Why Final Fantasy XV Deserves a Fair Chance

It’s been a long road for Final Fantasy XV - formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII before being rebranded at Sony’s E3 conference earlier this week. It’s hard to believe that the game was originally announced alongside Final Fantasy XIII back at E3 in 2006. Judging by the reactions on our forums it’s safe to say that, for the most part, its re-announcement has done much to quell the previously existing doubt that many felt towards the game - doubt built upon repeated delays and time spent outside of the public spotlight. But despite all of the positive reaction towards Final Fantasy XV’s unveiling, it seems that some have already decided that the game is a lost cause. I’m here to argue why this is not the case, why Final Fantasy XV deserves a fair chance.

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wishingW3L1956d ago

even if the males looks like Japanese hosts the game's looking really good.

Need4Game1956d ago

Final Fantasy XV

60 hours single player gameplay + Online MMORPG

Done with the Single Player?

Create your own Character and Explore the World on foot or on an Airship !

Chest Slider, Chest Physics & Treasure Chest included.

ThanatosDMC1956d ago

I'm ok with that if the online portion is separate from my single player storyline.

3-4-51956d ago

Only FF games I've played are FF 11 & FFTA2....

I'm looking forward to this FF game more so than any other.

I've known of and followed the series but never been a playstation gamer so never had the chance to play many or almost all of them.

Has Sega back in the 90's to so I never got to play the SNES ones either.

This game looks 10X better than that Lightning crap.

This makes a "non-fan" want to play this game...

It's almost = to the effect of FF7, but in a different way.

NeXXXuS1956d ago

Because I trust Tetsuya Nomura. He's been with Final Fantasy for LONG time and he knows how to make amazing games.

jc485731956d ago

but 6 plus years ain't short.

pompombrum1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

It deserves a fair chance as a spin off but with the combat system I saw, it feels like yet another slap in the face to long term FF fans to call this game FF15. So many long term supporters of Square were just calling for them to go back to their roots and they do the exact opposite.

Irishguy951956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

They did go back to their roots. The thing missing is the turn based system. Please don't try and tell that systwm was good. The com vb at system has always been the worst aspect of ff. The gamrs e known for storirs. Visual and the ovetworld. Messaging from android pleasr forgive bad A uality

USEYOURFIST1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

it remains to be seen if they have gone back to their roots in my eyes, though i am very hopeful this game will recapture what was lost in ffxiii and be an amazing game! however i have to disagree on the battle system as i really liked the turn based battles of FFI-FFX where there was a large element of stratergy involved and you could control every character in made me invest more in their development and care about them more to some extent, whereas in fxiii i found myself focus on the main characters development more to talior to my play style and not paying attention to the others as much...maybe thats just me that misses them lol, though im very hyped for this even without them as it does look amazing

Count1956d ago

I agree with this. I didn't like the fact that it was an ARPG.

Karlnag31956d ago

I don't really see how naming it a main title and not a spin off is a slap in the face. Yes, it's different in that it's an ARPG. Fine. But does that really matter, when the "main series" of final fantasy games don't even directly follow on from each other? Besides X and X-2 and the XIIIs, of course.

Ultimately it just says XV instead of Versus XIII now... that really doesn't change anything. All Final Fantasy games stand on their own merits. It's why fans of the series can say "my favourite Final Fantasy game was (Z), but I thought that (Y) was terrible" and still be excited for another one. Because it could be completely different to the one(s) they didn't like, despite it being the same series. Plus there's the fact that Versus XIII was a confusing title anyway. XV is much more straight forward.

Just seems like your point, well, isn't much of a point, honestly. No disrespect.

JackVagina1956d ago

you said it you're self SPIN OFF

it was always meant to be a spinoff action RPG made by the creator of kingdom hearts

i still have no clue to why this is such a big topic now, its been known to be a ARPG for years...

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