One Console to Rule Them- Could the future hold an open-source console?

CordWeekly writes:

"Man, do I want a PS3. There are going to be a great amount of games coming out soon for the thing, not the least of which is Metal Gear Solid 4, Hideo Kojima's next in his epic series of post-modern romps of stealth action. But I have a problem. I'm terribly poor, and my fiscal responsibility extends to me not being able to afford a brand new PS3. I sort of like eating food on a regular basis."

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tweaker3740d ago

Work your a$$ son. The PS3 isn't expensive.

iAmPS33740d ago

If he spent less time on the internet and more time out there making money he would have money for consoles and games.

I rest my case

Harry1903740d ago

is not considering all
that you get from the box.

Alcohog3740d ago

Who can't afford $400? Get a real job and stop writing crappy articles!

BeaArthur3740d ago

It's called Top Ramen; or get a better job.

MetalProxy3740d ago

theres also Rice and Beans !!

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The story is too old to be commented.