5 Changes, and Gamers will LOVE Xbox One

Hello, and welcome to Feedback Unexpected – a feature in which I, Vlad Pintea, express my personal feelings from a gamer’s perspective on the current state of our beloved industry in a tiny bit more personal fashion. My next topic will be all about Microsoft, and its incredibly controversial next generation console, Xbox One - Vlad Pintea, chief of news and reviews/PC editor for Analog Addiction

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mark134uk1982d ago

are ms paying all these blogs to write these silly stories

mark134uk1982d ago

no lol just fed of sieing these why you should buy a xbox threads

SnakeCQC1982d ago

they're saying what ms needs to change about the xb1 for people to actually want one

JokesOnYou1982d ago

Very poorly thought out news piece, I mean his comments on kinect shows he lacks knowledge with even the basic functionality of how the X1 works, kinect isn't going anywhere its built from the ground up with kinect, lol I'm glad it is and there is no just take it out, people who think this just dont want a X1 and should buy a ps4.

Captain_Mushroom1982d ago

Nah man, just throwing my two cents out there. I'm already set on buying the PS4, but the thing is... if there's no competition, Sony might get lazy and start screwing with gamers. Competition is great, so I really want MS to get some love from the audience in order for us gamers to get even more great products from Sony, MS, and Nintendo.

BallsEye1981d ago

I bet no matter what MS will do (even give 50 free games on launch, turn off DMR and give box of chocolates with each xbox) you and your kind will find a new thing to hate on in xbox one.

SnakeCQC1982d ago

it would be nice if ms made those changes but they are just soooo in touch with their consumers first windows 8 and now the xbox 1

MikeMyers1982d ago

1. Online check-in.

Doubtful they will change that. It is needed to make sure people don't take advantage of that 10 family circle.

2. Rights to your games

This can all be tweaked over time by listening to feedback. It's all software based.

3. Kinect.

No, they want a Kinect in every system and I don't blame them. This way itt's not treated as a peripheral and everyone will be on a level playing field. This makes it much easier for game developers to support. It's like asking Nintendo to drop the Wii U Gamepad and make it an option, not going to happen.

4. Live model

They should be pushing more towards the Playstation Plus model, give out freebies and other incentives instead of just having everything behind a paywall.

5. Independent developers

This is a big area that needs to be addressed. They need to work with smaller developers more and make it easier to publish your own games. They are the creative minds out there.

Captain_Mushroom1982d ago

Who's down-voting? That's exactly what MS needs to do.

MikeMyers1982d ago

They down-vote because they can. That's how this place is run. You could say the Xbox One is black and get disagrees. Thankfully Microsoft is making the reputation model for Xbox Live better.

This could be a major improvement. You also won't get that swarm mentality you do here. Where people will down-vote everything because they don't like a certain member or a certain system.

rainslacker1981d ago

I disagree that the X1 is black MikeMyers. In fact it is liquid black. There is a clear difference between black and liquid black, and you should be ashamed of yourself for being an Xbox fan and not knowing that difference. Since I am a Sony fan, I don't care what that difference is, but still I disagree with your assertion of the Xbox One's official color.


BTW: Just poking a little fun at the theme of these comments. I agree, the disagrees get out of hand sometimes. I'd prefer people say why they disagree.:)

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Panthers1982d ago

I dont want the Xbox brand to die, but MS seems to want that. Everything about this is a slap in the face to Xbox fans.

CRAIG6671982d ago

1 very positive thing however is, I imagine me and ten friends/family will buy one and one game each,add each other as family members on our live profiles and instantly have 10 games in our collections... tahts like a £450 saving,Sony can't or won't top that...

Gravitic1982d ago

Agreed, its excellent. Xbox all the way. 10 PEOPLE can play that same shared single-player or local multiplayer game ALL at once, its fantastic, will save my household a fortune.

