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The PS3 Had 12 Games At Launch. Here's What They Looked Like.

Kotaku - We finally saw the actual PlayStation 4 during Sony's E3 press conference on Monday, and we got sneak peaks at the console's upcoming games, some of which will be launch titles. But how do those games compare with the PS3's launch titles? Let's take a look. (PS3)

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NYC_Gamer  +   649d ago
Here's what i bought

2 controllers
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Alcoholic beverage

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OhReginald  +   649d ago
for me it was 60gb and Resistance and the untold legends game.
GamingAngelGabriel  +   649d ago
I had the first Untold Legends on PSP. It was mindblowing at the time.
xBigxBossx  +   649d ago
RIP to my phat ps3..
But we all know MGS4 is why drove original ps3 sales
liorishot  +   649d ago
i had the 60gb with virtua tennis 3 and fight night round 3 and vegas rainbow six
Fluke_Skywalker  +   649d ago
I got the 60gb with Resistance FOM and MotorStorm.
MysticStrummer  +   649d ago
Phat 60 with R:FoM and Oblivion. It was a few months after launch but I waited on Oblivion to release. Good times.
infamous-butcher  +   649d ago
60gb with formula 1 ce and RFOM.
still playing mgs3 online when the ps3 came out.
guitarded77  +   649d ago
I waited and got the 80GB MGS4 bundle and GTA4.

But I already pre-ordered PS4 with Killzone Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4. Still gonna get one or two more, but waiting for the final launch list to decide.
kreate  +   649d ago
Agreed w bigxboss
Ju  +   648d ago
I liked that Untold Legends game. I think I still have it somewhere. Almost tempted to play me some "retro" PS3 games. LOL. Sold all Resistance games in the hope to get me a collectors bundle later - but haven't gotten it yet.
pixelsword  +   648d ago
60 + Resistance (got it early)

I think Motorstorm was next.

Then Warhawk.

Then I forget.
specialguest  +   648d ago
I got my 60 gig during the launch month and R:FOM was my first title. Playing a FPS on the sixaxis was something I had to work on adapting to since I came from PC gaming back then and was used to a k/m.

On another note, remember the Tekken 6 E3 2005 trailer? A lot of us got super hyped and thought it could possibly be real gameplay since the PS3 was a powerful piece of hardware during '05 with the cutting-edge CELL. So the question is, can we expect to see the next Tekken look like this trailer on the PS4?

Thatlalala  +   648d ago
nix  +   648d ago
i bought 60gb a year after the launch and the two games i picked up were Heavenly Sword and Uncharted 1.

i had the most fabulous long weekend ever!
ShinMaster  +   648d ago
Comparing those screens with current PS3 games
gives me so much to look forward to with PS4.
MikEyG  +   648d ago
@xBigxBoss,Yup!!!,I remember waitin like a year and a half for the ps3 after launch but as soon as that MGS4 bundle came out I was on it.
hakis86  +   648d ago
I actually got lucky and won my 40GB PS3 about a year after launch! :)

I'm having trouble remembering which games I bought first.. But I think it was some of the following: Uncharted 1, R:FoM, Motorstorm..and downloaded GT HD Concept :) Looked so amazing!
DrJones  +   648d ago
I got the 60gb with Motorstorm.
abzdine  +   648d ago
I only bought virtua tennis 3 and motorstorm a few weeks later.
now PS4 line-up is amazing! So many great games to be getting! I bought also a big Ben usb peripheral to use my PS2 controllers.

Greatness awaits
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   648d ago
You guys were luck! As I waited 'till January 2007 to get my 60GB and Brazil have some crazy limitations with imports, also back in the day the USD was worth like 3.5 BRL. This meant finding games here was considerably hard, I myself could only find some 3 crap launch games, everything else was taken... I picked the awful Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, but luckly I got to trade it for MotorStorm with a friend who really don't enjoy racing games. It was past some good 3 months 'till I got my second game.

Also, as the exchange rate was a lot more unfavorable and the only PS3s here were imports bought somewhere else at costumer price, we had seen some crazy pricing, like R$8000 (almost 2300 dollars by that time) for the console in xmas 2006. To give you guys an idea I got a console, an extra controller and a game for R$4500 (almost 1300 dollars in 2007) in what was considered a good deal.

