfsxii  +   778d ago
Dedicating this summer to complete all of my backlogged games, and then the Last of Us came out, all of my plans were like *POOF*
No seriously, i think thats what i like ost about Sony Playstation, they don't ditch their old system once a new one comes out.
#17.1.1 (Edited 778d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
SephirothX21  +   779d ago
What a complete fanboy article. Doesn't mention future PS4 exclusives tat will come from ND. Doesn't mention the fact that the Xbox One has inferior hardware. The license thing with Sony is out of context. Sure the consumer does not own the software as in having the right to sell the software or license it. But they do own that particular build of the software which is the game. In other words, if you buy Star Wars VII on blu ray, you won't have rights t the Star Ward film franchise but you will own the disc with the movie on it and you can resell that or give it to a friend. I'll take consumer rights and better game performance over a fancier online service any day of the week.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   779d ago
I have more than that for Xbox one
karl  +   779d ago
Ill give u one reason

-Because seven months is a long time to wait
Chase51  +   779d ago
Sounds like major fanboyism to me
sashimi  +   779d ago
get ready for more of these blogs and such, the closer we get to launch the more that M$ ad/PR money will show lol
rainslacker  +   779d ago
Sad thing is they don't even have to spend money on these types of articles. There are people who will do it for them completely free.

I don't really care about their decision to buy an X1, but if they're going to try and bring Sony into MS sinking ship, at least do so with well informed articles/blogs that accurately show the differences between the systems.

It is possible to write an article talking up the good and bad points of each system, and still be able to put everything in perspective and show why you may prefer one over the other even if you don't care about all the stuff MS is doing. Hell I could do that now for X1 if I felt it deserved it.
b_one  +   779d ago
1.‘participating retailers’ - show them to me outside US in Russia, Poland. Every title? Not sure? Point number 1 invalid.

2. invalid. Execs told otherwise.

3. Games run(e3) from PCs with GForces - this predicts problems, months till launch and they dont have devkits? Sure they started developing console in 2010...goooood...

4. UE law apply in Europe...

5, 6. WHAT?! Dude Winners dont use drugs....rly.

Rest is crap....

and LAST, History, past years shows who supports gamers better.
zeroskie  +   779d ago
worst. article. ever. never visiting this site again.
mt  +   779d ago
hahaha if you want to laugh at him read his justification about the prize.

"We’d rather pay £429 for the Xbox One rather than PS4′s £349 asking price, for a number of reasons (see them listed in this article), not just for the Xbox One’s controller shape alone (obviously)."

yea right the shape and geometry of the controller that sealed the deal for me.
Foxgod  +   779d ago
Well, i have to agree with him, i also rather pay 100 more for the XB1, but for Dead rising, Forza and killer instinct on launch.

I really dont wanna miss out on those, not even to mention what is down the pipeline.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney   779d ago | Trolling | show
rainslacker  +   779d ago
Why not just buy it later when the price drops and then pick up those games? I mean it's not like they will not be available later.
#25.1.2 (Edited 779d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
fsfsxii  +   778d ago
DR3 belongs to crapcom to expect it to come out for other platforms when it bombs hard,it already bombed lol, its now focusing at the DUDEBRO type of people, lost all of what made it DEADRISING.
Forza is alright, i'd rather have GT instead. KI i can't comment on that because i haven't played a KI game before
jessupj  +   778d ago
As much as I completely and utterly disagree with foxgod for supporting such a draconian console and suspect he just has blind love for ms instead of genuinely wanting an xbone, I could try for a moment to put myself in his shoes.

If Dark Souls 2 was exclusive to the xbone, I would be tempted to get one. Definitely not on launch, but DS is my absolute favorite game this gen and it would be hard to go without playing the sequel. If MGSV was also exclusive I would definitely cave.

So if foxgod truly loves these games so much that he can't live out them, I can understand.

But I think it's likely Dead Rising is a timed exclusive.

On another note, I find it depressing foxgod has 5 bubbles and I have 2. I think just because I passionately tell me point of view, some people mistake that for arrogance and not being able to see all sides.
#25.1.4 (Edited 778d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
secretcode  +   779d ago
I was all ready to bash this guy until I read article #12 and I realized he's doing this just for attention and views.

Piss off.
Foxgod  +   779d ago
And of course opinion articles from sony fans full of lies about the XB1 is absolutely not for the hits.
waltercross  +   779d ago
What Lies?
patsrule316  +   779d ago
I currently have 2 xbox 360s and a PS Vita (never had a PS3 or PS2), but I preordered a PS4 after weighing the pros and cons of each system for my needs.

That being said, there certainly were some good reasons to by an Xbox One. If the family circle thing is really the way IGN, Forbes, and a few other sites are saying, and you can really share your games with any 10 friends, that is huge, and really outweighs the drm for me (although I am still not convinced it will work the way it has been reported) The new match system sounds like a big improvement in who you will be able to play against, plus being able to set your desired match and then do other things on the system while you weight for your match conditions. The ability to watch tv in the corner while you play is a positive. Plus they do have some cool looking exclusives.