Skynetone1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )


you can make 10 accounts on the Xbox one {one master account} any of the ten accounts can play that game on that console {that's of course they don't lock the game to one account} if you log into that account from a different xbox one you can play it for one hour {you can only save progress if you log into the master account} two people can not be logged in from different Xbox ones at the same time and play multiplayer, two or more people can log into the same console,

to break it down, its a one hour demo from a different xbox one and you cant save progress unless your on the master account

ps+ lets you play every game release for one hour, its the exact same thing, except ms lets you only demo a game that a family member/friend has bought, not every game like ps+

CRAIG6671981d ago

@Skynetone you are wrong-look into it.

Skynetone1981d ago

I may be wrong bro but checking out his interview that's the conclusion ive come too

SilentGuard1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

If you can share a game with ten "family members" how are the publishers saving money by going after used games? Seems to me the money made by attacking used games is far outwieghed by everyone sharing games with ten other people. I like the feature, but if they are doing that then why even bother with restricting used games. Seems kind of pointless

CRAIG6671981d ago

@SilentGuard I can't get my head around it either, I wonder if DLC will be included, I mean Borderlands 2 for instance is great but if you want to further the experience the DLC is great(and massive), is that gonna be shared on the family library or is that somewhere they plan to recoup some revenue... who knows?

rainslacker1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I personally have a feeling that the 10 family/friends sharing feature isn't going to be quite what MS is hyping it up to be, namely due to what everyone has stated about publishers actually wanting that and how it is possibly worse than 2nd hand sales. The game sharing policy was abused on the PS3, which is why it's gone from 5 to 2 systems. I imagine this would be gain even more abuse since it's now being a heavily promoted/mentioned feature.

I could see it as you can share it for an hour or two, so people can try the game, but without restriction? I just can't imagine any publisher would want that.

I'm hoping it is what some people are assuming it is, that would be a tremendous feature, but I'm still skeptical that it will be that cool.

I also don't feel this feature warrants a mandatory 24 hour check-in for those that don't want one...which is what MS is using to justify it from current interviews.

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CRAIG6671982d ago

Even if they were to implement any changes it would most likely be months after launch,one change at a time and they would probably not make a big deal out if the changes either...

Honest_gamer1982d ago

didn't know you get 2 free games with live a month that's good, free games are always great, just hope its not all really old games.

ps+ is GREAT wanted far cry 2 a year or so ago was £24 or so but it was free for ps+ at £8 (discounted price for a day) so i got it in the end i was able to get the game i wanted for £8 since then ive downloaded about 30 games a mix of vita (i dont have a vita get but ive been downloading them so when i do i have a back log ;-) ) ps3 and ps1 games, and when ps4 comes out i'll get ps4 games in there to, that's just great even more so that the price hasn't gone up

DragonKnight1982d ago

"didn't know you get 2 free games with live a month that's good, free games are always great, just hope its not all really old games."

Only until November, and really old games.

Honest_gamer1982d ago

aw what, was happy there i thought it was xbox's version of ps+ for xbox one, ah well :'(

CRAIG6671982d ago

Hopefully they see sense to carry that on with durango, although I can't see it happening to be honest...

DragonKnight1982d ago

Yeah, a lot of people thought it was going to be the same but it's not.

Example: Xbox 360 is actually the console that the games will show up on first, until November when the X1 launches. The first two games available are Assassin's Creed 2 and Halo 3. Two old games you can buy cheap if you haven't already beaten them.

PS+ will continue offering free games even with the PS4 and on the PS4 you get Drive Club for free day one if you're a PS+ member. That's the difference despite what the disagrees seem to think.

MikeMyers1982d ago

PSN+ is also known for offering 'really old games' for the PS3. On Vita those games are more enticing. For the PS4 Sony wants to make sure they can offer PS4 gamers something so they will be giving out Drivers Club but not the full game.

Microsoft should be doing more like the Plus model and giving out free stuff because right now they are not committed to doing that in the long term.

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SilentGuard1981d ago

the 2 free games a month are only for the 360 and only until the release of the One

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