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Top 10 Characters That Should Appear in 'Kingdom Hearts 3'

MTV Multiplayer - It's not surprise that "Kingdom Hearts 3" is finally a real thing. The long awaited numbered sequel to Disney and Square Enix's saccharine storied, melodramatic fated mash up is just on the horizon (the very, very distant horizon). I can't even fathom the number of teary eyed fans that can't wait to hear the next remix of Simple and Clean while wondering what new fan service-y characters will appear in KH3. (Kingdom Hearts 3, PS4, Xbox One)

pr0t0typeknuckles  +   391d ago
Spider-Man, NUFF SAID
visitig the marveluniverse would be great. also it is highly likely that noctis is in it somewhere.
Foxgod  +   390d ago
Pretty much everything belongs to disney now :P
wishingW3L  +   390d ago
pretty much. XD
animegamingnerd  +   390d ago
toy story that is all i want
spartanlemur  +   390d ago
While it would be nice to see a couple of Marvel and Star Wars characters in KH3, I still think the focus should be on characters from core Disney IP's. I just don't think it would be Kingdom Hearts if it focused too heavily on Disney's acquisitions.
Darth Vader as one of the primary antagonists would be awesome though!
Steelmanner  +   390d ago
I think it would be hilarious if Phineas and Ferb were in Kingdom Hearts 3.
SugarSoSweet  +   390d ago
I'd rather not have any Marvel or Stars Wars in Kingdom Hearts I think it whud ruin it just old skool Disney like Toy Story please
NihonjinChick  +   390d ago
They already had Tron and Pirates of the Caribbean. Those weren't old school but they did fine.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   390d ago
I dont want to see any of those. And since when is the Millenium Falcon a character?
Shadonic  +   390d ago
Studio Ghibli films would be great. Spirited away would fit in.
wishingW3L  +   390d ago
Disney promoted some of their movies but that is it. Ghibli is one thing and Disney is another one.
Shadonic  +   390d ago
>.> oh ok wither way I belive that it would be a cool idea.
Welcome2Die  +   390d ago
Theyre definitely gonna diminish the Final Fantasy characters significantly...
Shadonic  +   390d ago
I hope not, I remember the Battle with Sephiroth in KH2.

Man those were good times.
Welcome2Die  +   390d ago
Yeah I doubt Cloud and Sephy will be back with this game being on the Xboned and all....

Anyway if you played the PSP game the only FF character was Zack... It kind of sucked, I wanted more.
NihonjinChick  +   390d ago
I would love to see The World Ends With You characters comeback to the series.
raiden-49  +   390d ago
Moar charters from FF6 apart from Setzer
weekev15  +   390d ago
Time to go full Pixar methinks. Toy Story, Incredibles, Nemo. Maybe stay away from Monsters, it will have enough exposure.

Would also like to see some of the less popular 1s like The Rescuers and Pocahontas. Some great stories in there.

They will probably go along the Rapunzel/Priness and the Frog line as well.
INMATEofARKHAM  +   390d ago
Don't forget about Wreck-It Ralph too! :D
weekev15  +   390d ago
Good call. Would be madness to ignore wreck it ralph.
Muigi  +   390d ago
There are so many Disney movies goddam!
Hadoukameha  +   389d ago
Wanna see Crono.

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