Xbox One's Reputation System Sounds Crazy But It Just Might Work

Kotaku - Placing the responsibility for policing a community into the hands of the members of said community is a lovely idea that rarely works as expected. The new Xbox Live reputation system launching with the Xbox One gives players the power to promote the polite over the pestiferous, with (hopefully) enough safeguards in place to prevent gang warfare.

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Mystogan1948d ago

what are you doing!!?? You can't post anything positive about the Xbox One,especially not on N4G, it's against the law of Sony fans!!

2pacalypsenow1948d ago

So only sony fans hate the Xbox1 and its rental box and DRM?

MysticStrummer1948d ago

Ah yes, "Only N4G PS fanboys don't love the One" Syndrome. A very sad delusional state. Please give generously to help fund research.


CRAIG6671948d ago

I think the internetz must be a broken?

sovietsoldier1948d ago

i hope the system can recognize people who play music through their mics and the longer they play the lower their score go's down.

they need to also refine some of the feeback, so if your kicked from a server it was legit and not for making room for friend or clan.

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