Thankfully, this time around Jack Tretton himself said Sony will be trying to get a PS4 release in here for less than R$1000 (about 550 dollars in today's exchange rate), cheaper than both PS3 (R$1099 for 250GB super slim, which is made here) and Vita (R$1399 for a wifi only version with no card at all, made in China) current official prices here, so it seens we'll get a more realistical price globally despite no PS4 fabrication here (yet).

Even considering the initial difficult to find games and the crazy prices practiced in Brazil (for everything, really), it was worth every minute, I even learned some Linux back in the day and used the PS3 as my main PC for almost a year.
ssj27  +   649d ago
RFOM <3 what a launch game.
hope one of m favorites games KILLZONE can fulfill that.. i bet it will.. :)
TKCMuzzer  +   649d ago
Agree, RFOM was great, it has a great atmosphere to it. I wish they had done a trophy patch for it.
hakis86  +   648d ago
@TKCMuzzer: Let's hope for a good reboot on the PS4 someday!
ssj27  +   648d ago

well if they do a R4 it does need to be like RFOM Multiplayer, R2 coop, and the Campaign ned to be like RFOM with the R3 mix..

idk about a reboot .. Resistance has a lot more to give in term of history I ill love if it goes into a more modern era some crazy twist.. but that era needs to ends R3 end it well..
3-4-5  +   649d ago
COD 3 was awesome....back before it became "hardcore" lol
raiden-49  +   649d ago
Mine was a 60gb R.I.P for €649
With two controllers and two games the first was
Ginja days of the blade =. =; or as my friends call it Giant enemy crab and Mortorstorm.
InTheLab  +   648d ago
Just tried to replay that game...and I ejected the disc and crushed it.

Curious how it's been in my library since launch but NOW I finally dispose of it.
PirateThom  +   649d ago
Extra Controller

Downloaded Gran Turismo HD Concept and went all out.
NBT91  +   648d ago
That's what I did, except Motorstorm instead of Resistance. The good thing about the UK delay was having a few more choices in launch. (but don't do it again Sony!)

I think I got Super Rub A Dub as well. Remember that? The tech demo with like a million realistic ducks that turned out to be a simple arcade title?

I got Oblivion too, but I can't remember if it was a launch game. I don' think it was, think it was one of the first big PS3 releases from launch though.
scofios  +   648d ago
for me it was 60gb.
And raibow six vegas 1
Played the shit out of grand tourismo demo .

2 weeks later i bought genji wich was desapointing compared with the ps2 Genji
delicia  +   648d ago
I would like to see an Infamous x Second Son comparison (the first one x the third one).

60gb with Resistance, afterwards Lair aaaand I cannot remember the other one.
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bigrob904  +   648d ago
i had

ridge racer 7
Fight night round 3
riikotta  +   648d ago
I bet the rum was to forget how much you spent!! I bought my 6o gig with Virtua Fighter 5 (not launch day).
Uzesgelen_Goo  +   648d ago
60GB launch with RFOM & Ridge Racer & Motorstorm. Warhawk
Darrius Cole  +   648d ago
Not release day in November 2006, but right after the price cut in November 2007.

80GB, Backward Compatible, Fat, PS3
MotorStorm came with the PS3.
Heavenly Sword
Virtua Fighter 5
FamilyGuy  +   648d ago
I waited a year (had to)

Ended up with the 80Gb MotorStorm Bundle
(Still had partial b/c, card readers and 4 usb slots)
Heavenly Sword
Ratchet and Clank
and a mail in for 5 free blu-ray movies.

It was awesome, MotorStorm looked amazing and I bought MGS4 shortly after which was another eye-gasmic experience.

Loved my PS3, web browser, saving movie files directly to the system down download site. It was only doing everything way back in 08 :)

Getting PS4 Day 1 though.
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NBT91  +   648d ago
Oh yeah I got a free copy of "Casino Royale" on Blu Ray when it was still a new film. Think it was for being one of the first 500,000 to register for PSN in the UK,
irepbtown  +   648d ago
I too waited, 80GB PS3; Battlefield Bad Company, accessory pack (HDMI cable, another controller etc) and soon after I got MGS4 and GTA IV.

This time, the PS4 will be mine at launch (hopefully). Haven't ordered a game yet, Watchdogs is the top of my list though.

PS: My PS3 + accessory + BF:BC cost £400 (got 3 year guarantee too), and MGS4/GTA IV cost £40 each.
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sackboyhappy  +   648d ago
resistance and motorstorm for me, resistance was a realy good multiplayer at the time as well :)
One4U  +   648d ago
jmc8888  +   648d ago
RFOM was a blast when people were playing the hell out of it. So much fun. My PS3 basically was a RFOM console the first few months.

