Zelda On Wii U Won’t Be Ultra-Realistic, But Not Cartoony Realistic Either

The next Zelda for Wii U—the one that will allegedly introduce some much-needed change to the series—will feature an art style that hasn’t been seen before.

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THamm1317d ago

Wonder what Zelda on PS4 will look like?

Wagz221317d ago

So it will look realisticish?

mikeslemonade1317d ago

We already know that Wii U can't do ultralrealistic in this kind of game.

LOL_WUT1317d ago

So it won't be ultra realistic and it'll most likely be a short game... That saddens me ;)

ChickeyCantor1317d ago


Cause that implies shorter game time?

john12trevino1317d ago ShowReplies(2)
stragomccloud1317d ago

Wonder what Uncharted on Wii U would look like.

TheTwelve1317d ago

Uncharted 1 would look fine.

BosSSyndrome1317d ago

I'm guessing it would look like Uncharted.

stragomccloud1317d ago

@Boss, love the sense of humor. Bubbles for you~ :)

The Twelve seems to be trolling, as obviously any of the Uncharted games could run. I was just having a little fun.

Love the Uncharted series by the way, it's what finally tipped the scale into getting me to buy a PS3.

andrewer1317d ago

Obvious troll is obvious.

BlackWolf1317d ago

Try harder next time...

josephayal1317d ago

sounds really interesting but You have to wait a couple of years

3-4-51317d ago

Totally realistic LoZ would be stupid.

I love how Nintendo's IP's actually have their own Art style.

When you see certain Nintendo immediately know it's from that game.

Yes it's not as High def, but it's more pleasing to the eye than a lot of yello+brown+grey = realism BS.

Sincere01211317d ago

Would look good but gameplay would be crap with the crappy contoller.

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PopRocks3591317d ago

"Cartoony Realistic"?

Well whatever. As long as it has a unique art style, I'm cool with it.

gamer421317d ago

I think by cartoony realistic they mean realistic, but cartoony at the same time (like skyward sword), So the new game will probably mix the realism of Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. I wonder how that'd turn out.

Pozzle1317d ago

Yeah, that was my first thought too. The Wind Waker is more on the "cartoony" side and Twilight Princess is more on the "realistic" side, but Skyward Sword is somewhere in the middle. It had a cartoony style ad color scheme, but more realistic proportions for the characters.

Tong1317d ago

Like smash bros Link, realistic yet cartoony

imXify1317d ago

They better not screw it up and make it like that tech demo.

MsmackyM1317d ago

As much as I'm anticipating the PS4, I'm actually can't wait to see the changes and innovation of the new Zelda title. I was fairly let down when it wasn't at E3.

jakmckratos1317d ago

Just let it look like the E3 2011 demo! It's perfect

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The story is too old to be commented.