It’s Official: Lightning Got a Boob Job for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

According to director Motomu Toriyama, one of the themes in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be Hope’s growth as seen from Lightning’s motherly point of view. Looks like Hope isn’t the only one that has grown, though, and Lightning’s body seems to have received quite the upgrade during her self-imposed crystal stasis as confirmed by the developers.

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TheLyonKing1800d ago

As long as its all natural....which what I mean to say is IDGAF cause am not 12.

Last ff 13 game....hopefully and it looks in interesting so I will give it a chance.

Abriael1800d ago

It's interesting to me as well. i'm especially interested in the real time mechanic. And as for the boobs, it's all in good fun :D

I found it funny that they mentioned it though.

PLASTICA-MAN1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

At TheLyonKing: you were faster than me to mention that, about being ALL NATURAL EVOLUTION !

brodychet1800d ago

lol... fine with me. ;D

Snookies121800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I dunno, they could have changed for a reason... *cough* pregnancy? *cough*

Lol, that's the only thing I could think of, even if I'm not sure where that would fit in with the story. Otherwise, it seems really odd to have done that. Takes away whatever slight realism the character had by changing them without an explanation. Even if it's something as minor as their chest becoming a bit bigger.

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thecurseddevil1800d ago

are you suggesting that men stop giving a shit about boobs after 12?

Campy da Camper1800d ago

I think he means most men after 12 start going after and getting the real thing

TheLyonKing1800d ago

Campy da camper hit the nail on the head.

MWH1800d ago

lol, natural bro, all natural. I did the checking.

Godmars2901800d ago

And most didn't notice, because most stopped paying attention to her after - during - FF13.

Abriael1800d ago

You always love talking for "Most" when Final Fantasy is concerned...

I wonder where those polls you use as source are :D

pompombrum1800d ago

Well I'm a long term FF fan dating back to FF7's release and he certainly echoes my thoughts.

Godmars2901800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I say such based on all the stories of people who quit the game 20 hours in.

I quit 50 hours in BTW.

""all the stories" don't a statistic make."

Neither do they make sales nor denote good quality.

All I know as fact is, that while I do like what I've seen of 13-3 in terms of mechanics, I'm not buying it because of the suppose direct connects it has to 13. I just cannot support Square when they do, what I feel, is creatively bankrupt and exploitative things like this in regards to story.

Abriael1800d ago

@Godmars290: "all the stories" don't a statistic make.

Eamon1800d ago

Well I'm pretty sure we would need to suspend belief for most people to have enjoyed FF13.

Godmars2901800d ago

No. In the exact case of 13 belief needs to be shot, chopped up and fed to the pigs. With the result of that then being spread over fields if not the ocean so that there is literally no trace of it.

FFS: the game relied on an in-game encyclopedia in attempt to make players involved, and even there information wasn't even half-heartedly made up crap.

Eamon1800d ago

haha yeah, I remember that. The real story was told through that encyclopedia and we got whining and running away for cutscenes.

Blackdeath_6631800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

agreed. if this game is on psplus IC sometime in the future i may give it a go not interested in it otherwise

AdmiralSnake1800d ago

Doesn't seem so, since most of you can't stop complaining about her, on every single article on this website AND MANY more =).

Godmars2901800d ago

That's because those complaining about her want her to go away, to stop making FF a sub-serialized connected series, but its not stopping.

There's already rumor that FF15 now is going to have two sequels. Will not in fact represent a *FINAL* fantasy.

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goldwyncq1800d ago

Just glad that all these "Where's Versus?" comments that have been plaguing FFXIII articles are finally going to stop now that they have shown FFXV.

Abriael1800d ago

In before someone that didn't notice that they changed the name comes and comments "Where's versus?!"

jc485731800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

that's just a breast plate silly, we don't even know what's beneath.

Edit: I meant to say what "size" is beneath.

Abriael1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

May want to read an article before commenting. It helps.

The developers themselves said it in an interview. Hence "It's official"

Snookies121800d ago

I'm pretty sure we KNOW what's underneath... Just not what the size is underneath lol.

On a side note though, I do hope this game turns out well. FFXIII was a good RPG (as far as RPGs go, just not up to the level FF games usually are.) FFXIII-2 was better in terms of gameplay. So... Who knows, maybe the third time will be a charm for this series. Either way, I'm glad we can finally move on. FFXV here I come!

jc485731800d ago

only you got my message.

xBigxBossx1800d ago

According to the design team, while we cannot give specific numbers [for the three sizes], the breast size has actually changed. In Final Fantasy XIII she had a C cup, now she has a D.

Quote from the developer.

Reading articles ftw

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