Already had some of the other games on the 360.

But RFOM was amazing. The only downside was the bland and reduced color set, something I easily overlooked.
vigilante_man  +   648d ago
It was MGS4 that did it for me. I walked into the big gaming in the city centre and saw the MGS4 15-minute demo from Tokyo Games Show. Had never seen anything that amazing before.

Also RFOM had awesome atmosphere to it and a very harsh check point system. Very frustrating but rewarding once completed!

Loved Motorstorm too - also got Ridge Racer on day one of purchase.
jmc8888  +   648d ago
Sometimes I would just hide in a box...just because.
moparful99  +   648d ago
Launch 60gig with motorstorm, resistance and a few months later I bought warhawk and barely played anything but for the next year... Some of my fondest gaming memories.. Love my PS3!
TOSgamer  +   648d ago
They need to make a new Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.
kenshiro100  +   648d ago
I got the PS3 60gb with Resistance and Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I really liked Sigma. v.v
sinjonezp  +   648d ago
For me it was the metal gear bundle with the phat ps3 that was backwards compatible.she finally died a month ago.
zeddy  +   648d ago
i remember resistance fondly.
TheFamous1  +   648d ago
Wasn't it COD2? Damn I kinda miss WW2 games lol and back then we were like "Enough with World War 2 games!!" and then we got bombarded with modern/near future military shooters.
NBT91  +   648d ago
Haha, right? But yeah it was COD3. COD3 came out during the same week.
EDIT - COD2 might have been a 360 launch game. I remember it having really impressive smoke for the time lol
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DivineAssault  +   649d ago
Nx gen is a decent enough leap imo.. I can immediately tell the differences in textures & resolution..
cyhm3112  +   649d ago
it is only PS4 you are talking about. Not the other console
ambientFLIER  +   648d ago
lol, troll
malokevi  +   649d ago
I was very impressed with what I saw at E3. From both the Xbox One and the PS4.

It can only get better. Not to mention that it will generally look better on a nice wide screen HDTV.
Lucid_Lethality  +   648d ago
The Xbox One games weren't running on an Xbox One, they were running on a VERY beefy PC.

Too lazy to find a link, google is your friend.
Halochampian  +   648d ago

I'm surprised no one has corrected you. Dev kits cost a lot of money and are very limited. Most dev teams rather have those dev kits back at the studio continuing to be used for development.

Therefor they use beefy machines to run a emulated xbox one.
malokevi  +   648d ago
I dont care if the games were running on a microwave oven. As long as it is representative of what we will see in the final product, I'm happy.
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jmc8888  +   648d ago
They weren't representative.

As much as running Zelda beefed up on a two linked together PS4's is representative of a Wii U game.

Those PC's had 250-500 percent more raw power than what the Xbox one will have.

Well 500 percent of a 360 is almost this gen.

So no, the xbox one will not give you graphics like that.
malokevi  +   648d ago
The only advantage of running the software on a high-end PC like that would be to ensure things ran perfectly smooth & prevent crashing. I see absolutely no reason to believe that game wont run on the Xbox One.

After all, these games are being developed specifically around the XB1's architecture...
EazyC  +   649d ago
Jeebus...i can't believe I was amazed by Resistance's visuals when it was released, looks so dated now, but i guess the flip side is that upcoming games look truly breathtaking.
OhReginald  +   649d ago
resistance 1 looks a lot better than what those screens show. and a TON better in motion.
madpuppy  +   648d ago
ironically, I still throw it in every once in a while and play multiplayer.
Fluke_Skywalker  +   649d ago
And it makes you think, how amazing will PS4 games look in a few years time? I can't wait :)
ginsunuva  +   648d ago
Resistance still looks good. No game has yet captured its atmosphere and art style.
andrewer  +   649d ago
But the PS3...has no games!
Y_5150  +   648d ago
Haha I remember that!
johnsonbat  +   649d ago
2 controllers and a 5 year warranty which came in handy twice.
Salooh  +   649d ago
Same experience here. Those two games are like legends or something in its time. They were sooo cool. Had a great new experience with them :) ..
TheFamous1  +   648d ago
Damn I totally forgot about Motorstorm
Xof  +   649d ago
Now that the next generation is upon us, let's take a moment to reflect on all those fantastic PS3 games that were announced, but never released.

So many, many games.

