Still Playing: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

EDGE - The moment I unlocked the silencer for my sniper rifle in Far Cry 3, it became a different game. Capturing outposts is where the best examples of its dynamic, improvisational combat emerge – if you make a mistake you adapt, juggling tactics as reinforcements pile in – but with the silencer, the need for guerrilla warfare was gone. I’d crouch in a bush a mile away and quietly pick off guards until the Rakyat flag was raised.

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TheTwelve1947d ago

I destroyed this game...loved it and beat it completely.

e-p-ayeaH1947d ago

After everything´s done (collectables,quests,upgrades) the game is still fun to mess around but it lacks the option to reset the garrisions/outposts like the original Far Cry 3.

Wni01947d ago

fix fc3s multiplayer now