The GOTY contenders (first semester)

After the first 6 months of the year, what are the real GOTY contenders?

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Walker1948d ago

1. The Last of Us
2. GTA V
3. Bioshock: Infinite

Ezz20131948d ago

GTAV will have to do alot to beat this gem "the last of us"

i hope it don't win GOTY or get great reviews just because it have "GTA" on it

it have to be great game that deserve the scores and awards

x5exotic1948d ago

Like how TLOU got great reviews because it has 'naughty dog' on it.
Yeah, wouldn't like that.

BlindGuardian1948d ago

I think Metro Last Light should be on that list, higher than Tomb Raider but lower than the other three

goldwyncq1948d ago

Based on reviews, TLOU already defeated Bioshock Infinite. Let's see if GTA V can surpass both games.

Kanzes1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

GTA IV still the highest rated game in metacritic (99%) I'm sure they will won GOTY again this year

ZodTheRipper1948d ago

Now seriously, does anyone here think that GTA 4 is a 99/100 game? It was great but it was a 9 at the very most for me.

Wigriff1940d ago

I agree zod. It was a fun game, but GTA IV did have its flaws – like the fact that it controlled like complete ass.

Oh, and...

"Hey cousin! Would you like to go bowling?" hehe

thezeldadoth1948d ago

shooter, shooter, and shooter. This is the problem with games these days.

goldwyncq1948d ago

None of those are purely shooters though.

thezeldadoth1948d ago

bioshock would have been almost a perfect game if not for the same old shooter sections. I thought the game was so innovative at first, then i started shooting boring enemies for hours, and it went downhill from there. i wish games could innovate in storytelling with innovative gameplay mechanics on top of it. games break up the flow with forced sections of shooting countless enemies.

Kanzes1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

you're wrong if you think Bioshock is 'another FPS'

same thing apply to The Last of Us and GTA V

3-4-51948d ago

FPS games aren't they problem. They are popular because it's easy to jump into a game and see some action for 10-30 min and have fun.

The problem is when people in a position of power to make the choice to try something new....when those people decide not to and they decide to just do what everyone else is doing....

^ That is the problem.

You then get watered down versions of everything.

It's not just in gaming though, it's in the real world.

Watch when something gets popular or a little buzz suddenly everybody "has to do it".

Those choices are made by out of touch rich arrogant idiots without a creative bone in their body.

People at the top aren't creative, they live off of our creativeness and when we create something new and awesome, they are the leeches that swarm in to cash in on it.

x5exotic1948d ago

@goldwynq, which makes them all the more half-assed.

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Kanzes1948d ago

I totally agree with the list, but GTA isn't released yet

ZodTheRipper1948d ago

Judging by the first half of the year, TLOU seems to take the crown. But I'm expecting a lot from GTA5, too. As of now, I think it will be between those 2 games in the end.

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1948d ago
blackstrr4111948d ago

Ground zeroes
Last of us
Lords of shadows 2

morganfell1948d ago

Apparently the word semester is a mystery to some people...

Kanzes1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

what's up with the 'disagree'? every person got their own GOTY list. Even I think MGS V will not release this year

SolidGear31948d ago

The Last of Us
BioShock Infinite
Beyond: Two Souls
Tomb Raider
Metro: Last Light

generalthadeape1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Shouldn't that be first "Quarter" instead of "Semester?

"Semester" just sounds strange to me-- hmmm.

x5exotic1948d ago

It's freaking June; I think that's longer than a quarter.

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