RE_L_MAYER  +   649d ago
I remember that and one or two games that didnt ever release, at least not in us...one was a japaniese rpg with a use of ps eye
ltachiUchiha  +   649d ago
I believe it was due to the architecture the ps3 was built with which made it very difficult for devs to make games for the ps3 that really hurt them. You can definitely feel the difference with the ps4 vs ps3. Its almost guaranteed this time every title they show will be created. Also remember sony was losing money with each ps3 sold & that could have played a big part of why sony decided to cancel a few titles. I think the ps4 is going to be very successful & we are going to see the ps2 era again. I think even better with all the support sony is getting this time around.
sashimi  +   649d ago
that and the jump to HD was so costly :( but i hope next gen will be different
madpuppy  +   648d ago
8 days.....please resurrect....
AllThingsShining  +   649d ago
Call of Duty 3
Second controller

I can remember just sat looking out the window for ages waiting for the postman to arrive. A splendid morning.
Sarobi  +   649d ago
Tony Hawk's Project 8

Later on I end up getting:
Corpser  +   649d ago
Lol people paid $599 and played Resistence FoM for 2 years
ssj27  +   649d ago
what a good game it's
making fun of it is like making fon of those who buy a atari and play it's games..

you are very naive and your logic is very stupid.. is no hard to be smart try it.. you may end up like in it haha
Salooh  +   649d ago
I played :
Motor storm
NBA Homecourt
Need for speed pro street
Heavenly sword
Def jam icon
Assassin creed
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas
I bet i forgot some. All of them in the same year. Then huge games started to come like cod4/gtav/mgs4..etc

2 years my ass. There were other games but i continue playing it for 2 years because i loved it. The list you saw in that article is dumb. Even the purpose of it is just misleading. PS4 will get inFAMOUS second son after 2 months. Putting this kind of articles makes this game doesn't exist. It's simply wrong and ignorant from them..
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Hicken  +   648d ago
lol Corper trolling PS articles still.
Nodoze  +   648d ago
Go play Halo or Forza or Gears.
Xof  +   649d ago
Oh, hers's something worth noting: Gundam Crossfire was a terrible, terrible game.




Then the developers took that Crossfire engine, and spent several years with it crafting one of the very finest Gundam games ever made (Gundam Senki: Record U.C. 0081).

Which was several years ago... and the last Gundam game from those developers.

Which means we may very well see a Gundam title on PS4 at Launch (just like we saw with the PS2 and PS3)... only this time, it could be INCREDIBLE.
Firan  +   649d ago
I sure hope so. I believe Gundam games have massive potential.
Xof  +   649d ago
And if we're lucky--super lucky--it may even get localized, by virtue of being a launch game (assuming all other assumptions bear out).

I really don't like paying twice as much to import games. ~__~
the_bebop  +   648d ago
I got that game it was horrible at least for the game mechanics so I traded it in.

Unless a gundam game for the PS4 is a good game or is Dynasty Warriors Gundam 4, I wont be buying.
RE_L_MAYER  +   649d ago
Didnt get it at lauch but close...paid cash in 10 and 20s and a ton of change)))) I got 60 gig with nothing else but a bought a game month earlier (def jam icon) just to see how bluray looked like

As for ps4 I will probably get watch dogs or battlefield 4-havent decided yet
tigertron  +   649d ago
For me I got the 60GB with Resistance with an HDMI cable from GAME. then a few days later I got Motorstorm.
Skate-AK  +   649d ago
I didn't get any console at launch. Got my PS3 around 4 years ago.
Xof  +   649d ago
That's probably the smartest thing to do.

I only ever got two consoles at launch... the 3DS and Vita--both of which were notorious for having -awful- launches... and subsequent first years.

Every other console I've got after the 2nd or 3rd year. Not only is there a much better, more diverse library by then--but a lot of the games are discounted.
Nodoze  +   648d ago
Xof you make a great point. I think for the first time ever I am going to wait. Allow them to work the kinks out. Get a few system updates, and some more games.

PS4 for sure, just not at launch!

Plus the PS lineup is still VERY strong foe the next year +
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Evil_Ryu  +   649d ago
Xbox 360 had a better launch line up in my opinion
coolbeans  +   649d ago
After playing FoM, I don't want to jump on the "lol PS3 had no gamez" train I constantly saw back then; however, I think it pales in comparison to 360's. As dated as it looked, Condemned perfectly captured first-person melee-based combat. And CoD2>3
esemce  +   648d ago
Yes the 360 did have a better launch lineup:


It was not until Uncharted released that the PS3 was a must have for me, also I knew that I would need a Ps3 for the new team Ico game (lol) and MGS4. Tho motorstorm was great looking it had too little content and Resistance was average.