For me, it came down to my trust in the hardware that Sony is using, the value of PS+, the ability to remote play on my vita, the courting of the indies, the price, and I worry about the need for connection every 24 hours (not because I cannot connect to the net and not because of what happens 10 to 15 years from now when they turn off the serves, because I would expect a software update before they shut them down to take care of that, but because I expect the xbox live service to be down from time to time, and if there is some kind of cyber attack on the service with an extended delay, I would hate to not be able to use my system at all).

But all that being said, there certainly are reasons to buy an Xbox One, just I didn't think they were enough for me to go with them over PS4.
mantisimo  +   779d ago
hmm gentle MS trolling?

coming down on the side of ps4 yet still making positives for the xbox?

pat something smells fishy to me.
patsrule316  +   778d ago
So you consider listing the pluses and minuses of both consoles trolling? I thought I was providing legitimate discussion, looking at things from both sides, and not saying anything inflammatory at all...the exact opposite of trolling.
BattleTorn  +   778d ago
N4G: where anything pro MS, under a MS article nonetheless, is automatically trolling....

Have you ever paused to consider you in fact may be the troll?
#27.1.2 (Edited 778d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
jmc8888  +   778d ago
Well if the article author is going to be correct about his plusses and minuses he has to get beyond the following things.

1. He has to actually get the correct info, so far there are numerous errors.

2. He assumes things and uses that as a 'reason'. He thinks the Xbox One will be out first. Everything that's out there says the PS4 will be out first and that the xbox one might not even launch in 2013.

3. Subjective things. Like Dual Shock 4 controller. Hey I prefer the 360 controller to Dual Shock 3, but neither of those controllers will be used by Sony or MS. They are both being changed, and in the end whatever they turn out to be, it's entirely a subjective reason barring some weird hardware problem with one of the controllers.

Or he thinks the xbone is a better deal and longer staying power because of Kinect?

The reasons he listed are so bogus it's crazy.

So he makes the leap of faith judgement that the Kinect 2 won't be spying on him because he links to Xbox's page.

They've already said they'll follow court orders and give the gov't info. Except it never said WHAT kind of court. The answer is simple, FISA court, which is unconstitutional.

Now for those of you that don't understand why the FISA court was created, especially the current iteration used for the fake war on terror, does not need to meet constitutional standards. It's a lower bar. Meaning anyone can be spied upon. THey don't even need a court order as they have even lower things like a 'letter of national security'.

So besides MS happily giving over your info, it is ALSO a means for where the NSA can take the stuff even if MS doesn't want to give it over. So even IF, and that's the mother of ALL if's, MS wanted to say NO...they can still go outside of MS's wishes to do it anyway.

But why should even trust MS?

1. They gave gov't backdoors into Windows since Windows 95.

2. They hand over the web information and email..think like hotmail and bing.

3. They already stated they would comply with any court order, like I stated above, even the Kangaroo FISA court order...or even less...by their words, which will include anything XBone related, which means KINECT 2 people!!!

4. They just came out today and stated that they purposefully told the gov't about security flaws (i.e. bugs) in Windows and other software so that our gov't could use those holes to spy or do malicious things to people and then would hold off on fixing them so the gov't could use those flaws. (didn't you ever wonder why suddenly you would here of 15 holes in Windows that needed to be patched? why that many all at once?)

So yes MS/XBone/Kinect 2 will be spying on you.

Fool me once shame on me
Fool me four times (and no doubt more) shame on MS fanboy

That's whats really funny and sad. PRISM is but a drop in the bucket of what's going on. Yet already we see this much info of how much MS sold you out. No doubt they were also one of the thousands of companies that traded your data with gov't so they could get their hands on other data.

So really that's like 5 ways they've screwed you over (no doubt more)...and they dare ask you to 'trust them'.

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   779d ago
gamecrazy123   779d ago | Spam
Wedge19  +   779d ago
Poorly written article trying to spin things in ways that they can't be spun. For example, yes your games work on up to 10 Xbone systems, but that's because of limited trade and resale games (only once per disc). Sony's CURRENT console is 2, because you can trade and resale a disc as often as you flippin' want.

That's just one example. Article is full of the author comparing apples to orangutans which you can't do. Failure to mention PS Plus when talking about Xbox Live. Talking about timed exclusive DLC on Xbone but failure to mention ACTUAL exclusive DLC on PS4 (Ubisoft titles). And trying to say that online multiplayer games requiring an internet connection is the same as the PS4 requiring internet is stupid and absurd. The argument is about single player titles, not about online games that people already know will require a connection online.

This article is spun like a true fanboy, next time compare your facts straight across, rather than from your skewed Microsoft mountain.
BattleTorn  +   778d ago
I actually think the ability to share your game library with up to 10 friends is quite an invaluable feature.

I buy TONS of games, and my friends are realizing that with X1 they would get to play all my games. (Which they otherwise would likely not buy themselves)

They also can play newer games that I wouldn't loan the disc yet. I would only loan disks when I was positive I would come home with an urge to play them.

With X1, they can play my newest games, while I currently am not, and I can still return home and have the same games to play.
#30.1 (Edited 778d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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