Sony's respect for indies now could lead to AAA exclusives without having to buy them later

If there is one thing that Sony has shown off in the past three years, it is their willingness to love, nurture, and respect the independent developers. They even made a point to devote a decent portion of their E3 conference to showcasing the independents. But there can be a lasting effect that many people may or may not realize.

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DivineAssault 1947d ago

Oh it will... Its going to get to where it was in the PS2 days..

Kingthrash3601947d ago

yeah buddy I fully support Indies. its the light of gaming imo

SolidDuck1947d ago

I still enjoy a good AAA game like a battlefield or the last of us. But most of the unique gameplay experiences are coming from indie developers now days. So sure I'm excited for games like destiny on ps4 but I'm equally excited for the indie and free to play support. It seems like the ps4 is going to be a great well rounded gaming experience.

b_one1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Sonys Master Plan revealed, we are teh D00md, but jokes aside, it could, JBlow seems to be first guy, 2nd is studio responsible for Abe...they just want to make games, not fight the wars with papers...

medman1947d ago

Sony is getting alot of what we want right while those who shall not be named are busy fumbling around in the dark.

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