Having finished TLOU this week it's clear the PS3 has come a long way graphically, I'm very positive for the PS4.
xtremexx  +   649d ago
wasnt heavenly sword one?
coolbeans  +   649d ago
No, that came out about...9 months after PS3's launch.
GamePeace  +   649d ago
Looks like today, nothing has changed. The differences are ghosty. The only changed thing is volumetric tessellation 'cause of Directx11.1.
#16 (Edited 649d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
NiteX  +   648d ago
Well you can't expect it to be as huge of a leap as SD to HD was.
GamePeace  +   648d ago
Indeed, but I believe that the graphics will become much better and then it's time to be really impressed by it.
Relientk77  +   649d ago
All I really remembered was Resistance Fall of Man lol

after beating the campaign, played the online multiplayer for it a lot
GamePeace  +   649d ago
Deception is their game.
wenaldy  +   649d ago
I got Ridge Racer 7 as a launch game for the first 6 month.. What a joke -_-
MemphisMayFire1993  +   649d ago
Its crazy to see how well games improved since launch. Compare those launch titles to The Last of Us. Simply Amazing
solidboss07  +   649d ago
I got the 60g model, Motorstorm and Resistance FOM.
hairy  +   649d ago
60g with RFoM and an extra controller. still runs like a champ :)
RedDeadLB  +   649d ago
Same thing but I buried two 60gb ones. Great consoles, but man those chip solders were the weak point of this generation, both for Xbox 360 and PS3 (the first ones - ironically, the ones that cost the most).

I'd still like to get my hands on a PS3, if I could ever find one for cheap. It has the best games by far.
fardan85  +   649d ago
I couldn't get a launch ps3, I was too busy with study/work.
2 years later, I got the Slim. 250 GB, 2 controllers, resistance 2 + Motor storm 2.
Hopefully, PS4 + watch dog + KZ
Pillsbury1  +   649d ago
I feel ya, when ps4 comes out I will be coming up on finals. :( will have to wait till beginning of next year.
fardan85  +   649d ago
good luck in your exams :)
Pillsbury1  +   649d ago
RIP fat ps3 40gb spiderman limited edition with 6 free blu rays mail in offer.
GABRIEL1030  +   649d ago
I'm still playing Ridge Racer 7 :D
KingKevo  +   648d ago
And Kaz loves you for that.

Btw it's gonna be interesting to see when the first RR will come to PS4.
GABRIEL1030  +   648d ago
I'm a Ridge Racer Fan, I bought at PSN store Ridge Racer Type 4, Ridge Racer for Vita and RR7. RR on PS4 would be great.
Hazmat13  +   649d ago
60GB, Motorstorm and RFOM with 2 controllers. thats was it and i was set. motorstrom took over my days and resistance was fun a hell to play co op. then after it was heavenly sword (great game i need HS2!) after that drifted in to mutilplat games and well been playing The Last Of Us. and i LOVE IT!
KingKevo  +   648d ago
I bought the 60GB version and MotorStorm (I'm European) and had an amazing time. When the console launched I wanted to play a game that's a little bit different and MotorStorm was the way to go. My other option that I was considering was Resistance, but I didn't want to start off with an FPS.

It's still great to think about getting my PS and playing MS. That's really cool and imho MS looked amazing back in the day.

Still trying to figure out what the first game should be that I'll play on my PS4. Maybe Driveclub PS+ edit, cause it's also made by Evolution Studios.
Sugreev2001  +   648d ago
Ah,the PS3 launch. I bought the 60gb and two games - Motorstorm and Resistance:Fall of Man. Even though I eventually bought both the 360 and Wii,I never lost any faith on my PS3. To me,it's been a worthy successor to the PS2.
#28 (Edited 648d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
NeXXXuS  +   648d ago
I love me some Ridge Racer
InTheZoneAC  +   648d ago
when Super Stardust HD came out I played that nonstop for months. I don't play it much at all now, although I probably should play it more often on the Vita, but it's easily one of the best games out there.

People that think Geometery Wars is special, Super Stardust HD puts that game to shame, and yes I did own a 360 for a few months along with Geometry Wars.

But other than that, all I played was madden and resistance.

rfom had a solid single player, online was bland though and it got worse with each iteration.
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