The $100 PS3 Game: Gran Turismo 5

Techconsumer writes:

"When Sony announced that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue would be available for $40 in April, I couldn't help but have a knee-jerk reaction. How could Sony get away with charging $40 for GT5 Reduced Lite Junior Prologue when the full version would sell for only $20 more? Here's how, the word is out today that the full blown version of Gran Turismo won't be out for another year! Is this a new business model for delayed games or just Sony trying to satiate the rabid Gran Turismo fans?"

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Shadow Flare3706d ago

Uh, do you see anyone complaining? Gran Turismo games, especially the latest ones take a long, long time to make. So thats why they release prologues to keep Gran Turismo fans happy, and so the wait doesn't seem so long. It's worth it, the price is well worth it, had GT5 not had like 700 cars or whatever whis would've been viewed as a full game anyway, because frankly this will be one of the best if not the best racer this gen so far. Plus its online too. Think GT5:P isn't worth it? Don't buy it. Wait a year

MURKERR3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

'is this a new business model for delayed games or just Sony trying to satiate the rabid Gran Turismo fans?'

no its them wanting perfection so in the mean time they gave us a starter until the main course arrives!

welcome to the exclusive platter that is gran turismo

sonarus3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

i am sick and tired of everyone feeling they have to give their 2 cents on the 40 dollar price tag. like they feel they have a fresh take on it that hasn't been mentioned already. this isn't sony's idea this isn't the first prologue. sony should have been kinder on the price and they better be tons of free dlc

Phil Harrison Mkllll3706d ago

$100 = £50(ish)
It's not that much!for pure Quality;)

masterg3706d ago

I've never been a huge GT fan. I'm simply a Arcade racer kind of guy. MotorStorm/Burnout OOhhh Yeah..

But I will be downloading GT5P. I simply need to see this beauty of a game on my own screen. I don't know if I will get the full game, because I'm pretty sure the prologue will be long enough for me.

So from me. Thanks Sony for giving us a big preview before the full game. Now just release a preview of Little Big Planet/Killzone 2 and so on. I will gladly pay big money :o)

wow4u3705d ago

"Uh, do you see anyone complaining?"

Are you _fcuking_ serious? $100 for a racing game? Maybe if it came bundled with a Wheel, sure, but get serious man.

Yeah, if I was a racing fan, i'd be furious.

dalibor3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Heres why we don't complain...
The track comparison of Nurburgring track, gt4 vs a real driver on nurburgring track which is a dangerous course to drive on, many people died. This is only gt4 by the way. GT4 gets it pretty close to the real deal. When you take all of the "aids" off from gt its much harder to drive, having a wheel makes it even more difficult. Post a vid of forza 2 and a real driver and lets see how accurate forza 2 is, until then don't yap about which is better. If you don't like GT then so be it.

By the way the real driver had to avoid other people, thats partially why the gt4 car is a little bit faster, but no game will ever be as realistic as in real life. Type in Gran Turismo 4 vs Reality in the search bar to find the vid on youtube.

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meepmoopmeep3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

comparing development time for GT5 against Halo is retarded. GT5 needs to model 800 cars, God knows how many tracks, auto parts, etc. as realistic as possible whereas other games don't go even come close to that kind of depth.

pwnsause3706d ago

you forget that it takes up to 6 months to create just 1 car.

travelguy2k3705d ago

to model like 100 cars, as different years or specs. are basicly the same car just a different version.

example: Subraru Imprezza, Subaru Imprezza WRX, Subaru Imprezza WRX STI..and so on.

I thin also it may have taken 6 months to get the firts car done but once the system is in place it will go allot faster. PD has like 140 employees, 140 x´s 6 months in wages for 1 car = stupidity.

wow4u3705d ago

HA! Listen to you two.

"OMG, there are 800 cars!" and "each one takes 6 months!" That is just ridiculous.

All these cars have already been modelled many times before, do you think they just start from scratch every time they need to model a car again.

There are 3rd Parties that do that kind of thing for very little.

Modeling cars has nothing to do with the $100 price. Frankly, I see it as Sony knowing it is going to sell X copies and needing to recoup its development costs.

xplosneer3705d ago

Or what would be the point?
These cars have the same amount of pixels in their HEADLIGHT then GT4 A spec cars did in the entire car.

Cicinho3705d ago

Why are you banging on about 100$ Is anyone being forced to pay 100$ to play GT5? No, you get a choice. You can pay 40$ for a mini GT5 or you can wait 1 year and pay 60$ and get the full game. Its entirely up to the consumer weather the want to buy 1 or the other or both.

Quite frankly I think 40$ for a mini GT5 is well worth it, so do Sony, so do many a PS3 owners around the world. Sold out on, reached number 1 on If this was such an outrage and joke and a money making scheme for Sony who lost all the billions on making this joke of a console then why is everyone buying it?

Are we complaining, no.

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tweaker3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

If you want a taste of GT5 get GT5P. You can skip Prologue all together and wait for the full version if you wish. Nobody is forcing you to pay $100 total for GT5.

I for one don't mind. I already bought the Japan version of Prologue a while back, and I'm about to get the US version soon. That would put me at $80 spent for a "demo"! Ha

SWORDF1SH3706d ago

exactly. why are people moanin about prologue?? if you dont like the price then dont but it. i can get the game for £17.99 and for that you get online, a perfect lookin game and 40 episodes of top gear to dl. the only people taht are gonna complain about this is 360 fanboys and people who dont like racing games. this is worth the money if you like it or not.

Proxy3706d ago

GT5 will probably cost close to $500, by the time you throw in the cost of GT1, 2, 3, 4, and all their "Prologe" or "Demo" versions. If they're going to combine 2 games in the series to come up with the price of GT5, why not just combine them all into one big sum and claim GT5 will come with a $500 price tag. Mine as well throw in the cost of a PS1, a PS2, and a PS3 while were at it; and some controlers, and a driving wheel, and a 176" television, and the cost of electricity, and the cost of driving to the store to buy it, and also the cost of an internet connection, and the cost of food which is required to stay alive...

Think what you will, GT5 will cost $60 and be well worth it. GT5P is up for debate, but it will be worth it to me.

SWORDF1SH3705d ago

lol the guys got a point

Massacre3706d ago

For the amount of Conetent that GT5P and GT5 will be bringing to the market, I dont mind paying over $100 for this at all..thats just me though.

SWORDF1SH3706d ago

yep coz gt5 is massive. it wipes the floor clean of any other racing game. theres been a huge team workin for years on this. thats how big this game is. the gt series has built up a reputation for being realistic, huge and having gorgous graphics. if you are happy to pay £40 a year for a slightly polished version of need for speed then buy that. if you want quality and style then buy the gt games. simple.

wow4u3705d ago


GT4 on Metacritic 89/100.
Forza 2 on Metacritic 90/100.

GT5 is probably trying to duplicate what is available for Forza 2 at

If GT5 doesnt ship with *at least* that level of online functionality, than its not worth buying.

Frankly, after seeing what direction Forza is going, I can't wait for Forza 3. I'll skip the $100 GT5 thanks.

xplosneer3705d ago

Well I would certainly hope a game from 2007 would be better than a game from 2005!

devilhunterx3705d ago

boom heatshot!!

Metacritic isnt a very good link to form an arguement with. why? their is no constant figure.

Are the same magazines and websites quoted for all games? no they arent.

It would be fair ONLY if all constant remained the SAME and only the main variable was changed (in this case the game to reviewed).

So you FAIL.

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Rattles3706d ago

wa fuken wa didint see any one complain when gt3p and gt4p released

creeping judas3706d ago

no N4G back then, that's why!!!