Planetside 2 On PS4: 'Looks Like PC On Max Settings,' Supports Vita Remote Play

Gameinformer sat down with Planetside 2's executive producer Clint Worley and senior art director Tramell Isaac to talk about why their work is something prospective PlayStation 4 owners should be excited about. For those that aren't up on the PC title, Planetside 2 offers a persistent war with three enormous maps, three factions, and approximately 2,000 players in a combat zone at a time. Planetside annihilates the competition in terms of scope.

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Chuk51949d ago

I've wanted to play this game for so long, didnt have a pc.
Hopefully PS2 is at ps4 launch

OlgerO1949d ago

Lol was confused by that last sentence for a few seconds XD

PLASTICA-MAN1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I hope they include the Physx effects too. They add an extra push to the game !

My pc is core i7 with GTX 660 and 8 gigs of RAM and can barely run the game at max with a resolution of 1366x 768 with very choppy framerates. Very resource hungry game.

papashango1949d ago

I don't play it anymore but I have no doubt the PS crowd will enjoy this one.

I switched from BF3 to PS2 and never looked back.

I played BF3 on Ultra 100+fps 64 player servers so it says alot about how well made PS2 is.

I truly believe PS2 Incorporates what should be the de facto Free 2 play pricing model for First Person Shooters. The only other F2P game that compares is League Of Legends.

nikrel1948d ago

@ Plastica-Man

I do not have issues with the game.

i5-3570k 3.4
16gb ram
GTX 660 Ti

And I run at 1080p high everything physx enabled just fine.

IaMs121948d ago

Nice, i hope this means that they optimized the game better and that the PC version will see better performance due to this. My HD 7950 has some issues with it at times.

stragomccloud1948d ago

Me too. I wonder if that was intentional.

spdarksky1948d ago

@ Plastica-Man

i doubt Physx will be available in any console on any game at any time. Reason: PhysX = NVidia Exclusive.. XBone/PS4 = AMD..

How can your Corei7 and GTX660Ti have a problem? My Corei7 & GTX560 Ti runs fine all max w/ PhysX..

Angeljuice1948d ago

It has been confirmed that PS4 does indeed run PhysX, I don't know if it's a dedicated chip but I read several times that a licence had been granted to Sony for the PS4.

spdarksky1948d ago


I've read a few articles regarding PhysX for PS4. It's true and i do agree with Angeljuice, but only until certain extent. AMD won't have the CUDA tech to run NVidia PhysX, BUT!

By using middleware provided by NVidia it certainly can. Hack, currently PC running on AMD can process PhysX, but not all features will be available.

PhysX running on non-CUDA hardwares in my opinion will only be like a Limited PhysX features. So all bells and whistles that makes PhysX uniquely different than Havoc will not be available. As a more complex PhysX features requires a CUDA tech/hardwares.

Ju1946d ago

How do you know it runs on the CPU? All it needs is a compute framework. For all we know NVidia might have ported PhysX to OpenCL or Sony's own low level compute language. Just because it is available for PS4 doesn't mean it runs on the CPU. CUDA is just another compute API.

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HammadTheBeast1949d ago

Set for this year, so I'm assuming if not launch then in about a month after.

PS2 at Max graphics looks amazing especially at the night time with lasers everywhere.

Blackdeath_6631948d ago

yeah planetside 2 i think is the game where i will use the share button the most because so much crazy stuff goes on in that game

Reverent1948d ago

It will be awesome. I couldn't play PS2 on very high graphical settings so this should be nice.

Speaking of the share button... I was playing BF3 last night on Omen, my buddy spawned on me as I was being surrounded by at least 4-5 guys, and as I stared dumbfounded, my buddy just blows through everyone with a shotgun, and the last guy to die glitched out so that right as he was shot, he just flew into the sky as his body flailed about.

I really f**king wish I had that share button.

waltercross1948d ago

DC Universe and PS2 Should come pre-installed, to help promote them games on the PS4.

BlindGuardian1949d ago

I was confused about the part of not having a PC

3-4-51949d ago

I build a PC back in April. Been playing this game since then and it's definitely fun.

It lacks that addictiveness of COD or Battlefield, but you gets some huge battles and it's always alive with a battle going on somewhere.

2,000-6,000 people a server...3 continents per server to start with as they are adding more.

Its a fun game, but I just started playing BF3, and i'm enjoying that a bit more.

Sony fans are going to love playing Planetside 2 for free though...It's great to kill time in between game releases.

vigilante_man1948d ago

Never played a game on this scale before. Just as you said, it will be great to give it a go in between releases. I feel a great bond emerging between PS4 & PC games & developers..

waltercross1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

@ vililante_man

Well, Sony is the ones that Developed PS2, DC Universe, Everquest etc...they have so many Games they can bring over to the PS4...all Exclusives of course since Sony made them, Good times to have a Playstation!.

EDIT: And if they can cross server these games so that PC Players can play with PS4 Players then Life will be Grand!.

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jujubee881949d ago

It has come true, dear vitamuffins! :O

faysal1949d ago

thank you :) i love you too... (my last name is SHAHID) lol

jujubee881948d ago

Shahid coined the phrase "vitamuffins". It's straight from the VITA saviors mouth. :-)

cleft51949d ago

I wanted to play this game but might current PC can't handle it, so I am looking forward to this on the PS4.

Allsystemgamer1949d ago

Definitely a great option for those who's pcs can't handle it. I'm glad there's no cross platform cu kbm is too precise vs a controller. But it's all preference. On my PC for single player I use a controller and obviously kbm for mp

Corpser1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

It supports 1440p on pc, which obviously ps4 can't do , so is not on "max settings"

Enemy1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

No one's talking about max resolution. But rather: max textures, max shadows, max AA, etc.

You keep failing, Corpser, but I'll let you try again.


Since you can buy a PC that can run the game at 1440p with everything maxed out ( I still need to find out what PC can do that right now), they you can obviously buy a a 4K TV, who knows, maybe they will patch the game just for you to run it in such resolution. PFFFF !

Angeljuice1948d ago

It says the game "LOOKS LIKE a pc on max settings", not that it HAD the same settings.

DOMination-1949d ago

Only three maps though? Think I'll stick with cod goats

Nah looks good, looking forward to playing with my mates on ps4.

MasterCornholio1949d ago

Yep and since its free anyone that likes large scale sci fi multiplayer games should give this one a try.

trenso11949d ago

yea but the map are huge and it its like a constant war that doesnt end

ginsunuva1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

He jokes.

We all know the maps are like the size of a state.

MysticStrummer1949d ago

lol @ CoD "Goats".

I'll take three huge continents where the front lines can change over CoD's tiny levels. Even if I didn't get PS+, this game would fill my multiplayer needs for a long time.

3-4-51949d ago

Each map is = to about 100 COD maps though.

Actually a lot more...probably 200.

They are adding more though and each map = continent.

MysticStrummer1948d ago

I think the video I just watched said the continents are about 64 square kilometers each.

SITH1948d ago

Only three maps lol. Try and walk across one of those maps in one hour and see how far you get. Especially with two factions shooting at you.

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